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FS: Jaguar Special PCB's

Sun Mar 10, 2019 3:21 PM

Hello.  :)
Before some time ago, I was design and built some prototype printed circuit boards, for the Jaguar.
The special thing with them, is that they can handle 2 different games up to 2mb each. Of course can store the settings and progress of each game, independently.
The transition between the 2 games, is made possible by the presence of a microswitch on the side of the board.
Because as I said is in prototype stage, I have make some corrections on pcb, which have to do mainly with the serial eeprom.
You can see these on the pictures below.
Otherwise, the pcb has the exact dimensions of the original, and it applies perfectly to the plastic shell of the cartridge.
So I have some pieces available for sale, for 10$ each.
Shipping cost as simple mail w/o track, will be 2$ more.
Each of them comes altered, including 2 new genuine ISSI serial eeproms, resistor, smd caps, and a microswitch.
The new owner will have to buy, program, and solder only 2 new eproms 27C160 type.
I will glad to answer in any questions.. ;)
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Atari compatible hardware eclaireXL, in mini form.

Sun Aug 12, 2018 10:54 AM

Hi to all. :waving:  

Finally after many pcb redesigns and 3 limited productions in China for developers, the last version of eclaireXL as
mini hardware is a reality. After a year and half with the parts and pcb's to wait in my closet, thanks to foft's help  :thumbsup:  ;) 
it has been possible to built one here local in my house.

Its design and purpose isn't to stand on a mini PC or original Atari enclosure, but in a specialized box. I have plans
to built one in the near future, using as material the plexiglass or 3D print. :idea:

Starting this thread my intention is to share with you its existence through the photos, and not to start a preorder poll.

As it look in photos is a all in one implementation in the smaller possible form. To reduce the cost and the PCB dimension,
I have remove some not so useful / needed functions, which are located on its previous "big brothers". :-D

So we not have here available the audio input, usb2pc serial connection, VGA/15khz Scart / Svideo output, and two other futures
(a oscillator and EDID ic's). The two last parts is only for development whenever it starts. | :)

What we have here is

1. Standard jack for power from a 5 volt PSU.

2. Classic Atari power switch

3. HDMI / DVI video output for monitors or TV's.

4. Ready placed connector with expansion port behind it, for future upgrade to VGA 31Khz, Scart / VGA 15Khz and Svideo outputs.

5. Stereo audio output.

6. 2x USB ports for peripherals like keyboard and joysticks.

7. SD card socket for OS and software. Very soon will be usable only to load software.

8. Classic Atari parallel port.

9. Classic Atari cartridge port.

10. 4 joystick ports from which two support paddles and Atari/Koala tablets.

11. Classic Atari SIO port.

12. JTAG connector for initial firmware programming, or if someone succeed to brick his hardware. Now is possible all the firmware
upgrades to be done within SD card.

13. Second 40 pin miniaturized expansion connector, for any future updates. This connector include all the remain pins of FPGA.

14. 1GB SDRAM which support all the known schemes of Atari memory upgrades.

15. And last but no least the heart who is the Cyclone V -CEBA2 (first version like the earlier eclaireXL models). Just for the history
is possible the placement of the bigger series FPGA -CEBA4, but this will increase the final cost.

I think all these features and the constant efforts to develop by the foft and others, plus what they have done so far,
are enough to keep it here worthily as the Atari most compatible hardware.

Ok enough with me. Enjoy the pictures.




Super SpartaDOS PCB's

Sun Jun 3, 2018 9:34 PM

Hello. :)

Looking in my chest, I found some rest of pcb's from an old project here, the Super SpartaDOS cartridge.

So I have 22 pieces for 1$ each plus shipping.


I can sell these in batch of 5 pieces for 5$, or all together for 20$ plus shipping cost. Shipping as simple post will be 3 to 6$



Thank you Panos