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Atari 130XE, 1050 US Dblr, XF551 DS/DD, Avatex 2400 Updated 22 Aug · 0 comments

About Me

I'm a former (and current) Atari 8-Bit user from the 1985 - 1993 era. My current setup consists of:

- 1 Atari 65XE 64K 8-Bit Computer
- 2 Atari 130XE 128K 8-Bit Computers
- 1 Atari 130XE 1088K 8-Bit Computer
- 3 Atari 1050 SS/ED Disk Drives 127K (dual density)
- 2 Atari 1050 SS/DD Disk Drives w/US Doublers 180K (double density)
- 2 Atari XF551 DS/DD Disk Drives 360K (double density)
- 3 Atari 850 Interfaces (4 RS232 ports)
- 2 ICD P:R: Connections (2 RS232 ports for telecommunications & 1 printer port)
- Atari SX212 1200 Baud Modem - Hayes Compatible
- Avatex 2400 Baud Modem - Hayes Compatible
- 2 Lantronix UDS-10 Serial Devices (RS232 telnet modem)
- 1 Lantronix UDS-1100 Serial Device (RS232 telnet modem)

[Older news] I used to have the 1 MB RAMdisk on my original 130XE, but it doesn't work anymore. I need an old-skool tech to look at it and repair it on the circuit board. The RAM chips are 'piggy-backed' 3-high on the board itself. My friend (Lord Halfax) back in the day installed this intricate upgrade.
[Update Jan. 2012> Fixed! MEtalGuy66 got me back up and running with the 1088K. Kudos to him.]

[Current] I ran YYZ BBS back in '86 - '87 (located in Chattanooga, TN). YYZ BBS had 1 MB RAMdisk in the 130XE for fast operation and file transfers, 2 disk drives (of the which 1 was the DS/DD XF551 drive for more storage accessibility), XM301 300 baud modem, next, Atari SX212 1200 baud modem, after that, went to Avatex 1200 modem, using BBS Express!, SpartaDOS, and me, Lord Cygnus, as the SYSOP! What a blast.
Now you can log on YYZ BBS running on a real Atari 65XE, AtariMax SIO2PC + APE, Oasis BBS software, and RealDos 1.0a -- Telnet: yyzbbs.no-ip.org:65


[Latest addition] 8-Bit Guild BBS running on a genuine Atari 130XE, 3 1050 disk drives, Atari 850 interface, and Lantronix UDS-10 serial device for telnet.  This nostalgic project is running the original BBS Express! 1.0 and SpartaDos 2.3e.  Call it at: 8bitguild.no-ip.org:130

I was a BBS junkie. My addiction was dialing up BBS's locally and nationwide exchanging messages and software. It was great fun. I miss those days! :(

/|\tari Rulz!

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