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#1738877 Hidden games on Flashback 2?

Posted by Curt Vendel on Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:56 AM

That is incorrect - I should know, I designed the FB2:

Up 1
Down 9
Up 7
Down 2

1972 - the year Atari was incorporated.

Go at a nice steady rate, not too fast or slow, usually takes 2-3 tries before you get the speed down properly, then the secret Paddle Games Menu will appear, use the joystick, select which game, once loaded, plug in a pair of original Atari paddle controllers into the console and and press Reset (or select to select a variation, then Reset) to start a game.


Up once, down 9 times, up 7 times, down twice (1972).

The german Wikipedia article on the Flashback 2 states it's "Fire once, down 9 times, up 7 times, down twice"...
Does this work too or is this an error? If so, I would edit the Wikipedia article accordingly.

#1691388 Time to Release Cloak & Dagger

Posted by Curt Vendel on Thu Feb 26, 2009 12:08 PM

I wanted to do a nice update page for the Cloak & Dagger release, but between dealing with all of the pain and keeping my focus and just being very tired, I'm just not up for it right at this time, so I'm just going to post the release files here on Atariage and hopefully I'll do an update to my Cloak & Dagger page sometime soon.

Read the previous posts and understand, this game was only about 50% complete, enjoy.


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#1610170 RARE ROMs Atari Jaguar, download quicker

Posted by Curt Vendel on Sun Oct 26, 2008 8:26 AM

Hi Steve,

Lets make sure you and everyone clearly understand - what was sent to Jason to compile into his CD's was data that I salvaged off of HD's, Syqeusts, diskettes and backup tapes that were recovered out of the trash from behind 1196 Borregas when the building was closing. There was a massive dumpster in the back, the whole top was covered with trash bins, boxes and junk, but an hour of digging got me down to the middle and bottom where the treasure trove of materials was found.

I didn't buy anything from Atari, they through it all out into the trash and closed up the building, I recovered the physical materials, recovered them and made them PC readable. Jason bought his materials from a former Atari employee - but not directly from Atari, JTS, etc...

To everyone else,

I don't call what Jason has done with his Jag Extreme collection wrong - I support it, hence why I gave him all of the materials to put onto it. I personally logged in hundreds of hours recovering those materials - Jason put in a substantial amount of time compiling it and creating the CD's - getting paid for the work of presenting those materials for people to access I think was very reasonable.

If you're complaining about what Jason does - don't. Instead - make your own product, put in your own time and put it out yourself. I left the Jag community a few years back because - to be honest - everyone was acting like whiny little babies. I came back, spent time to support it and would still like to contiinue to support it, but if you guys can't manage to spend your time doing positive things like developing code - sharing code, maybe working on some hw projects... but you'd rather piss away each week arguing with each other, then throw your Jag's out and find a new hobby because this is becoming a waste of friggin time.


Just curious, but do you have the same issue with Jay Smith profiting off the "Extremist" packs that he openly sells on JSII?

Everything on those disc were given to him by Curt who out right bought all of it from Atari. Legally
it may be Atari's IP but Curt now has the right to do as he wishes with all those hard drives full of info
he has.

I also don't see commercials roms of every Jaguar game, nor do I see games that someone is presently

Not even close my friend.

Again, you people wonder why us Jaguar developers have issues releasing Please enlighten us as to what exactly is WORTHY of being on the Jaguar. Honestly, I didn't see what ROMs are posted, but if there's some imaginary marker of quality for games that are WORTHY of being on the Jaguar, odds are that none of the ROMs posted really fit that description.

Zero5, as much as I do not really like the game is clearly a lot of hard work. Hyperforce probably was not done in an afternoon.

The trouble here is some of you are so used to getting things for free game wise like old betas and such that you think everyone
else owes it to some of you...or at least that is how it comes across.

Free or not....how about being happy you are getting anything from Jason at all?

I like free stuff, but I certainly appreciate those that work hard on this stuf and I
show that buy buying the game. Im not asking for handouts. A person is worthy
of what little he may get back for his time and effort. That goes for homebrewers
or the guys that wrote these games for Atari and already got screwed from
that whole deal.

Standing back a little to see the entire picture is helpful. You are being very one-
sided on this toward the ROMer's.

It just come across like we have nothing better to do than to spend our spare time
writing games for your pleasure. God forbid we dare ask for reasonable compensation
for our time an effort. Concept: How about asking permission of Carl or Telegames
before going ahead and just posting ROMs?

Is that really asking too much?

#1578998 Donkey Kong source code

Posted by Curt Vendel on Sat Aug 30, 2008 10:21 PM

I'm going to pull that status report up, its on the other workstation and I need to pull it up. Kinda late and I need to close up for the night, but I'll post once I find it.


I also found a status report from Philip Suen stating that you had to take over the DK project because the original programmer wasn't delivering milestones, was being secretive and just wasn't sticking to schedule.

Was that DK or DK Jr? I seem to remember that being about DK Jr. but I could be wrong.


#1578843 Donkey Kong source code

Posted by Curt Vendel on Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:31 PM

This came off of 2 sets of tapes marked Dyer, which is unusual as most tape backups are of all directories of a DEC system at Atari. So when an individuals directory is the only part of a backup, it usually meant that one of the programs got his directory backed up special. There was a lot more on his backup tapes.


Someone should show Landon this thread.


#1462757 ST Star Raiders Source Code

Posted by Curt Vendel on Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:45 PM

A good friend asked if I could post some ST game sources... I though everyone would enjoy this one in particular.


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#1462634 Breakout 2000 Source Code

Posted by Curt Vendel on Sun Feb 10, 2008 6:24 PM

Source Code to Breakout 2000 - 2 parts...


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#1461728 Checkered Flag Source Code

Posted by Curt Vendel on Sat Feb 9, 2008 11:11 AM

Here is the Source Code to Checkered Flag.


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#1142496 FIdoNet...?

Posted by Curt Vendel on Fri Sep 22, 2006 8:45 AM

Fidonet was a Godsend when it came out, allowing you to locally call into your BBS and read email from all over the place, its a shame that ego's and fifetomes started to be created and only special "rings" would bring emails from priviledged selected BBS' That was the only bad thing that occured with Fidonet. I was actually trying to get fidonet running on my 8bit Atari 800 BBS for a while, but it was just too daunting a task to accomplish with my meger basic programming lanuage skills at the time :-)

I miss BBS'ing, it was a lot of fun :-)


I used Fido back in the days, but just as a point. There were several BBS here in Czech. I think 4 or 5 of them were running on Atari machines. My friend had BBS called JoyBBS running on Atari MEGA STE which was also a Fido node and I used it for sending and receiving mails.
For BBS access we used Connect and for mail combination of Semper and LED. I think you can find both on Atari ftp servers.
It was great time...

#1016291 ST cartridge slot?

Posted by Curt Vendel on Fri Feb 10, 2006 8:57 AM

Its a software package that turns the cartridge into a C: drive and boots from it, then the terminal comes up and you can use any of the serial ports to directly connect to a host or a modem...

It's quite useful as I use my ST with the cart as a terminal to access my DEC Vax mini-computers and its great to use to talk with various serial devices.


I Have an Atari VT-100 Terminal Emulator cartridge I use in that slot

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It is interesting. How it works? Does it have its own serial port or is it software only? Can you post some info about it?

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#1014761 ST cartridge slot?

Posted by Curt Vendel on Tue Feb 7, 2006 5:38 PM

I Have an Atari VT-100 Terminal Emulator cartridge I use in that slot and I have an Ethernec Networking interface that I use in that slot as well.


#268255 Grey boxes

Posted by Curt Vendel on Fri Apr 11, 2003 10:09 AM

While going thru my 2600 collection the other day, I have some (not many) games boxed with instructions. I happend to notice that one of the boxes, Realsports Volleyball, is in a grey box with no color at all on it;  sort of a black and white or mono box.

Is there a story on why it was released in a non-color box (like a cost cutting plan)? Are there other games that were released this way?

Just curious....



That's called: "Hi, I'm a Tramiel, I'm sitting on a boatload of old stock, lemme sell it, but do it on the mega cheap, so non-colored boxes are printed up to package the old stock to sell to squeeze out additional revenue from every nook and cranny within the firms assets"


#1581 Is the 5200 such a "SUPER" System?

Posted by Curt Vendel on Thu Feb 7, 2002 7:19 PM

Lately I've had the opportunity to pick up the 5200's arch-nemesis the Colecovision and I've got a fair amount of titles and some interesting things:


Everyone bitches and moans about the 5200 controllers. Well the fire buttons are definitely bad, they should never have been so small or rubbery, bad choice.

The Coleco controllers don't seem to fair any better then the 5200's in comfort and the short stalk is not as comfortable to use as the 5200 joystick.

One thing that definitely is a major plus is the pause button the 5200 controller.

Now, the Colecovision did outnumber the 5200 in peripherals, certainly the Super Action Controllers were cool, the Driving Controller was great and a major missing item from Atari's periperhal lineup.

However while both Colecovision and the 5200 had trakball controllers, the Colecovision is a bit of a kludge to have to get going and a bit of a pain.

While the 5200 trakball simply plugged in and you were ready to go, the Coleco roller controller is a pain to have to connect into the coleco power supply, you had to plug the controllers into the ports inside the controller and locked in after messing with the cords a few times, then you connected it up to the console, phew..... how annoying is that?

Not lets talk games....

While Colecovision touted itself as bringing home The Arcade Experience, the arcade titles (with the exception of Donkey Kong, jr. and Zaxxon) are mostly forgotten, or lackluster titles and didn't have much in the way of graphics and sound. While many complained that the 5200 had just rehashed 2600 games, lets face it, Pac Man, Centipede, Defender and so forth rocked!!! Space Invaders lost a lot in the translation.... lets look at Star Raiders, Space Dungeon and others Whoa!!! These games were amazing.


Hands down, the Colecovision ruled at Expansion, with its 2600 module and upgrade to the Coleco ADAM, Coleco put a lot of thought into where they wanted the Colecovision to go.

Atari's 5200 had an expansion connector, but it seemed more like a token gesture then a well thought out path for expansion. Instead of putting all of the lines of the cartridge port out to the expansion bus plus additional lines for video input/output and so forth, the port should've also been put on the side of the 5200 and then thin wedges could be added to the side of the 5200 keeping its lines and look. The 2600 adapter was an example of nonsense to package a whole 2600 into a plastic case and have it sticking out of the 5200 like that.

So while Colecovision was certainly from a marking standby really catching people's attention, in a real hands down, direct side by side comparision, the 5200 really is the SUPER of the two Systems.

So, lets hear others commments and personal views, feelings and stories.


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