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In Topic: The best type in magazine programs

Tue Oct 9, 2018 1:12 PM

Where can I find it?






Issue 5-2 I think, issue 33


Has 'slalom', but maybe that's not the one.

In Topic: 1050 DC in plug size

Mon Oct 8, 2018 12:56 PM

Can anyone please tell me the diameter of the centre pin on a 1050 disk drive please? I've bought a couple of new 3a 9v AC transformers and the plugs supplied are slightly too small and i'd like to see if I can get a small adapter for the plugs instead of cutting them off and soldering on new one's  :)

You have a 1050, so you can see it's approximate size.  I would guess 1 mm.  I don't have a micrometer to measure it with.

Cutting off a 1050 AC adapter plug would be straightforward.  You don't have a stock1050 power adapter to get the plug from.

Wait..  you have a busted 1050 power supply,  Using that would be easier than getting an exact plug.

In Topic: Is there a set of "master list" of Disk images or Roms for the Atari...

Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:47 AM

Is there a consensus good set of disk images or rom images for the Atari 8bit computers?


I'm not sure how to word my question.  For instance, for other systems I notice there are a set of images such as the "nointro" set.  Is there anything like that for the Atari 8bit computer?


I'd like a personal backup in case the internet ever fails.

I see certain repositories that contain tons of 8bit images, but alot of the stuff on there is what I would consider junk, or inferior, stuff that I would not even want.


Does this question make any sense?  Any recommendations?






Has an extensive archive.  For instance, pigwa has the 'closer to home' archive, which is extensive.


Any  collection will have 'junk' and commercial stuff, you have to wade thru it.


If the internet 'fails', probably we had a new world war.


There is a lot of magazine programs, that were good.


'High' quality, you mean mostly commercial stuff, which was copy protected and had to be 'cracked'.


It helps if you know the name of what you want.

In Topic: anyone have a 1200XL with rev 11 OS?

Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:32 PM

Does anyone have a 1200XL that shipped with the rev 11 OS? Both rev 10 and 11 have the ATARI splash screen, but rev 11 has the trademark ® to the right of the "I". Rev 11 has bug fixes, but I have never seen an actual stock 1200XL that shipped with rev 11. Rev 11 is way more compatible with 400/800 games than rev 10 and its almost identical to the 600/800XL OS. I think Atari gave up the splash screen for PBI capability in the 800XL OS. Just wanted to know if Atari ever shipped rev 11 or was it fixed but never made it into production since the 1200XL had such a short run.

My 1200XL has the (tiny R in a circle) to the right, next to the "I".

What difference is there?  Different OS?

Has 83S DA 0 25206 153 on the bottom.

( I see the R in a circle is for the splash screen, not the label on the bottom)

OK, mine doesn't have an 'R' in circle on the splash screen, just the rolling rainbow 'ATARI'.

In Topic: Looking for the name of a game...

Thu Sep 6, 2018 4:42 AM

I was playing a game on my Uno cart the other day, and of course I forgot the name of it, and now I can't find it.

It's a single screen platformer, and your character looks like a walking Joe from Family Guy

IIRC, the name of the game has the character's name in the title, and the title is two words.  Any thoughts?

Bruce Lee?