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Dragon quest 8

Mon Jan 9, 2006 7:59 AM

So what are peoples opinions on this one? bought the US import for the PS2 and just been playing for a few hours. I just cant help but to think that im playing a zelda game, the sound effect after winning a battle sounds fresh from an N64. The happy tunes in the background are driving me nuts, It's beginning to feel like a disney game,,,,, Many people played this? I'd like to feel like it's worth playing through, Things like storyline? The package doesnt say from 8 and up,,,

PS2 Exclusives

Tue May 31, 2005 5:59 PM

Does anyone have a list or a link to a list of ps2 exclusive releases? I just got a slimline and am building a collection for it. I also have an Xbox and as a rule if a release is on both i'll get the xbox version. I did a google which didn't help at all, alot of fanboy links about GTA and soul calibur 3. Any help would be great or any recomendations of PS2 only releases,

3DO, help needed

Thu May 5, 2005 4:53 AM

Recently i got my hands on an NTSC FZ-10. For a while ive had a PAL FZ-10 with a dodgy laser drive. Anyway, the ntsc one had a blown power board so i simply swapped the psu from my old pal machine. Heres where the problems start, Some games run perfectly and some dont very well at all,namely anything electronic arts. All my disc are bought here in aus so i am assuming they are PAL? or are 3do discs not written per territory? Its freaking me out because complex games like wing commander 3 work fine and dont miss a beat where games like need for speed crash the moment the car starts up. So I need to know if the FZ-10 is finicky about regions? Also alone in the dark 1 & 2 have problems, the main character just disappears,,,

Any info would be great all