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In Topic: 7800basic beta, the release thread

Yesterday, 7:43 PM

No I got those issues sorted. Currently working on bank switching at the moment.

In Topic: Frame Flipping/Blending more Color Trick

Yesterday, 2:28 PM

My thread also details a method of designing super IRG characters for the 7800 using ny ICE font editor in Altirra and making png screen captures. Have a look and see if this is of use to you.

In Topic: Looking for 7800 programmer to assist porting a game

Yesterday, 2:19 PM

In theory it is possible to change registers but you don't want to do it too often as it will eat into your game cycles.

In Topic: Frame Flipping/Blending more Color Trick

Yesterday, 2:05 PM

I have used this effect in my Sky Scraper 2115 project. In 160A mode it behaves very much like Antic 4 on Atari 8 bit. 10 colors per character, plus you can use 7 other palettes to get more colors.

I also did this in 320B mode. This is a 320 pixel res mode which allows 3 colors plus BG per palette. To get all the colors you have to turn on Kangaroo mode but I used this to get 10 colors on the title screen.

Using this in 160B mode (12 colors plus BG) will get 91 colors. Again, likely only of use in title screens and static displays.

In Topic: Altirra 2.90 released

Sat Nov 4, 2017 2:18 PM

I would like to see an emulation of Sophia ... I.e. independently programmable text color in Antic 2, 16 lumas in non GTIA mode, and no Graphics 10 shift.