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#3842546 Developers/testing required for mini-itx clone system - ÉclaireXL

Posted by santosp on Thu Sep 7, 2017 4:06 AM

Thanks for the photo's  Stephen!  :)  :thumbsup:

Its Great.

#3840152 eclaire XL P.C.B. aka "Atari on FPGA project"

Posted by santosp on Sun Sep 3, 2017 3:19 AM


I am in prototyping stage for now, ready to order parts and pcb's as to check if this is possible to build by me.  :)


So assuming that all will go well, I have started to think about a economic enclosure. Have in my mind something like lotharek Mist's Plexiglas construction, with a back light below. 

I think a smoked -or something- plexi would look better than the crystal clear of Mist. I don't like to see the internal parts of board so clear in my eyes. But this is my opinion on this, and maybe is better to look exact like the Mist.


I think the Plexiglas option, is the only way to have something economic as for the cost.



#3837546 eclaire XL P.C.B. aka "Atari on FPGA project"

Posted by santosp on Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:22 AM


Will the new "all in one" form PCB include 4 joystick ports?

Yes why not? The same thing exist many time now at the second batch of developers boards. FPGA and digital switches are there in all the cases, so isn't problem to route also the two more joy ports.

But it save me some pennies to not include the d-sub connectors on board! ;)  Now if in the future  someone need this, and Mark add the fire function also, :P  then with some simple soldering skills this can be added. 

Ending I must inform that paddle and tablet not supported from these two extra ports.

#3837160 eclaire XL P.C.B. aka "Atari on FPGA project"

Posted by santosp on Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:46 PM


You're going to remove VGA?  So it will only have S-video? (or?)


HDMI and DVI-D. 

The S-Video it can be possible via the same VGA video expansion board within a specific decoder of Analog Devices, but is not in first line for now. In fact I check the options for a enclosure for this.

#3837069 eclaire XL P.C.B. aka "Atari on FPGA project"

Posted by santosp on Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:01 AM

Given the opportunity I want to mention here, that for some days now I'm planning a new version of eclaireXL, based on MIST model.
I speak for the same Atari 8-bit project, but in a new "all in one" form PCB, smaller than the original version. In this, I try hard to limit the final cost per board, but not at the expense of the original idea.
The sure is that it will be for a standalone free form board, with some bells and whistles (useful only in developers) removed. The same apply for the obsolete VGA video output, plus the two more joystick ports.
Of course I have predicted for the footprints and an expansion connector to be available there, in case who someone will need to add them in the future.

#3836864 eclaire XL P.C.B. aka "Atari on FPGA project"

Posted by santosp on Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:11 AM

Hi Larry.

The eclaireXL try to become the most complete and compatible Atari 8-bit computer, in an FPGA form.  Regard to this I dare to say that is in good way!

Saying all the aboves, I not mean that if someone would like to compile the cores of MIST on this, will not work. But need someone to do it, and unfortunately there is not light on tunnel....


In this point I must to mention the great efforts of Mark on development, which look as "one man show" till today!  :thumbsup:

#3831089 Need source of 8-bit cart shells

Posted by santosp on Sun Aug 20, 2017 9:30 AM

Albert wrote: Preferably the shells would work with standard Atari-shaped PCBs.


AtariMax cartridge enclosure have totally different PCB shape than the original Atari one.

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#3830967 1088XEL Alternative Mother-Board Project

Posted by santosp on Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:32 AM

Looking on this project from time to time, I am asked how much it would cost completed in a case, with all the bell and whistles :-D  :-D  -till now- for the potential builder?

#3829037 SOLD OUT Skunkboard Empty PCB's

Posted by santosp on Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:49 PM


Hi.  :)

I place here for sale new never used remain PCB's, as they look empty


Cost for each one is 1$ and I prefer to sell in dozens. -Pack of ten-

Shipping as simple parcel w/o track is 3$ to 4$ worldwide.


Thank you.




#3781350 Modern day "tulip mania" with 1200XLs on eBay today

Posted by santosp on Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:51 AM

My opinion on the subject.  :)


Before some time ago, a good friend here exchanged with me one of his 1200XLs for a full modified PAL 800XL.


It was a stock NTSC computer with some ancient -very bad- ram modification, who from what I remember it made me very difficult to find some information's  how to get it back to its  original condition.


After that I did a fully recap, fresh heat conducting paste on the regulators, keyboard restore according the guide of "retrobits", and convert it to a complete PAL computer using the kit which sells the Dropchek on her website.


In an effort to make it a more complete machine, I added the "Ultimate 1MB" and an old "VBXE" that I bought directly from the author, and it had remained for many years in my closet.


Eventually when all this craze passed me, this 1200XL is sitting on my closet for a very long time, because look to me more practical to use my modified 600XL for all my daily needs.

And this, before the arrival of smaller "all in one" FPGA's....

#3781329 Ultimate Atari Cart (Electrotrains) PURCHASE Thread

Posted by santosp on Sun Jun 11, 2017 12:52 AM

Were these recent runs built off the original 1.0 pcb or the update (mine was from santosp) with the different horizontal connector?


Having a hard time finding a case for the horizontal layout connector..




Here although I don't know the total cost.



#3780555 Developers/testing required for mini-itx clone system - ÉclaireXL

Posted by santosp on Sat Jun 10, 2017 2:43 AM

Well for just getting HDMI we should build a solution for GTIA, like Sophia. I was wondering about using one of the tiny 36 pin MAX10 chips for that. I think it should also drive the Atari clock, since that will need adjusting for compatible HDMI.


After this announcement I can see only "possibilities" for the 1088XEL!!!!   ;)  :thumbsup:

#3778469 Developers/testing required for mini-itx clone system - ÉclaireXL

Posted by santosp on Wed Jun 7, 2017 4:34 PM

In fact to tell you the truth if the ÉclaireXL had been announced at the beginning of this year or earlier, there never would have been a 1088XEL, because quite frankly it would have knocked the wind out of my sails to do so.


- Michael


Hi Michael. 


Believe it or not,  the design of eclaireXL as is now in both versions, never started as a project. Just happened....

Just happened from my need to have an Atari in ITX case form on my desk, capable to share my VGA/DVI PC monitor. Then it was when I saw for first time what foft had started back in 2013. I came in contact with him, tried and failed to assemble one of his prototype boards, and the rest is just history....


At that moment neither me I knew about your project. I don't remember if foft or rdea6  they made me know later.


Though never in the past have done some comparison between these, I see from time to time members to do that. Ok maybe this to be the nature of things, because both projects have a similar objective.

Among them I do not see better or worse, but two different efforts. And that's what counts! :thumbsup:  


I think that both tries have left their mark in the newer Atari era, with yours to be more feasible and attractive as construction for the DIY Atari user. At the end everyone have some Atari 8-bit computer to extract and use the custom ic's.

EclaireXL will be remain for the fewer because of its high built cost even in 100 or 200 pieces, except of course if someone start to make some thousands...  ;-)  Or a kick-starter project adding some specialized plastic ITX case and maybe a WASD keyboard? :?


I hope this last (keyboard) to come soon thanks to efforts of 917k!  ;)



#3774110 Developers/testing required for mini-itx clone system - ÉclaireXL

Posted by santosp on Thu Jun 1, 2017 11:52 AM

Fantastic project Panos  :)


Thank you Nigel. :thumbsup:   Excellence also they go to Mark and the rest of development team.  :)


Are you planning to adopt other cores than Atari, like MiST?


Although this board designed exclusively for the Atari 8-bit computers, looking at it now from another angle, YES with a so powerful hardware this is a great idea!  ;)

#3768619 Developers/testing required for mini-itx clone system - ÉclaireXL

Posted by santosp on Wed May 24, 2017 12:56 PM

Last moment it turned out to be available one more board from the new batch. If someone want to buy it,  contact me within  p.m.   :)

Cost is 240$ + shipping.



Sold now.  :thumbsup: