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#4188480 reBOOTed - Atari Jaguar Game Compilation - Coming in 2019!

Posted by famicommander on Tue Jan 1, 2019 3:14 PM

This looks awesome. Definitely down for a copy.

#4095478 JagZombies

Posted by famicommander on Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:28 PM

So if it takes 12 shots to scare a supernatural Dire Wolf away and only 1 shot to blow up a trashed car, what does that tell you about my intentions with the car?

I will give you time to process the thought

I like how people consistently point out a myriad of issues and your response is either to ignore their entire post or pick out what you perceive to be the worst point they made, focus solely on that, make a snide remark, and then move on.

#4029306 Atari ST Games Ported to the Jaguar

Posted by famicommander on Thu May 17, 2018 9:25 AM

I've always wanted a home port of the original Shadow Dancer, even though what we got on Genesis turned out to be a better game.

#3954680 What do you like about the Atari Jaguar?

Posted by famicommander on Tue Feb 6, 2018 9:49 AM

One thing I have noticed is that the Jaguar has fantastic RGB output. Better than my Super Nintendo, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, Omega CMVS, modded NES, Master System, PC Engine, or TG16 (both with the DB Electronics external board).


The only system I have with better quality RGB output than the Jaguar is the Neo Geo CD. 

#3946298 homebrew recommendations?

Posted by famicommander on Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:57 PM

I dig Halo 2600. I also have Zippy the Porcupine but the controls can be a little frustrating.

#3944370 RetroN 77

Posted by famicommander on Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:50 AM

Am I the only one who doesnt care at all which way the label faces?

I certainly don't care. Many of my carts have damaged labels anyway. Of course, I'm just going to continue playing 2600 games on my composite modded 7800 either way.

#3944270 Which system had the better Library 3DO or Sega Saturn? (No imports)

Posted by famicommander on Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:43 AM

Neo Geo CD is fantastic for shooters, sports titles, puzzle games, platformers, beat em ups, etc. It's just fighting games that have unreasonable load times, in general. But most games have pretty decent load times and are identical to their MVS/AES counterparts for a fraction of the price. Some games are even better, with awesome arranged soundtracks or exclusive extra content, like the extra course in Neo Turf Masters.


I own a consolized Neo Geo MVS but the Neo CD still gets more use than the 3DO.

#3942956 What do we think of the ATGames portable consoles?

Posted by famicommander on Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:36 PM

I will do that this evening.

#3942860 What do we think of the ATGames portable consoles?

Posted by famicommander on Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:59 AM

I decided to try to exchange the unit again. This time I opened the units in the store before paying. I tried 10 different units and all of them have the same issue as the first two I had. Some are worse and some are better. Of the 12 total, I did find one singular one where you can see the screen from straight on but if you tilt it just slightly to the left (I'm talking a matter of a centimeter from center), the discoloration returns. On all 12 units the screen looked fine tilting it right (left side closer to my face) but that's the only way.


This makes me question whether my store got a bad batch. 12/12 with bad screens is pretty tough. I am tempted to open up a portabke Genesis to see if they are also affected.


This is pure speculation on my part, but is it possible the high altitude (over a mile above sea level) could be contributing to this issue? I am not sure if that would cause the issue on an LCD but I do remember early generation plasma televisions having a lot of video problems and audio buzzing here at altitude.

#3942229 How old are you?

Posted by famicommander on Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:09 PM

I'm 27. Got my first Intellivision 8 years ago.


But I grew up with classic systems. My parents and older brothers already had a 2600, NES, Game Boy, Game Gear, and Genesis before I was born and I grew up playing them. The first console I actually recall getting was the Saturn, which my parents bought for my two older brothers and me as our only Christmas gift. I was 4 and my brothers were 7 and 10, so they ended up getting to play the Saturn on the good TV most of the time while I played the old stuff on the little 13 inch TV with the clicking knobs we had in the basement.

#3941413 RetroN 77

Posted by famicommander on Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:04 PM

So just some random videogame player?  Super.

He held the world record for the high score in Donkey Kong and had an entire film made about his competition with Steve Wiebe for the title. He's not an A-lister by any means but it stands to reason that a significant cross section of people interested in a new Atari 2600 console may have seen The King of Kong.

#3941122 Should I run my 2600 through a VCR?

Posted by famicommander on Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:05 PM

Leave it. RF rules!! If the picture is not snowy and no noise interference that bothers you why mess it up with a video mod?

Even with no RF interference, there's a clear hierarchy in picture quality for these classic systems.


RGB >>>> S-Video >>>>> Composite >>>>>>>>>> RF


I didn't think it really mattered for systems that old but after I got my Colecovision and 7800 composite modded, I'm not going back to RF. Hell, I wish I'd had the foresight to have them RGB modded instead. 

#3941091 Should I run my 2600 through a VCR?

Posted by famicommander on Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:32 PM

I use a Sony TU-1041U TV Tuner (basically, a VCR's demodulator, without the VCR). The quality is very good. You can find them all over eBay for around $25.

Thank you for this. I've been looking for a decent price on an RF Demodulator for quite a while. My Sony PVMs don't have RF input and I still have two systems that I haven't had modded for RGB/S-Video/composite: my Intellivision and my Odyssey2.


If you type "RF demodulator" into eBay you just get a bunch of overpriced nonsense.


With this device I can finally throw away the stupid VCR. I threw away all the VHS tapes ages ago (you'll get my LaserDiscs from my cold, dead hands though).

#3937898 What do we think of the ATGames portable consoles?

Posted by famicommander on Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:17 PM


With all due respect, that attitude is kind of lame. If someone concurs with something, they should say it. This is a discussion forum and a reasonably civil one overall. The deeper issue if it the ranting/complaining/point out of issues/etc. (whatever you want to call it) is done repeatedly, over and over again, over multiple messages. That's happened in some other threads and it DOES get quite tedious.


As for the Portable itself, sure, there's room for improvement and it will be improved again for this year's model and no doubt for 2019's model and beyond. Whether you want to accept it or not, the reality is there are real limits on what can be done year-to-year and within the target price point. Retailers will only sell the product at a certain price point and no higher and AtGames needs to manufacture it within those constraints while still turning something of a profit (and no, it's not inexpensive to legally license stuff either). It's not excusing anything, it's just the way it is. It's a seasonal, mass market toy that just so happens to have relevancy to the core community here. And just like with the NES/SNES Mini's (and similar products), yes, WE know that there are a million other ways to play the games (the favorite line, "just get a Raspberry Pi and do a, b, c"). We here know that. Those into this stuff know that. The average consumer never wants to bother though and we shouldn't expect them to.

Thanks for your response, Bill. I will not speak for others as to why they do or do not choose to enter into discussions but it is a real thing happening.


For me, the biggest sticking point is the screen. As I've repeated in this thread, the viewing angle on two separate units is so bad that if you look at the system straight on, the left side of the screen is several shades darker than the right side, and in some games it appears as an entirely different color. Any of the rest of the flaws, while still apparent, could be worked around if I could see the screen without holding the system at an extreme angle. 

#3937830 What do we think of the ATGames portable consoles?

Posted by famicommander on Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:59 PM


We agree to disagree.  AtGames makes TOYS not perfect cycle by cycle scan line by scan line perfect emulation.  My 7 year old son loves the damn thing.  It is the best $35 on TOYS I ever spent.  If you want perfect emulation spend the $400 on a FPGA and design your own damn hardware!   The rest of us are very happy with not so perfect emulation but very cheap and easily available TOY.

I've said before that nobody else needs to seek my approval to buy or enjoy one, and also that I hope those who do have one like it. The criticisms I have made of the device in this thread are all valid and reasonable, but if you're willing to overlook them I don't hold it against you. Maybe they don't apply to you, maybe you don't notice them, maybe you just don't care. All of those are valid attitudes for you to have.


The issue here is that certain people (not you in specific) cannot accept that these issues exist, or let others express their thoughts regarding these issues without constant nitpicking. As I said before, I don't quote every positive post that every single person makes about the Flashback Portable and essentially try to silence them. All I've done here is respond to people who have quoted me directly.



Sorry, but retro gaming on a cell phone is farther from the real thing than on the AT Games Atari Portable.  At least with a portable, you have some sense of control with the direction pad.  Classic games were not meant to be played on a touch screen.  I would rather pay money to play on the original hardware.  At least then you would get a more realistic gaming experience.  Retro gaming on a cellphone makes about as much sense as a one-legged cat trying to bury turds on a frozen pond!

As I've said before, a bluetooth gamepad is both cheaper and more portable than a Flashback Portable. So in this scenario, you're either carrying a phone plus a gamepad or a phone plus a Flashback. Either way you've got two devices. There are even gamepads that will hold your phone for you as you play, and others that can directly control the UI of your phone.





Yes! I do have a cell phone. Can you help me put Atari emulators on it other than "Atari's Greatest Hits"? It's an iPhone 8. I don't care for Android because in my opinion, as a smart person once said,




But it's good we have lots of choices in the free marketplace. For example, I really appreciate the privilege of being able to walk into a big box American retailer to have my choice of



oh wait, none of those were sold at retail (except for the PSP, which has been dead for almost a decade), and all of them require some kind of manual dicking-around.



And vent about it ad infinitum on message boards. 



After downloading the appropriate jailbreaks, flashing the custom firmware, and copying my ill-gotten ROMs, of course. 



Whoa, deja vu. That seems familiar to me. Where I have read those words before?



Here's a fun project you can try at home: why don't you send a product with 50+ titles from classic IP to major US retailers and see how long it takes for Atari™'s lawyers to respond? They're not doing much these days. They live for sending cease & desist letters. Maybe they would send one to you! If I had one of those, I'd hang the damn thing on my wall and hate it forever. 



My motivations are mysterious indeed. Am I defending AtGames, or am I attacking you? What a deep, philosophical question, which will require further discussion. :ponder: It's true, that "deep down" (actually not that deep), I know that I'll never get that forty dollars back. Thank goodness I can justify the purchase by thinking what it would have cost to have such a thing back in 1982, when I really would have gotten off on mobile Yars' Revenge. Ah, those were the days. 



You've made 11 posts in this thread which is a lot more than I or anyone else have done. It's no fun reading the same thing over and over again. Nevertheless, it's good to know I've got a pen pal for life. :love: So what are your favorite Atari games to play on your cell phone?


Once again, I never told anyone they had to share my opinions on the device. All I've done is respond directly to people that engaged with me. You can't just let a negative post about the device stand. You have to try to explain away every single criticism and dismiss it rather than just accepting that these are valid criticisms about the device. They may not apply to everyone and some may be willing to work around them, and that's fine. 


There are at least two other people in this thread that have experienced the screen issue I describe. And I had it on two separate units. Whether or not it's a deal breaker for them I don't know, and it doesn't particularly concern me. But if I had seen those posts before I bought the device, I would have reconsidered and we wouldn't be having this conversation to begin with. 


I have had three members so far PM me and say that they agree with me, but do not want to be shouted down for having a dissenting opinion. 

I readily accept that other people don't feel the same way about the device that I do, but I'm not going to soften my own criticisms just because they disagree.