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#4141175 New game port in the works: Laser Squad

Posted by twh/f2 on Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:44 AM



I am just letting you know that there is new game port coming to Atari 8-bit: Laser Squad. Here are some screenshots:



Wow. This is basically X-Com: The prequel. I never have seen this game and I wasn't aware that such a mature strategic game even exists on any 8bit! 

Once ported this is truly a great contribution to the Atari 8bit platform. Keep up the good work!




#4083376 Millionaire - our new game for the ABBUC Software Contest

Posted by twh/f2 on Wed Aug 1, 2018 2:13 AM

Congrats Mapa and PG!


A lot visual "sugar" used in this production. Great work!

#4052244 Gunship on Atari 8-Bit?

Posted by twh/f2 on Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:29 AM

Nice find!!


Beside the question if a prototype exists or not ... Has anybody ever asked if it was a good game after all? I have never played any Gunship game on any platform. But let's say the C64 version would have been the closest thing to the Atari version. Was the C64 version a good game?


Now that we have spotted Atari heros converting C64 games (SCR)... well hypothetical ... would it be fun to play a "Gunship A8" if it would be available just like e.g SCR?




#4029128 TIME PILOT - final release

Posted by twh/f2 on Thu May 17, 2018 12:23 AM

Had a quick check of the source code. It seems that there were some true "Clean Coder" at work. It's very well structured and understandable. Thanks for sharing Waldemar!!!

#4023398 Peak Year for Atari 8 bit?

Posted by twh/f2 on Tue May 8, 2018 8:39 AM

According to Mobygames API statistics it looks like 1983 somehow.







#4022748 Using Pulse Density Modulation for 8-bit PCM

Posted by twh/f2 on Mon May 7, 2018 10:05 AM

dammit :)


Posted by twh/f2 on Sat Mar 10, 2018 7:03 AM

Got my original & licensed copy of Stunt Car Racer today!! My tribute to Mr. Geoff Crammond icon_smile.gif It has a very nice manual and is cross platform (ST, Amiga, C64 , PC , Spectrum).





I think I'm preparing a little "Atari XL/XE 128KB" sticker for the box icon_smile.gif





Posted by twh/f2 on Sat Mar 3, 2018 6:37 AM

Also from my side congratulations and a big thank you for your immense work and passion in making "Stunt Car Racer" not only perfect conversion but also the best 8-bit version over all comparable platforms.


I had the great privilege to be an early beta-tester of Stunt Car Racer. First time I booted up a single file called "a.xex" and I wasn't sure what will show up. But then suddenly I thought I was in the wrong emulation when I saw a near perfect menu of a game which I 

knew so well from my Amiga!!! Not to express in words, what I thought, when I saw it was a real playable game!!


As beta-tester I wanted to contribute at least one or more bug reports. But that version I got was already close to perfect. I couldn't find any major stuff and could only grumble about cosmetic issues.


Funny that I now found in this final version a small but meaningless bug, I couldn't discover earlier:

When crane-lifting the car from ground to the platform and you pause the game (e.g. space key) and you continue, then the crane-sound suddenly disappears :) .. but as I said: meaningless.


So once again and into the public: Awesome job Irgendwer, Fandal and XXL!! You guys rock. To me this single game is a major milestone in the history of the 8bit Atari line. Enough said :)




#3959709 Analmux passed away

Posted by twh/f2 on Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:53 PM

Man this is so sad. Maybe I'm getting too old for this hobby. But it seems that too many people leave this "Atari world.." which I love so much. RIP Bernhard, RIP Ken, RIP Radek :-( 


Alles Gute Bernhard

Alles Gute für deine Familie und Angehörigen.

Vielen Dank für deine tollen Beiträge und Ideen.



#3926562 New game released: Jack the Nipper

Posted by twh/f2 on Wed Jan 3, 2018 3:44 PM

What a cute game. Especially like it, because of my 2 years old little toddler :)


While tinkering with the game I have a nice Wiki website covering the C64 version of the game. It's a nice resource of background infos to the game.

Unfortunately german language only.




thanks Mariusz & Terrence! You guys ported an amazing game to the 8bit atari!!!

#3924919 NYD 2018

Posted by twh/f2 on Mon Jan 1, 2018 3:28 PM

this is simply an amazing collection of great contributions. i especially like HDM2 and the wonderful Wratchild intro with Miker's Snow Blind conversion :)

#3913263 Next hardware project: snes2joy

Posted by twh/f2 on Sat Dec 16, 2017 12:33 AM

Hi Ivop,


great project you do! And awesome retro design.


One question. Will it be compatible to that kind of interface?



If so, then your adapter would open a whole lot more devices for use with the Atari.

I always dreamed to use wireless PS3 or PS4 controllers. Sitting relaxed on the couch while the Atari is somewhere on the other side of the living room connected to a large TV set :)




#3909540 Kaz Kompo 2016 - vote for the best A8 game of 2016

Posted by twh/f2 on Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:56 PM

Bavaria Calling. 


Here are my votes:


1.10 pts - Pang
2. 9 pts - Dye
3. 8 pts - Spycat
4. 7 pts - Laura
5. 6 pts - AtariBlast!
6. 5 pts - Skyscraper
7. 4 pts - Blowsub
8. 3 pts - Gridrunner
9. 2 pts - Bobby Bearing
10.1 pt  - Ratcatcher
Thanks for organizing the legendary KAZ Kompo!!

#3909260 Star Fox - Corneria (Atari 8-bit POKEY Cover)

Posted by twh/f2 on Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:06 AM

When Things were good, one has to give good comments.

But this tune suffers by the problem of "originality" . Which means, you only know what the tune is meant to be, if you know the original. The "real lead" is missing somehow.


Sorry to disagree. But I don't know the original. And I don't want to compare it. To me the Fragmare conversion is a great Pokey tune. It would have been that kind of song I would listen a 1000 times out of my old TV set when I was 12years again ... and driving my sister to crazy. :) 

#3903243 Atari games with commercials?

Posted by twh/f2 on Sun Dec 3, 2017 4:33 AM

The list is growing:


* Tapper (Mountain Dew/PepsiCo)

* Tapper SE (Pilsner Urquell)

* Thera-Med Zahnschutz Spiel (Henkel)

* Kennedy Approach? (Air France, Delta, American Airlines)

* McDonald's (Fast food *g)

* Super Fortuna (Commercial breaks!!!)


any more?


Nice one: