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In Topic: Last of the Incas

Yesterday, 7:25 PM

sweet! they just keep turning up!

In Topic: New Power Supply for 800XL, Is this any good?

Yesterday, 7:06 PM

as mentioned over and over, not all phone adapters provide constant voltages... you never know what you are going to get...

In Topic: Altirra 3.10 released

Yesterday, 6:45 PM

I was always a stickler for the cleanest clearest display. Even my friends at Mack Trucks/Mack Printing were inspired by the use of the cleanest calibrated smallest dot pitch monitors with medium speed phosphors and nearly perfect linearity at the time, hence my love for certain JVC/NEC monitors and monitor class televisions...  you would be surprised at how early a great display was to be had...  it's a crazy thing... even goldstar made a couple decent tubes that other manufacturers used to make their sets with... The only things I ever saw look as terrible as that filter were some old toshibas and samsungs of that day... :(

In Topic: Altirra 3.10 released

Yesterday, 5:37 PM

Yeah I really do hate all those accidents people have because they can't clean their windshields or use defrosters/defoggers... some light hits it and they're blind while driving at high speeds or driving 20 mph in a 65 mph on the highway... all that twisted steel and mangled folks... it goes hand in hand with the optional 'blinkers' also known as directional indicator signal lamps/lights.. seems a lot of folks don't buy those cars with that 'option' installed. I don't think I'd replicate any of those practices either ;)
But feel free to lets 5 people chain smoke in your car for about a year or so in the garage then take her out for a cruise in the morning sun on a damp cold day. It will look awesome!
I thought of how to express hate... did that work? It's almost as good as smokers screen for playing video games :lol:
In all honestly it is pretty bad though.
I'll stick with clean optics...
funny bunny slippers on
Real Genius..
Kent: My condolences on your meltdown, Knight.
Chris Knight: What meltdown, Kent?
Kent: I'm not saying you had one, because how would I know? But just in case you do.
Chris Knight: You slime!
Kent: It's your own fault, Knight. Didn't anyone ever tell you to make sure your optics are clean?



54:44 is where the lens is made like a tar covered dirty crt 56:33 is resulting meltdown

In Topic: classic battle atari 8bit vs commodore 64

Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:25 PM

I've used it over the years, it certainly doesn't need and u1m or other upgrade...