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In Topic: The Newsroom by Springboard

Today, 2:33 AM

Do the XLEnt tools provide quality proportional fonts in different sizes (NOT simply 8x8 fixed spacing scaled to suit)? They were the reason I used Newsroom at the time.

In Topic: Incognito v2?

Today, 1:55 AM

I asked him numerous questions via PM during the ensuing months, but received no response. It makes dialogue extremely difficult. I have no reason to suppose any other form of communication would elicit a response, and this kind of extended silence is not exactly unprecedented.

In Topic: Side 2 / Side 3?

Yesterday, 6:02 PM

You have prior knowledge of the pricing? Please elaborate.

In Topic: Incognito v2?

Yesterday, 6:00 PM

I've been awaiting a pre-production board since March 2017 as I'm supposedly responsible for all or part of the firmware, but I have heard nothing from Candle since January 2018. If anything happens, I will relay here unless Candle posts something himself.

In Topic: 32 in 1 OS from AtariMax

Yesterday, 4:48 PM

I'm not sure you're able to recognize a personal attack when you see one, or when you write one. You've just written a derogatory analysis of my character, in which you accuse me of making personal attacks. I find the irony striking.


If owners of 32-in-1 want to send Steve emails and wait on replies, let them. I don't own a 32-in-1, and I'm not going to email Steve about it. You email Steve about it.


Anyway: it's obvious you don't like me, so the fact you're now insulting me is not surprising. There have been about three people who have managed to rub me up the wrong way this badly during my entire time on this forum, and you're one of them. I already pointed out the way in which you bait and switch: unreliable, bleary-eyed memoirs one minute, clear-headed character assassination the next. Probably this kind of nonsense brings out the worst in me. I definitely have no time for idiots.