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In Topic: MSS-100/Rverter connection help

Today, 12:12 PM

no you are confusing modem mode with modem emulation again, this is why we end up with two different wiring scenarios.

Best way to put this

ATARI,(850,MIO,PR:,Rverter) to (lantronix,modem)

Lantronix to modem

these are wiring


you should be doing this

sio to middlebox (which is proprietary to every middlebox) to lantronix

You can not use pc 9pin assignment to lantronix as your rverter should follow Atari serial assignment if using a 9 pin wire to 25 rs232 pin wire.

The off the shelf 9 to 24 wire in the pc realm are not the same as off the shelf Atari  9 to 24 wires


You can use off the shelf cables from any Atari vendor (they sell both modem and terminal cables)


The pin-out is listed on the schematic you need choose one or the other for your needs.

Your problem sound like you are using a pc9 instead of an Atari 9 in your wiring. The schematic is for SIO to middlebox to modem only

In Topic: Altirra Extended BASIC

Today, 11:48 AM

A clarification question.

To develop in ATX BASIC, you will need the MF1M cartridge. To just run ATX BASIC program, you will need MF1M cartridge too. Right?

are you asking if it's the 1 megabit cart or the 8 megabit cart he is planning to use?

In Topic: Moon Patrol hack !

Today, 11:30 AM

my spyhunter does not look like that video, I think someone recorded it with wrong palette or wrong system pal/ntsc...couldn't have picked a worse representation, wonder if that's on purpose...

In Topic: using the SDRIVE-MAX in conjunction with other drives

Yesterday, 9:04 PM

Looks like a winner.. if it did affect any timing then that can be re-adjusted. if I am to understand it flips mode at transmit start and doesn't continue flipping the whole time but rather stays in serial mode till done then flips to input. that would be something more easily adjusted for if it really affected timing.

If it doesn't work perfectly at first it will in very short order.


put it through it's paces, it shouldn't affect writes much if at all provided the transmit/input pin is already flipped for frame responses etc. and shut off at when done the same way...

In Topic: using the SDRIVE-MAX in conjunction with other drives

Yesterday, 6:39 PM

just so long as empty drive still give proper errors and you can turn each drive off, that will be the shiznet.. or whatever they are not saying these days...