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dragging through the retro streets at dawn > 7800basic tutorial - sprite and tile interactions

Posted 17 May 2015

checking sprite and tile "collisions"

The 7800 has 2 types of display objects, sprites and character/tile graphics. Usually a game's display is made up of tiles for the background, and sprites for the moving objects.

As a game designer, at some point you'll probably want to check which tile(s) your game sprites are moving over, or about to move over. M...

dragging through the retro streets at dawn > Salvo, update #3. challenge accepted, humanoid saved

Posted 26 July 2014

For a while my time has been occupied with work and 7800basic updates, but in recently days I've managed to squeeze in some Salvo updates.

Gameplay additions include:
Humanoids to save. The enemies shots don't kill the humanoids, but if the enemies touch the humanoid it will die. By running over the humanoid he'll follow you for the rest of the level, so...

dragging through the retro streets at dawn > Salvo 2085, update #2. News, Fireworks, and Dog Food.

Posted 21 April 2014


If you don't want to read the wall of text here, there's really there's just one update here: PAC-MAN-RED has kindly signed on for working on the graphics for Salvo 2085. The visuals in the final version should be top notch! :)

I thought I'd also take this opportunity to share some behind-the-scenes stuff, for those of you that like reading abo...

dragging through the retro streets at dawn > Salvo 2085, a 7800basic WIP game, update #1

Posted 17 April 2014

Between working on 7800basic, recent MESS updates, and a few side projects, I've been also working on a 7800basic game thats an update to the old classic, Crossfire .
In its current state its a bit rough, with programmer graphics, preliminary sound effects, and just a few essential stats on a plain scoreboard. On the plus side its playable, the dif...

dragging through the retro streets at dawn > 7800basic update #3. the woods are lovely, dark and deep

Posted 28 February 2014

The 7800basic 0.1 beta is now public .

It's possible to create games with 7800basic, but it's by no means finished. I figured I'd share some of the features I have planned, in no particular order...
some mechanism to fill those pesky DMA holes that I mentioned in the last blog entry. This isn't a particularly sexy feature, but not wasting 2k/4k of space...