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In Topic: Softs that take advantage of Sophia?

Today, 11:07 AM

Well, no better way of discouraging software support for these features, IMHO. This kind of manual detection is required by Covox as well, which is why I relegated that to an U1MB plugin. And at the end of the day, I'd really like to install a Sophia in my 1088XEL and provide support for extra features, too.

In Topic: Softs that take advantage of Sophia?

Yesterday, 2:13 PM

I see - and that's a reasonable observation, of course (no supporting software yet). You're right about the extra features too, but once you bring in those extra features, it would be nice to have some way of knowing they're there. The 1088XEL¦U1MB BIOS plugin will support the Sophia's version of VGate, but without any knowledge of whether the hardware capability actually exists (i.e. it's down to the user to install the correct plugin). If Sophia made itself visible somehow, one plugin could configure itself for both the 1088XEL's on-board VGate and the Sophia implementation (both of which are controlled completely differently).

In Topic: Softs that take advantage of Sophia?

Yesterday, 1:44 PM

I don't expect anything: it is what it is, and I'm not aware of any way to detect the hardware via software. Sure: you could poke a value and then print "Yellow Text", but the text might still be white. :)

In Topic: Softs that take advantage of Sophia?

Yesterday, 1:09 PM

And if so, how does the software know Sofia is present?

In Topic: ATARI 130XE Problems Thread

Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:31 AM

Isn't the Syscheck all about testing RAMs on XL and XE machines ?? I would find it very weird if it wouldn't check the extended memory....

It's the base 64K which stops the machine from booting. Once you get that fixed, you can use XRAM or similar to test the extended RAM.