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#4110253 Atari compatible hardware eclaireXL, in mini form.

Posted by santosp on Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:45 PM

The HDMI connector used also as DVI video output. The VGA connector it will act as VGA 31Khz, Scart / VGA 15Khz and S video with the addition of an additive board, placed in expansion port behind it.

#4105226 Atari compatible hardware eclaireXL, in mini form.

Posted by santosp on Mon Sep 3, 2018 9:39 PM

2 more devices will be built, one  for Gandor and one for orpheuswaking.

If there is anyone else, let me know with pm.



#4099825 Atari compatible hardware eclaireXL, in mini form.

Posted by santosp on Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:35 PM

i am also interested

Thank you Nir.

I will sent you pm later.

In the meantime your videos on youtube are great! :)


does it come complete? and ready to use? - am interested


"Complete" as was described on the initial post on this thread. I not include some enclosure for now because of summer holidays here. After the 1st September I will discuss this with a local craft store. In the mean time if someone have CAD experience as to design one, it will be valuable. :idea:

#4099508 Atari compatible hardware eclaireXL, in mini form.

Posted by santosp on Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:53 PM


As an info, 1 device will prepared for IndusGT! ;)


And a second goes for the Sven.


Thank you Guys.

#4099396 Atari compatible hardware eclaireXL, in mini form.

Posted by santosp on Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:03 AM

If one more member existed to be interested to buy it except the IndusGT, let me know here so I can get in touch with both with details via p.m.

Thanks Panos.


As an info, 1 device will prepared for IndusGT! ;)

#4093815 Atari compatible hardware eclaireXL, in mini form.

Posted by santosp on Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:53 AM



1. 5 Volt power input
2. Power switch
3. HDMI/DVI video out
4. VGA 31kHz, CGA/SCART 15KHz, Composite B/W video out. (Optional with the use of add-on board, in place No13 on picture.)
5. Stereo audio out
6. 2x USB ports for joysticks, keypads etc.
7. SD card
8. Parallel Board Interface - P.B.I
9. Cartridge port
10. 4x Atari 9pin D-Sub ports
11. Serial I/O  - SIO port
12. JTAG port for firmware updates. Initially needed during the production. Later only if board bricked up with some way.
13. Expansion for optional add-on video DAC board, as indicated in row No4.
14. Expansion general purpose for future add-ons.
15. Intel "Cyclone" FPGA, 5CEBA2 or 5CEBA4 model.
16. 1MB SDRAM which support all the known memory expansions for Atari 8-bit.

#4090579 Atari compatible hardware eclaireXL, in mini form.

Posted by santosp on Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:24 AM

How much?


I have not calculated it accurately with today's data... :roll: Another issue is the availability of parts.


It looks great  :thumbsup: .


I was originally thinking of doing something similar with the joystick ports on my 1088XEL project, but was talked out of it because it wouldn't work in a standard Mini-ITX case. Speaking of which, what's the plan for an enclosure?


This is my first priority for now.  I'm thinking of discussing it with a plexiglass processing company. In the end all have to do with the final cost per piece..



Sounds great. But I am wrong or the pictures show a VGA connector?

It is populated here but not connected to anything, it requires an expansion board to support analog video.


I would like to add complementary here, that have to do with a small  2.5 x 2.5 cm PCB,  which will be placed on the white mezzanine connector, behind the blue VGA connector. For me does not add anything of importance to today's data, but  I have already start to design this as a add on for the lovers of the VGA output. :D

#4090039 Atari compatible hardware eclaireXL, in mini form.

Posted by santosp on Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:54 AM

Hi to all. :waving:  

Finally after many pcb redesigns and 3 limited productions in China for developers, the last version of eclaireXL as
mini hardware is a reality. After a year and half with the parts and pcb's to wait in my closet, thanks to foft's help  :thumbsup:  ;) 
it has been possible to built one here local in my house.

Its design and purpose isn't to stand on a mini PC or original Atari enclosure, but in a specialized box. I have plans
to built one in the near future, using as material the plexiglass or 3D print. :idea:

Starting this thread my intention is to share with you its existence through the photos, and not to start a preorder poll.

As it look in photos is a all in one implementation in the smaller possible form. To reduce the cost and the PCB dimension,
I have remove some not so useful / needed functions, which are located on its previous "big brothers". :-D

So we not have here available the audio input, usb2pc serial connection, VGA/15khz Scart / Svideo output, and two other futures
(a oscillator and EDID ic's). The two last parts is only for development whenever it starts. | :)

What we have here is

1. Standard jack for power from a 5 volt PSU.

2. Classic Atari power switch

3. HDMI / DVI video output for monitors or TV's.

4. Ready placed connector with expansion port behind it, for future upgrade to VGA 31Khz, Scart / VGA 15Khz and Svideo outputs.

5. Stereo audio output.

6. 2x USB ports for peripherals like keyboard and joysticks.

7. SD card socket for OS and software. Very soon will be usable only to load software.

8. Classic Atari parallel port.

9. Classic Atari cartridge port.

10. 4 joystick ports from which two support paddles and Atari/Koala tablets.

11. Classic Atari SIO port.

12. JTAG connector for initial firmware programming, or if someone succeed to brick his hardware. Now is possible all the firmware
upgrades to be done within SD card.

13. Second 40 pin miniaturized expansion connector, for any future updates. This connector include all the remain pins of FPGA.

14. 1GB SDRAM which support all the known schemes of Atari memory upgrades.

15. And last but no least the heart who is the Cyclone V -CEBA2 (first version like the earlier eclaireXL models). Just for the history
is possible the placement of the bigger series FPGA -CEBA4, but this will increase the final cost.

I think all these features and the constant efforts to develop by the foft and others, plus what they have done so far,
are enough to keep it here worthily as the Atari most compatible hardware.

Ok enough with me. Enjoy the pictures.




#4032536 FS: Mini-ITX clone Atari XL system (EclaireXL)

Posted by santosp on Tue May 22, 2018 4:17 PM

Hi and from Me! :)


Adding some more "analogue" information, in this little miracle they work...


1. Atari Cassette players, read/write.

2. Atari Floppy Drives read/write.

3. New era SIO devices like SIO2SD, SDRIVE etc....

4. Many many original and home-brew cartridges.

5. Original joysticks, paddles, Atari and Koala pads.

6. On board FTDI ic for direct connection with PC via USB port. Aspeqt program can be used as interface. ;)

7. Ability to write the firmware directly from SD card, if Altera/Intel programmer doesn't exist.


And very soon the Atari OS permanently installed on it flash rom, so no SD card required to boot out of the box! ;)  This is what I call 'A board with Atari Soul".

#4005149 800XL Boots Right To Memory Test

Posted by santosp on Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:21 PM

Have you tried to choose the keyboard option in Diagnostics Menu, and after to check there if the "Option" key have stuck?

#3991554 sio2sd and configurator questions

Posted by santosp on Thu Mar 22, 2018 5:58 PM



#3943947 Developers/testing required for mini-itx clone system - ÉclaireXL

Posted by santosp on Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:03 PM

I never said I like it or not. For me it is a pure matter of respect for the inventor! I personally would never dare to ask him to change the name with which he had painted his creation.

For me it's like asking from da Vinci  to rename his Mona Lisa.  :(

Of course this is my point of view.

#3941166 Create and burn eproms for standard Jaguar 2 chip cartridges

Posted by santosp on Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:53 PM

Install Win hex editor full version.
Load .jag or .j64 rom file
Go to "Edit" > "Modify Data" > Check "Reverse byte order" > Check 2 in "bytes" field > Save changes in the initial rom.
Go to "Tools" > "File Tools" > "Dissect" > "Wordwise (16_bit)" 
Name the new files 1st one as "U2" and 2nd one as "U1"
That's it! Burn your new files into 2 eproms, and place each one in the correct position. U1 to U1 etc....

#3937483 Developers/testing required for mini-itx clone system - ÉclaireXL

Posted by santosp on Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:55 AM

Well we could rename/number it, any suggestions?

:thumbsdown:  :thumbsdown:  :thumbsdown:  :thumbsdown:  :thumbsdown:  :thumbsdown:

Yes I suggest to call it eclaireXL.

#3933810 SOLD Atari 800XL PAL

Posted by santosp on Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:19 PM


Atari 800XL vintage PAL color computer, in excellent cosmetic and working condition. Machine has been cleaned, recapped with new capacitors, and tested that joys, cartridge, SIO and Parallel expansion ports is working.

Has a little yellowing at the bottom panel front. See picture.


Price is 90$ plus 40$ shipping worldwide.




20170816_090840-1600.jpg  20170816_090846-1600.jpg  20170816_090850-1600.jpg  20170816_090903-1600.jpg  20170816_090916-1600.jpg  20170816_090935-1600.jpg  20170816_090952-1600.jpg  20170816_091017-1600.jpg