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Flashjazzcat's Blog > Poor Man's 1400XL: Part 9

Posted 11 April 2013

After a long gap, here's the last (or possibly penultimate) part of the 1200XL upgrade story. In the last part (well over a year ago), I'd fitted VBXE and Stereo Pokey, and finished the PBI and power mods. Since then I've added Ultimate 1MB and one of Dropcheck's excellent GTIA PAL adapters. This means that the 1200XL is completely "PA...

Flashjazzcat's Blog > The Poor Man's 1400XL Part 8

Posted 18 November 2011

Welcome to another thrilling installment of my 1200XL's story. Prior to fitting the Ultimate 1MB board when it arrives, I decided to install the Mega-HZ stereo board. Unfortunately, I'd neglected to request turned pins from Wolfram, so I decided to replace the square header pins on the stereo PCB myself. I have no problem with the square pins as...

Flashjazzcat's Blog > The Poor Man's 1400XL Part 7

Posted 25 September 2011

Welcome to the final installment in the saga of the "Poor Man's 1400XL"! After rectifying some problems with the VBXE board, we're now all set to finish the PBI and realize perhaps the nicest Atari 8-bit imaginable...

PBI wiring wasn't quite as bulky as I'd expected, and although I wanted to leave plenty of "slack" in case I need...

Flashjazzcat's Blog > The Poor Man's 1400XL Part 6

Posted 23 September 2011

After a short respite (time spent finishing the SIDE driver), I'm back onto the 1200XL and pushing ahead with the PBI connector. Wiring the 50 way ribbon cable was less difficult than plain fiddly, but the tinned wires seemed magnetised to the solder cups. So - reasonably neat by my lowly standards:

It would be...

Flashjazzcat's Blog > The Poor Man's 1400XL Part 5

Posted 17 September 2011

It seems I left the most important part of this mod almost till last: the PBI itself. I'm following the (amended) instructions by Bob Wooley (PBI for 1200XL), but it took me a week to find a suitable bracket for mounting the 50 way Centronics connector to the back of the motherboard. I...