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JAGUAR RULES!! Buddy Buddies (all the time :P  )

Ooohhh things are suddenly all wrong. People are getting accused of doing bad things for no reason. It never was like this before. I'm leaving the Jaguar scene.
Woe is me!
Shit. When I realized things sucked, I didn't quit liking the Jaguar or using the forums. Thunderbird 10/03/05
Shaggy just kicked my ass and killed my Atari Lynx! -Atari_Jaguar 10/3/05
JSII always has your back. -Jaysmith2000 3/8/05
That's one thing that makes the Atari fanbase so unique: the longer we exist, the stronger we get. -TheGrandPubaa 2/25/05
Protector SE is cool though, I use it as a primary Bypass cart cuz I don't want to abuse my BSG. -Jaysmith2000 12/24/04
That is what makes this board so great, people like you. The Jag community is stronger than ever. -JaguarGod 09/05/04
Jaguar was - and still is - a fascinating console! :)  -t.skid 06/03/04
Oh great! Now I get a guilt trip for almost killing my buddy Saturn! -Thunderbird 12/20/03
"I don't collect 'em for the money, I'm just trying to preserve the history of the Jaguar. :cool: " -jaysmith2000 11/22/03


-Jaguar Cheats @ AtariAge * Battlesphere Cheats @ AtariAge * J.U.G.S. pinout * Battlesphere Cheats @ GameWinners * Battlesphere Tactics *

-SoulStar Surprise Shocker! *

-Battlemorph Walkthrough *

-How To Reset Carts (NVRAM) * Memory Track Commands *

-Jag/CD Covers * Tip for cleaning a Jag CD *

-A Method of Encrypting Jaguar CDs * 1. Step by step to your own encrypted Jaguar CD * 2. How to encrypt a Jaguar CD * 3. Matthias Domin homepage * RJ11 to DB9 (U.S.) pinout *

Jaguar CD Creator *


-RubixCube6's original Cinepak files * Cinepak, what's missing? * JiFFI *

-Skunkboard Resources * Purchasing * Games * Loading info * Booting unencrypted CDs * HarmlessLion.com * Windows Skunk GUI * Linux Skunk GUI * Mac OSX Skunk GUI * Belboz's Tools * Belboz's SkunkGUI video * Easy setup * Latest Skunkboard drivers 12/12/15 * To flash Skunk only roms * Dump Skunkboard * USB hub to speed up transfer * Windows 10 drivers tutorial *


-Virtual Jaguar latest builds (w/ cool Alpine Dev switch) * Jaguar controller to USB adapter * VJ Forum * Index of VJ tarballs * VJ more latest versions * VJ w/out key mapping issues v20150310 *


-Storage of Jaguar Carts * Kiosk Controller Arm info * Kiosk plexiglass door dims *

-EEPROM resources * Burner * Create & Burn Eproms *

-Sega CD hacks *

-Breakout 2000 Source Code * Towers 2 AA infoT2 Test of Magic * Towers 2 hints * T2 Detailed Maps * Towers II Walkthrough * T2 Walkthrough PDF *

-Jaguar Repair * JagCD Repair * Jag Controller Inline USB Adapter *

-Jag Arcade Cabinet * :lolblue: *

-My Collection 2014 * BJL Cart Dumping Prog * BJL Remote Cart Start *

-Dio's T2K Emu * T2K page w/ Linux/Mac/GP2x/Win versions * PT v0.5 * PTv0.95 * PhoenixEmuProject *

-Repro Guy? * JSII reddit *

Jewel cases for game boxes: Thread, Seller *

-Astro-Storm *

-BJL setup info * Jaguar Custom Game Hard Cases *

-Doom Level Hacking Tutorial * doom_n06.zip * doom_n06 post * Doom Hack Videos * Doom hacking notes *

-Cart screw size *

-Download CD burnable files * Jag Asteroids CD *

-AmaRecTV video capture software *

-Cheat mode for Switch Blade * DoH rom and control scheme *


OSSC upscaler/converter * Kitty Box * HD Retrovision SNES2Jag Adapters * HD Retrovision SNES YPbPr Component Cable * SCART cable *

Jaguar t-shirts *

Latest Skunkboard resource *

Rebooteroids high score table *

Treasure Island Dizzy cart v save state trick *

Useful files, tools and links for Jaguar development @ JagWare *

Game seller list *


Project Tempest versions:


PT v0.4.zip

PT v0.5.zip










romfix for brutal sports football.zip

PTv0.96.zip (custom icon)

PDv0.97.zip (Project DOOM)




My Jaguar collection:




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