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Lynx prototype from RJ Mical

Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:06 PM

I am just sharing this from user Marcel Franquinet from the Lynx fan group on Facebook.
Apparently, he was invited to RJ Mical's home, where RJ showed him some rare Lynx memorabilia. Rare as in "I have never seen it before".
Beside what appears to be a dev system and a Lynx design document, RJ also showed two slightly different prototypes of the Lynx itself. They are very different looking from the final version. Enjoy!
The two Lynx prototypes:
Attached File  11224564_1474483616202133_3736407631179493346_n.jpg   75.54KB   191 downloads Attached File  11796294_1474483649535463_2705058982890087873_n.jpg   72.21KB   184 downloads
A Lynx dev system it seems:
Attached File  11745586_1474483639535464_8870539192137061899_n.jpg   69.97KB   175 downloads
An original Lynx 1 faceplate, possibly the original mock up:
Attached File  11755856_1474483626202132_7986299799584507687_n.jpg   78.16KB   174 downloads
Lynx documentation...
Attached File  11709659_1474483672868794_7183210171803219650_n.jpg   57.25KB   163 downloads


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