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Xuel's Blog > Ransack! - ABBUC 2014

Posted 31 August 2014

Ransack! is a new game for the ABBUC Software Contest 2014.
Ransack! was originally written by Peter Scott for the BBC Micro in 1987.
This version was ported and enhanced for the Atari 8-bit by Jose Pereira and Lyren "Xuel" Brown.

Game Play Video


Xuel's Blog > Cavern 10

Posted 10 April 2014

A stripped down re-implementation of Caverns of Mars in 10 lines of Turbo Basic:

(NTSC, no sound or animation)
Source at github .

Unfortunately I wasn't able to include weapons or much game play, so it's way too minimalist to be a real contender. Consider it a demo of lz4 compression in Turbo Basic.

Xuel's Blog > High Scores for NOMAM Turbo Basic Ten-Liners

Posted 07 March 2014

Here are my high scores for some of the games from the NOMAM Turbo Basic Ten-Liners contest .
Jump!!! - 742
Jump!!! (NTSC) - 891
Dodge Racer - 432
Abyss 1.1 - $350776
Abyss 1.1 - $599413 (Concentrated more on missions)
Abyss 1.2 - $316037
roguelike - 21 gold
Grue Killer - 300
Flappy - 8
I used the following breakpoint in Altirra t...

Xuel's Blog > Jump!

Posted 22 February 2014

An entry into the NOMAM 2014 BASIC Ten-Liners Contest

Screenshots and Video


Avoid falling off the bottom of the screen or getting crushed at the top. Move left and right with the joystick. Press trigger to start.
Smooth scrolling...

Xuel's Blog > X:8

Posted 08 September 2013

X:8 is a new side-scrolling shoot-em-up-style game for the Atari 8-bit computer made for the ABBUC Software Contest 2013. The game will only be available to ABBUC members during a voting period. Later it will be released to the general public.

- Graphics / Production: José Pereira
- Code / Music: Xuel
- Sprites: TMR / STE'86...