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#4094636 Are these Atari 1200 keyboards for sale on Ebay?

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Today, 1:20 PM

these keyboards will continue to pop up... tandy radio shack purchased a surplus of them and it was a decent sized lot in the 10's of thousands. The price on the packet is what it sold at when clearing them out. Radio Shack/ Tandy Corp had a habit of then selling the surplus of their surplus lots to discounters and other franchises once the space was needed in the mail order/parts wharehouses... but towards the end much of the stuff sat in those places till the doors closed and where auctioned in lots or sold the contents with the structures. Crazy Crazy business. Many of the franchise owners got a good deal of this stuff as well.

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#4094305 AVGCart

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Yesterday, 10:56 PM

went back to read... looks like he made a last post before the page changed from 14 to 15... he mentions an 8kb rom in a 2kb space. It's late, time for sleep. Next time I'll eat a snickers bar, and take a nap....


Even Spock was half human, even still... in so many episodes he was out of his Vulcan mind!  :)


oh no I used a smiley!

#4094262 AVGCart

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Yesterday, 8:46 PM

again, what part of the parallel bus interface basic input output system can't be held in rom? is there something else that u1m does electronically that makes things different? So long as we are already replacing the OS (on some sort of ROM and can do the same with extension rom, some refer to as patched etc) how would it be any different than an old newell ramrod board or 32 in 1 and some mods...   I would guess it would be possible the u1m has a simulated interface that bounce back to the bus, but it seemed more like the layer followed the Atari pbi bios method to a degree.....      In any event it sounds like this is not something you are interested in, we should all run to the single source that exists for the u1m and turn our pockets out...  You can bet there are far more rambo's newells, petersons, and compy shop upgrades out there than the PROLIFIC U1M... honestly 30 plus years of upgrades installed out there, and might I add nearly any users group did them left and right. Somehow we are to believe there are more ultimate 1 megs out there than all of history... I bet lotherik is a gazzilionaire... come on Jon,   I'm just hoping to make this work out to advancement of all... not just collectors and people with money to burn...   If it can't be, so be it.  Everything seems to be nail when all you have is a hammer. I kind of understand why so many just lurk or leave. If a person just makes a generalized statement and you can get the jist of what they're getting at.... but don't like it... go technical and precise, go about tearing it up and make it look silly as possible. We ole' folks are just a bunch of hardware hackers. What do we know?
Part of the fun used to building stuff, hacking the hardware old school, maybe the cart etc is new and we want to get everything we can out of it. It would still be nice to burn a rom or two, flash it whatever a person has.... and then enjoy it.  I kind of thought it wouldn't be much different than when we made a rom out of myide bios for the original myIde so everything would work as the soft os could get over written..    I honestly thought it would be a good idea to ask of the more experienced person with the newer U1M device.. who knows maybe it's just a matter of installing an u1m set it up to work with the avg..... and then copy the pertinent stuff and burn/flash it.
Have you noticed the number of people clearing out their stuff recently? Just up and selling it or giving it away for shipping? or saying they've had it? We get to feeling as Mclaneinc just did or even as some others such as myself take a break. We are all suppose to be on the same team. At one time we used to be. I don't think we all need to be myopic or anal. If you kind of think you know where someone is going with an idea or thing... how about guiding them to it or even saying something like I know what you're thinking maybe we could do it this way or that...  ... instead of some - you didn't say that in that way you said it this way blah blah blah...    you full well know what the idea is or is going to be! Since you are quite intelligent and have your responses at the ready knowing what the posts will be. Those of us who can't remember what we had for lunch will slowly get around to stating things in a way that we all can understand and or finally remember and word it more correctly later anyway... but it doesn't have to be so adversarial, so anal, so rigid.


Is there a problem with a hard coded OS/PBI BIOS burned or flashed, or is there an electronically emulated device sitting on/sharing the bus and are not aware of?

#4094124 Scramble (5200 Conversion)

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Yesterday, 3:27 PM

wow this is getting way of kilter here..... the game is great... I set config for smaller ship. I am certain he could have scaled and put something close to the original there or a flying boot if so desired.... it was his choice and his call...


This is one of the best scramble ports going.... so cheer up!


_The Road Warrior__

#4093184 Atari 8 bit computer production film, video...pics even ?

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:55 AM

we're sorry but partying on the production line precluded any and all filming, and no you may not use that soldering iron in that fashion.... even if it hasn't been plugged in for hours.... move along and pay no attention to the red green blue white yellow or purple pills.... they are really just special festive m&ms in honor of pac man... yeah they're pac pills that's the ticket... please move along ... no photography or video taping please....

#4093175 Covers

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:14 AM

Most covers help slow down yellowing and discoloration also, and lest is not be said the difference in a smokers home can be seen in a very short period of time...

#4092406 1050 drive issue

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:53 PM

you have to fix what got cooked before you have enough smoke to make things work enough to chase down the original issues...

#4091985 AVGCart

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:37 AM

the idea is still to have the cart handles things and not patch everything unless it truly is corrupted etc..

#4091646 Ultimate 1MB, Incognito, 1088XEL and SIDE/SIDE2 Firmware Update Released

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:36 PM

where do the 74hc08 and 74hct08 chips fall in terms of speed, capacitance and voltage (and tolerance) as opposed to the LS and F chips... I have some things rattling around my head about this and some thoughts long hashed over about the bus and pbi add ons...

#4091632 ATARI Computers HDMI, VGA, COMPONENT VIDEO, S-Video, Composite video and RF

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:06 PM

for the first time I must hit burnt red ignore this topic button just above first post blue bar near right hand side...


this all belongs in market place the way it is written, normal forum is for discussion... market place is for either selling or promotion of products not of evolving homebrew or the ebay thread maybe... I think I will hit ignore on ebay thread though ;)

#4091529 Graphics glitches on 800xl games. Normal?

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:36 PM

so easy to slip doing it that way, I use a chopped off cord for that sort of test..... as for heat, an upside down zero residue aero duster will chill chips one at a time till you find the culprit...

#4091349 ATARI Computers HDMI, VGA, COMPONENT VIDEO, S-Video, Composite video and RF

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:30 AM

funny thing is lot's of times you will get a better looking picture using lower quality cables on an Atari... the video seemingly having been tuned to deal with crappy wires and switch boxes of the day...


I hear monty python in my head... spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam de spam the...    er ....

eggs and spam, bacon and spam, spam spam spam..



had to do it before the lock! please report spam for what it is because I've had my spam for the day and am not sure if I've any more room as I feel I've just had the spam spam spam beans spam spam spam and spam spam special... although I do think the beans were a little off....

#4090694 SIO Wifi modem with esp8266

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:09 AM

Hi everyone,

I finally moved my Wifi-thing to a Atari 1030. It works great!. I took the 5V from the 1030 and connected to the required SIO signals(gnd, din, dout and motor).

The great thing is that the Atari 1030 modem is still working along with the Wifi-thing if I want. I guess, all my previous problems were due to the weak 5V coming from SIO, that could not provide enough juice to the ESP-01.


I really recommend this solution. First, the  Atari 1030 design just looks gorgeous beside the Atari 1050. Secondly, it has a good power supply (with front panel switch), and 2 SIO connectors, so it both provides enough juice to the esp-01 and it can be located any place in the daisy chain. 

Finally, as I said, the 1030 modem keeps its functionality, if you want to go really old school, and make a BBS phone call.

Finally a common sense approach in putting similarly functioning and utilized devices together inside the same case.. One UP! cheers.

#4090394 Graphics glitches on 800xl games. Normal?

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:10 PM

in order to diagnose this, we need to try other versions of the programs loaded from other devices.... we don't know if it the cartridge,,,, the sd card or anything else for that matter....  It may turn out to be the SD speed or type, it could be the cartridge, have you tried using any other cartridges? Did you load these using a disk drive etc..


I you simply add car headers to the same thing in the sd card and in the same ultimate cart... you really aren't eliminating much.....


have you cleaned the ult carts pcb fingers? is the connector in the computer clean and undamaged?


Once we are sure it's none of the other things then we open the computer and clean and reseat chips etc...

#4090162 InverseATASCII - Atari 8 Bit Productivity Podcast

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:49 PM

you know what else would be awesome... a coding podcast from the ground up... that would rock as well. Going to town on all the best tools and such... you'd be teaching how to code and showing all the productive tools/software.. awesomeness for years.... with guest coders and demo freakz to really tear it down and kick it up a notch!