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#4139340 using the SDRIVE-MAX in conjunction with other drives

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Yesterday, 8:55 PM

aren't all uno's ch340 and ch341 compat..... but the trailing letter differs... that trailing letter seems to show the need to make the chip invert some signals etc.. and select either pull up or pull down on some pins... look through the data sheets... take a gander at where the paragraphs start below the standard table run down...

t r g h all have something slightly different. chances are most of us have g's


If we can determine who has what and the two chips involved a solution will follow... this still has a chance for fixing...

#4139217 Black Bouncy Blob - Potato medal on ABBUC sw contest 2018

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Yesterday, 6:03 PM

as guess as the work progressed something got borked...

#4138851 using the SDRIVE-MAX in conjunction with other drives

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Yesterday, 9:47 AM

command line not in proper state is what could mess with all connected devices... drives or 850's

it's tells everything hey wake up and listen!

#4138808 Millionaire - winner of the ABBUC SW Contest 2018

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Yesterday, 9:03 AM

I love it!


A game to actually learn something with and the ability to make our own questions. It can be used to teach kids or adults just about any thing. It keeps it interesting and fun!


Nicely Done!


#4138801 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Yesterday, 8:56 AM

Dear Thomas Johnson,

We are sorry we did not heed your words and keep all files intact.... we probably used single sided single density disk.... it's likely you had more than one side and/or used 1050 or better density for the tutorial to be on.... Please forgive us. Have mercy and pretty please dig around to find all the parts of Action! and BBS Express PRO! tutorials you made oh so long ago.

Thank you,

The Express Pro Community!

#4138593 800XL U20 IC shows most pins low

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:09 PM

if you have an extra ram you could try tension of chip legs and stack on ram chip one at a time.. if ram is not shorted but open.. it might identify bad chip... but the hot cpu says something might be shorted.. can't hurt to try...

I would think sockets are always a good thing just use double swipe sockets... :)   but yes  I always try to socket a broken machine...


Make sure no chips have folded under or shorted broken pins before during and after all work...

#4138551 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Sat Oct 20, 2018 10:00 PM

It was and no one knows where it all is.

#4138544 Altirra 3.00 released

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:54 PM

all that atari stuff could be dried out cleaned up and will still work... you might have to replace a mylar but de oxit is a miracle worker

#4138472 XF551 Mixed-Original Parts Bare PCBs

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Sat Oct 20, 2018 7:49 PM

Well Bill and Steve would NEVER steal and litigate later... never...   sarcasm alarm melts down..


I am not in the habit of excusing bad behavior by citing other bad behavior... well bobby did it ! so did jeffrey dalmzer! so it's o'tay!


Nope, It's one thing to stand on the shoulders of giants and understand what they have done, examine it and improve it or come up with a new and better way to get it done. It's quite another to out right steal...  I've seen byte for byte, bit for bit same code, and die for die duplication from china. the quality control in the toilet. Over and over again. Funny names or sometime even the name and logo on the outside look legit, lets not talk cd's or dvd's either...


You won't catch me quoting the exception to the rule as the rule, nor will you catch me quoting the rule as the exception to the rule. I leave that to the politicians. :)

#4138435 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:51 PM

John Polka, only the face has been changed to protect the identity ...


dragnet theme begins playing. :)

#4138104 MSS-100/Rverter connection help

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:20 AM

wiring is correct as posted in



Verified with a meter and called some BBS's

Was able to upload and download files both super large all the way to very tiny...


CD was detected


Hardware hang up worked on DTR drop


it is indeed a cable constructed to work with several different console servers..


- tied together pins can be removed depending on your needs.


Flow control was not active for uploads or downloads as almost all such protocols have their own form of software control built in as a matter of crc error checking and acknowledgement


*** calling different BBS we saw the hearts(nulls) appeared on some depending on their telnet settings, so I hung up. the remedy-


*** simply toggle that setting as needed if you see control m heart control j is happening and it will fix it- only then will you be able to see all atascii graphics screens and be able to upload as well as download.


all worked as it should.

#4137853 Moon Patrol hack !

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Sat Oct 20, 2018 1:22 AM

looks like buggy ran into the bomb and blew up just like in the arcade...

I would say that's and improvement.

#4137815 MSS-100/Rverter connection help

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:20 PM

atari 9      mss100 25









9- not connected

dsr 6 and dcd 8 are tied together 25pin side on this old cord this also effectively ties atari db9 pins 1 dtr and 6 dsr together as well... but the cable works... I will revisit the cord as it's probable it was wired to allow this to work with more than one mss variant.


so fig 7-2 of the pdf is wrong for  mss100

fig 7-6 of the pdf is correct for mss100

#4137763 MSS-100/Rverter connection help

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:27 PM

the mss pins l-r  top 1-13 bottom 13-25 from the book may be incorrectly drawn in it's pdf provided online as follows

1  tx

2  rx

3  rts

4  cts

5  dsr

6  gnd

7  dcd(in) thats from a modem

18 cd(out to computer)

20 dtr


when I saw that in the pdf I thought to myself... hmmm I think they are shifted 1 pin more likely it would be correct as follows

2 tx

3 rx

4 rts

5 cts

6 dsr

7 gnd

8  dcd

18 cd

20 dtr

so I will verify my hand made cable I created some years back..

#4137692 MSS-100/Rverter connection help

Posted by _The Doctor__ on Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:38 PM

Your rverter circuitry is the middlebox as is an 850 or a mio or whatever mythical unicorn we have all been using since 198x


You keep using the computer side for your pinouts, you need the modem side.... they are not the same...


modem side...

25pinMdm      9pinAtari

20 to atari9 side 1 dtr

8   to atari9 side 2 crx

2   to atari9 side 3 xmt

3   to atari9 side 4 rcv

7   to atari9 side 5 grnd

6   to atari9 side 6 dsr

4   to atari9 side 7 rts

5   to atari9 side 8 cts


you could put a null modem adaptor combo gender bender on the 25 pin side only


com1 db9 is not an atari db9 and it matters which end goes where and the gender.


how about instead of being flip you go to the BBS thread and pick one of the working wiring diagrams I and others have posted.

since they worked for everyone else they should work for you.


Now if you want to post a picture were we can see exactly what you wired up maybe we can see what is wrong.


The Idea was to get you to wire up two standard Atari db9p to rs232 cables- normal and null, you could then wire up a standard Atari db9 to the r:verter... whenever you needed a modem or terminal cable you could switch them out at will, you could also use that cord with an 850 or any other Atari based serial device. You keep choosing to make the PC cable choice. All of these serial cables are one way cables in the sense you can not reverse them or put a garden variety null modem adapter etc. on the db9  computer end, you can only put such adapters on the 25 pin device end


I am of the school we make known good cables and connections first... verify it's all good and then sort the other science projects out. since we know it's all good we can figure out where the interface has gone wrong. Posting pinouts for the pc does nothing


a look at your pc pinout you insist on following that is computer side and not device side

2 rd-rcv

3 td-xmt

4 dtr

now consider the atari db9p serial interface pin out     (you will see why using a pc cable will only get you half way there)

2 crx

3 td-xmt

4 rd-rcv

it is a very simple cabling issue that always gets blown out of proportion- I suggested you draw out a seventh line if you were going for hardware flow control for the incomplete interface you are working on. If you are putting a db9 on the interface you don't want to use a pc style com port since almost any atari user will grab an Atari cable when ordering from best or b&c or one that is with their atari equipment already


hmm mythical creature on the way