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#3893491 Rastaconverter image exit

Posted by twh/f2 on Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:06 AM

yes. good idea. had the same thing in mind when I saw all these wonderful G2F pictures. It would make a great slideshow when e.g. using it with SDX batch files and a SIDE and alike.

#3869213 Atarisation by XLent

Posted by twh/f2 on Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:55 PM

can please somebody tell me where these "Atarisations by XLent" can be found for download?






#3867334 What Atari games have the most satisfying ending to them?

Posted by twh/f2 on Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:18 AM

I always liked the ending of the game "Schreckenstein" by Peter Finzel. 

The game has a very balanced difficulty and with fair amount of training it can be very satisfying to go through the challenging final level. After that one can see the congratulations screen.

#3760140 New name for SDrive-ARM

Posted by twh/f2 on Thu May 11, 2017 11:12 AM

In eternal  memory of Raster I would call it RasterDrive.


Rest in peace friend!



#3714259 Notepad++

Posted by twh/f2 on Thu Mar 9, 2017 7:24 AM

That's a very good question. I guess Mr. Dell himself could comment on this. I think that eclipse+wudsn currently doesn't compare to VSCode (function wise) at all.

But Eclipse is just the framework for WUDSN. I guess WUDSN could also rely on another framework like VSCode. As far as I know VS Code is completely based on JS/NodeJS. So bringing WUDSN functionaltiy to VSCode would mean a reprogramming from scratch.


Eclipse has much Java-specific IDE overhead, which a MADS programmer wouldn't need. It would be nice to have a slim & easy-to-setup editor for MADS and/or CC65 incl. debugging with Alitrra.. .

 --- ok dreaming :) Until then I can live with WUDSN which is a great option of course.



#3686080 help me bug fix 32bit multiplication

Posted by twh/f2 on Thu Feb 2, 2017 11:17 AM

@home now and yep. it really solves the problem!!!


it's a perfectly logical bug fix.. afterwards. I expected something more fundamental to be the problem :-)

#3686014 help me bug fix 32bit multiplication

Posted by twh/f2 on Thu Feb 2, 2017 9:38 AM

Hi !


I have here a 32bit multiplication routine which is simply adapted from this code from the Codebase64.




The following code was adapted by FJC. 

Num1	.ds 4
Num2	.ds 4
Num3	.ds 8

​.proc MulLong ; 32 bit multiplication: Num1 by Num2, result in Num3
	lda #0
	sta Num3+4
	sta Num3+5
	sta Num3+6
	sta Num3+7
	ldx #32 ; loop for each bit
	lsr Num1+3 ; divide multiplier by 2
	lsr Num1+2
	lsr Num1+1
	ror Num1
	bcc rotate
	lda Num3+4 ; get upper half of product and add multiplicand
	adc Num2
	sta Num3+4
	lda Num3+5
	adc Num2+1
	sta Num3+5
	lda Num3+6
	adc Num2+2
	sta Num3+6
	lda Num3+7
	adc Num2+3
	ror ; rotate partial product 
	sta Num3+7
	ror Num3+6
	ror Num3+5
	ror Num3+4
	ror Num3+3
	ror Num3+2
	ror Num3+1
	ror Num3
	bne multloop
	lda Num3
	ldx Num3+1

But I'm afraid it has a bug which I can't really fix. The following shows the dilemma:  $4 * $16b62 = $5ad88
	mda #$16b62 Num1
	mda #$4 Num2
	jsr MulLong
	mda Num3 Temp	; save result

	jmp *

It's producing: "$1AD88" rather than "$5AD88".


However this one works:  $16b62 * $4  = $5ad88

	mda #$4 Num1
	mda #$16b62 Num2
	jsr MulLong
	mda Num3 Temp	; save result

FJC: It seems that some upper bits of multiplier/multiplicand aren't handled properly (so result is different depending on which has set or cleared upper bits).


Any ideas?! Any help is appreciated!!




#3674714 dye - 2nd place ASC 2016

Posted by twh/f2 on Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:27 PM

Can't believe that I tried out this game after such long time after official release.

And it's simply outstanding!! Awesome game. Just a brilliant example of idea and execution over high resolution and modern apps.

Thanks Christian!!!

#3604401 Ratcatcher 5200 - Conversion?

Posted by twh/f2 on Sat Oct 1, 2016 1:09 PM



Ratcatcher 3player multijoy version.

#3600091 Ratcatcher 5200 - Conversion?

Posted by twh/f2 on Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:57 AM

ok. krupkaj, fandal and homsoft are already preparing the 3 player version for multijoy. I think it will be released soon. I'm alpha testing it currently.




#3536358 New to Atari 8-bit. Can anyone recommend me the must have games

Posted by twh/f2 on Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:54 PM

Just picked up a very nice condition 65xe and 130xe with Donkey Kong and Frogger. 


Im new to the 8bit computer line so not sure what some of the must have games are. I tried looking on Youtube for some complication videos but most were either a few games or didn't even have the name of the games listed. 


Also are there any SD flashcards for the 8bits? I saw the Atarimax Multicart and read it can hold about 40 games 


What you need is a Sdrive or Sio2SD solution. It emulates an Atari floppy drive almost 99% compatibility.

Here is my list of favourite games which I have put on my SD card in a dedicated directory "topgames" :-)


Agent USA.xex
Alley Cat.xex
Amaurote 128.xex
Animal Party (2008)(Limitvisual.com).xex
Apple Space Invaders (2010)(xxl).xex
Arcade Pac-Man.xex
Archon II.xex
Arkanoid (1987)(Taito).atr
Assembloids XE.xex
Attack of the Mutant Camels (19xx)(Mastertronic).xex
Aztec Challenge (1983)(Cosmi).xex
Ballblazer (1985)(Lucasfilm)[Tournament Certified].atr
Bandits (1982)(Sirius)[cr NGAP].atr
Beef Drop.xex
Berzerk (1983)(Atari)[a].xex
Bio-Defense (1984)(Game Gems).xex
Blip! (1992)(Hard).xex
Blue Max (1983)(Synapse).xex
Bobby Bearing.xex
Bomb Jack.xex
Boulder Dash (1984)(First Star Software)[a].xex
Boulder Dash 2.xex
Bounty Bob Strikes Back! (1985)(Big Five Software)(PAL)[64k].xex
Bruce Lee (1984)(Datasoft).xex
Bubble Trouble (1986)(Players).atr
Bug Attack.xex
Capture the Flag (1983)(Sirius).atr
Cavelord (1984)(Axis)(De).atr
Cavernia (1990)(Zeppelin Games).atr
Centipede (198x)(Atari)[5200].xex
Choplifter XE.xex
Clowns & Balloons (1982)(Datasoft).xex
Commando (2007)(Fandal)[a].xex
Crownland (2007)(Piotr Wisniewski, Adam Powroznik, Mateusz Wisniewski).xex
Crystal Castles XE.xex
Deathchase XE.atr
Dig Dug 5200.xex
Donkey Kong (1983)(Nintendo)[a].xex
Donkey Kong Junior (1983)(Nintendo).xex
Drop Zone (1984)(US Gold).xex
Druid (19xx)(Firebird).xex
Dyna Blaster.xex
Dynakillers unchained.xex
Eidolon, The (1985)(Lucasfilm).atr
Elektra Glide (1985)(English Software Company).atr
Excelsor (1986)(Players).xex
Flowers Mania (XXL)(2006).xex
Frogger (198x)(Sierra On-Line).xex
Frogger 2 - Theeedeep! (19xx)(Parker Bros).xex
Galaxian (1982)(Atari)[a].xex
Galaxian (xxl).xex
Goonies, The (1985)(Datasoft).atr
Great American Cross Country Road Race, The (1985)(Activision).atr
Gremlins (19xx)(-)[m Glenn][5200].xex
Henry's House.xex
High Rise.xex
His Dark Majesty (2010)(Jakub Debski).atr
Hobgoblin (2008)(GR8 Software).xex
Hover Bovver.xex
Ixion (1985)(US Gold).xex
Jet Boot Jack.xex
Joust (1983)(Atari).xex
Jumpman (1983)(Epyx).atr
Jumpman Junior (1983)(Epyx)[a].atr
Jungle Hunt (1982)(Taito).xex
Juno First.xex
Kaboom! (1983)(Activision).xex
Kennedy Approach (1985)(MicroProse).atr
Keystone Kapers.xex
Leaderboard Golf.xex
Line-Up (1994)(New Age).atr
Lords of Conquest - Disk 1.atr
Lords of Conquest - Disk 2.atr
M.U.L.E. (1983)(Electronic Arts).atr
Mario Bros. 2007 (2007)(Nintendo)[a Tebe, Vidol, stRing].xex
Mario Bros. XE.xex
Master of the Lamps (1985)(Activision).atr
Matchboxes (1983)(Broderbund)[a].atr
Megablast I - Prepare to Die (1992)(Torsten Karwoth).atr
Megamania (1983)(Activision).xex
Metagalactic Llamas.xex
Midnight Magic.xex
MIG Alley Ace (1983)(MicroProse)[cr Bubble Soft].xex
Mighty Jill Off.xex
Millipede (1983)(Atari).xex
Missile Command.xex
Montezuma's Revenge! (1983)(Utopia)[k-file].atr
Montezuma's Revenge!.xex
Moon Patrol.xex
Mountain King.xex
Mr. Dig.xex
Mr. Do! (1984)(Datasoft).xex
Mr. Do's Castle (19xx)(Parker Bros)[m Steve & Bruce].xex
Ms. Pac-Man (1983)(Atari).xex
Nibbly (2006)(Tomasz Biela, Hrzysztof Swiecicki).atr
Night Driver (2008)(XXL).xex
One on One (1983)(Electronic Arts)[a].xex
Pac-Man (1982)(Atari).xex
Pengo (1983)(Atari)[a].xex
Pinhead (1982)(Utopia)[a].xex
Pitfall II.xex
Pitstop (1983)(Epyx).xex
Pole Position X+.xex
Q-Bert (1983)(Parker Bros).xex
Qix (1982)(Atari)[5200][k-file].atr
Rally Speedway (1983)(Adventure International).xex
Rebound (1987)(MicroValue).xex
Rescue on Fractalus (1985)(Lucasfilm).atr
Ridiculous Reality.xex
River Raid.xex
River Rescue.xex
Satan's Hollow (1982)(CBS)[m Dusty].xex
Schreckenstein (1985)(Axis)(De).atr
Seafox (disk version).xex
Silent Service (1985)(MicroProse).atr
Space Binvaders.xex
Space Dungeon.xex
Space Eggs.xex
Space Harrier.atr
Space Invaders (1980)(Atari).xex
Spy Hunter.xex
Spy Vs Spy (1984)(First Star Software).atr
Spy Vs Spy - Arctic Antics (1987)(First Star Software)[cr CSS].atr
Spy Vs Spy - The Island Caper (1985)(First Star Software)[cr CSS].atr
Spy's Demise.xex
Super Pacman (1984)(Atari).xex
Superfly 1k+ (2005)(Matthias Luedtke)[m twh].xex
Tapper (1985)(Sega)[cr Phlegm Hacker].xex
Technoid (19xx)(Stan-Bit)(Pl).xex
Tennis (1983)(Atari).xex
The Hunt.xex
Trailblazer (1986)(Gremlin Graphics).xex
Twomaze (19xx)(Frank Ostrowski).xex
Warhawk (1986)(Firebird)(PAL).xex
Wavy Navy.atr
Wizard of Wor (1981)(Roklan).xex
Wloczykij (1993)(L.K. Avalon)(Pl)[cr Mr. Bacardi].xex
Yoomp! (2007)(Eru).xex
Zaxxon (19xx)(Datasoft)[title].xex
Zone Ranger (1984)(Activision).xex

#3529912 Girls Power - Games with female heros

Posted by twh/f2 on Sun Jun 12, 2016 12:20 AM

Mighty Jill Off

#3529335 For the german Atari fans: 6502 assembly workshop 02-Jul-2016 & 03-Jul-2016

Posted by twh/f2 on Sat Jun 11, 2016 8:22 AM

Ha-ha. Brilliant! Wish I could join the meeting.

#3510932 Atari & Arcade toys for kids?

Posted by twh/f2 on Sun May 15, 2016 5:09 AM

Hi Mr.VCS,


q*bert board game is a good one!! Definitively have to get this one day!!


Here is more


Pac-Man ghosts:



Day of the Tentacle:



Toad / Super Mario World:


#3507794 Atari & Arcade toys for kids?

Posted by twh/f2 on Tue May 10, 2016 1:13 PM

Lucky me -- I'm Dad of a "future gamer" .. Since my son was born I like the idea to have him play and grow up with plush toys and symbols of classic Atari / Arcade / 80s toys and stuff.


For instance I like plush toys like the Nintendo Mario, Q*bert, Pacman, Slimer (Ghostbuster) and so on.


What toys / atari 8bit-related stuff (toys, clothes, wallpapers) do you have for your kids?