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In Topic: Problem with XEX output from asapconv

Tue Sep 4, 2018 12:37 PM

How far into Windy Mind does the pause occur?


I'm not hearing an obvious pause in the XEX that I get from asapconv:


Attached File  Windy_Mind.xex   8.94KB   8 downloads

In Topic: FujiConvert 0.1

Thu Aug 23, 2018 3:47 PM

The strange thing is, this error does not always happen (e.g. it does NOT happen every second conversion), normally just every 10th or 20th conversion. Today I converted approx. 5 music files and then the error showed up again (but using the reconvert button worked fine before!). Went to the web-developer options in Firefox and under debugger, inspector, etc. I could see some sources, but not the line where it spilled out the error; a button named JS showed "uncaught exception: out of memory"...


Cleared the cache in Firefox (under extras, setup), but when I reloaded Fuji Convert, it still refused to convert the music file. So I closed Firefox and then executed C-Cleaner (which removes trash, temp files, etc.) and when I started Firefox and Fuji Convert again, it converted the same music file without any problems...


P.S.: When the error shows up, it does not matter then if I use "browse" or "reconvert" to try to convert the file once more - the error shows up again...


OK, the "out of memory" error strongly suggests a memory leak. Closing Firefox and restarting every so often should be sufficient. No need to clear cache as this is purely a RAM issue.

In Topic: FujiConvert 0.1

Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:33 PM



I always convert MP3 or WAV into mono 44khz first, then into stereo 22khz using the "reconvert" button (the program automat. sets the sample rate to 22khz when I choose stereo, still wondering if a higher sample rate would be possible in stereo). The error only happened when I tried to convert into stereo (with reconvert) and it always happened after loading, when it should "decode and resample"... it suddenly spilled out "Error: Undefine..."


And errm, I currently use only one tab and do not open any other tabs while converting the music into PDM. When I opened other tabs some weeks ago and made them active while converting, the converting process stopped until I came back (and made Fuji convert active again). So that is why I only open one tab - the Fuji Convert and don't do anything else in the meanwhile (okay, watching tv on my LCD tv and coming back to the PC when converting is finished). When the error happened, I simply loaded another website, but when I came back several minutes or hours later, Fuji Convert still showed my settings and the name of the last converted file, so when I tried converting again, the error still came up. Converting one day later worked then - guess I have to clear the cache or something like that ?!?


Besides, I am using an old and outdated OS on the PC, also known as WIN XP (32Bit with SP3), Firefox 52.9.0 esr (32Bit) and Java 7 (update 45)...   ;-)  Or do I need a newer Java version, e.g. Java 8 ?!?


OK, I see. I suspect that there might be memory leak involving javascript Blobs. I suggest reloading the page after you've saved the mono 44kHz version and then converting to stereo 22kHz using "Browse..." again. In other words, avoid the "Reconvert" button when converting large files.


BTW, the version of Java shouldn't matter since FujiConvert only uses Javascript (which is totally different than Java).

In Topic: FujiConvert 0.1

Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:19 PM



every now and then Fuji Convert (or the Browser?) spills out an "Error: Undefine..." when converting a WAV or MP3 into PDM (PCM 4+4) format. You may think then, that this music file cannot be converted into PDM format - but thats not the case! All you have to do is wait and try the same file a few hours or a day later and suddenly it works...


So maybe the Error should look like this: "Too busy! Try again later..." ?!? Having converted approx. 250 music files into PDM format right now, I got the mentioned error more than 10 times. When I got it for the first time, I converted the MP3 into WAV one day later and it suddenly worked. When I got the error again I converted MP3 into WAV once more, but at the same day (just a few minutes later) and the error still came up, so it had nothing to do with the music format. When I tried both formats one day later, both converted fine, so I guess, that whenever this error shows up, the converter is too busy or something else went wrong and its all good when you try again at a later time. So, to make a long story short: Don't give up, if converting your music file into PDM fails, try again one day later and it may work fine then...  


(For example, I converted "Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd into PDM mono yesterday and it worked, converting into PDM stereo gave the "Error: Undefine..." message; tried it again today and the music file converted fine into PDM stereo. Since the result is approx. 28MB in length, I have to try if it works fine with the PDM player or not. The 23MB PDM file of "November Rain" by Guns N'Roses worked fine, so I have yet to see if I have a 24MB or 48MB file limit for playback with my AVG cart and 16GB Sandisk SD card...)


Still wishing for a PDM player by FJC that can play PDM in stereo and several musics in one go (aka a playlist), etc. - that would be really great !


If that message happens again, can you open up the console and see what file and line number it says the code failed on? When exactly does it occur? When you click on "choose file" or "reconvert"? During the conversion? During page loading?


Maybe the javascript didn't finish downloading when you tried it. There's a 6MB json file, players.js, that contains all of the player code. Or maybe the browser ran out of memory. Closing the tab and reopening might help.


BTW, all of the conversion happens on your local machine. So github's server is only busy while you're downloading the page. From that point on, everything is running in the browser.

In Topic: Altirra 3.10 released

Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:42 PM

Thanks for the new release.

One feature request: Could you please add a keyboard shortcut for muting sound?


P.S.: I know this is low priority, but I just wish you used the updated app icon that I had sent you over a year ago :-)


This already exists:

  1. Tools -> Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Select Audio.ToggleMute from the Available commands list
  3. Click on the text input box above the "Key up" box
  4. Press the key that you want to bind (for example I use Page Down)
  5. Click on Add