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Collector since 2003. Currently collecting these:


Games: Good titles from this standard = Classic/Retro, JAMMA PCB, MVS, CPS2
from Japan, USA and Sweden.

Cabinet: JK F3, SNK and Capcom.


Video Computer System: 1977
Games and 6-switched systems from USA.

5200 Advanced Video Entertainment System: 1982
4-port systems only. All 69 retails from USA.


800XL: 1983
Systems and games from USA/England/Sweden. Cartridges are the preferred media.


7800 ProSystem: 1984
Systems and games from USA only. All 57 retails from USA.


130XE: 1985
Systems and games from USA/England/Sweden. Cartridges are the preferred media.

Jaguar: 1993
Games and systems as NTSC and PAL. All 55 retails from USA.


ColecoVision: 1982
Systems and games from USA. Eventually games and systems from Europe. I will get those games I find.


Commodore 64: 1982
Breadbins from USA and Europe. Only cartridges.

Amiga CD32: 1993
Games and systems, PAL and NTSC.



Odyssey 2: 1978
Systems and games from USA. All 49 retails from USA.


MSX2: 1985
Systems from Europe only. VG-8235, VG-8240, VG-8230, NMS 8245 and NMS 8220 models only. Good games from Japan and Europe.



PC Engine Duo: 1991
Systems and games from Japan. Interested in good action games and shoot em up's.




Color TV-Game: 1977 / 1980
The different dedicated systems from Japan.


Famicom / Nintendo Entertainment System: 1983 / 1985
The foremost collection goal! All USA and SCN games and the good ones for Famicom. Systems from Sweden, USA and Japan.

Super Famicom / Super Nintendo: 1990 / 1992
Games I like. SCN, UKV, EUR and USA are the regions and also SFC. Systems from Sweden, England, USA and Japan.


Virtual Boy: 1995
Games and systems from Japan. The first and hopefully the last portable system, I will ever have in my collection.


Nintendo 64: 1996
Games and systems from USA. A cartridge of each title I like and a complete of each game that I like.



MSX2: 1986
Systems from Japan. FS-A1, FS-A1F, FS-A1FM och FS-A1mkII models only. Good games from Japan and Europe.

3DO: 1993
Systems and games from Japan. Only the FZ-10 model is of interest. Good and playable action games are of interest.



Neo-Geo AES: 1990
Games I like. Japanese systems only. Games from Europe, USA and Japan.


SC-3000: 1983
Japanese and Australian games and systems. Sega-branded systems only. All official software released on cartridge and my-card. 

Mark III / Master System: 1985 / 1987
Good games from Europe and Japan. First system-model only.

Mega Drive / Genesis: 1988 / 1993
Systems from Japan and Europe, of the MD2+CD2 model. All good games from Japan, Europe and USA are of interest.


Dreamcast: 1998 / 1999

Shoot em Up-games and other good action titles. Only japanese and european games and systems.


MSX: 1984
Systems and games from Japan and Europe. HB-201/HB-201P model only.

Playstation: 1994
Those few games that were good on this mediocre system. Only european games and systems.

Playstation 2: 2000
Only european games and systems. Games I like.


Playstation 3: 2007
Backwards compatible 60GB model only. Games that allows the gamer to play on his own.


Will start collecting these soon:

FM Towns Marty: Japanese systems. Good action and platforming games.

MSX2+: Panasonic FS-A1FX and FS-A1WSX, Sony HB-F1XDJ and HB-F1XV(even MSX2 HB-F1XD och HB-T7)

MSX TurboR: Systems and games from Japan. FS-A1GT is the preferred model but even FS-A1ST could be of interest.


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