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In Topic: Different types of SIO2PC hardware

Today, 1:23 PM

actually go further back to the 'Critical Connection' devices... and then you will be closer to the start of this.....

In Topic: Are these Atari 1200 keyboards for sale on Ebay?

Today, 1:20 PM

these keyboards will continue to pop up... tandy radio shack purchased a surplus of them and it was a decent sized lot in the 10's of thousands. The price on the packet is what it sold at when clearing them out. Radio Shack/ Tandy Corp had a habit of then selling the surplus of their surplus lots to discounters and other franchises once the space was needed in the mail order/parts wharehouses... but towards the end much of the stuff sat in those places till the doors closed and where auctioned in lots or sold the contents with the structures. Crazy Crazy business. Many of the franchise owners got a good deal of this stuff as well.

In Topic: SIO Wifi modem with esp8266

Today, 10:34 AM

back on topic, how big of a buffer does your wifi modem have?

In Topic: AVGCart

Today, 10:29 AM

back on topic, give an example....

you hit one of the addresses in the 2k space, what does it expose to the Atari after doing so? will it stay until if/when hitting another address in that space then get replaced or added to?

In Topic: SIO Wifi modem with esp8266

Today, 10:04 AM

I ran tlp using software flow control, at 2400 baud. If you have implemented it in your terminal properly, and the largest chunk of data won't overflow the lantronix local buffer, then so long as the stop is sent early enough, the Atari would not lose one bit of data, and as it says okay send more it would only pull from the lantronix... not the server....


I will  reconfigure the lantronix console.... you provide an image that can do 2400 with software flow... I will try local on off and remote on off and both at same time if possible... when going from lantronix to lantronix they provide a back channel for flow control in certain modes, this won't work if you are just serving out a single ethernet port... you would need to use an ets16pr or greater to serve multiple people at the same time though...


You can't run tru port on the Atari so you can't connect to a pc running tru port... and such a setup would not work for the average user. revisting this they updated the com port re-director, and it can monitor remote buffer status.. and need only be set up on one side... but may not be working with modem mode