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Austin's Blog > Marty refuses to leave.

Posted 02 May 2016

Well, it looks like I won't be parting with the FM TOWNS Marty after all. I officially sold it (i.e., received payment for it) last Tuesday. I streamed it Thursday night afterwards and then went to record last-minute game footage Friday night before shipping it out, only to find that the discs refused to spin. I dug into the unit and could only surmise it...

Austin's Blog > '13 Castlevania Let's Play Marathon

Posted 02 November 2013

During the early fall season (and October in particular), I like to cover a lot of Castlevania content for my YouTube channel. This year I decided to focus on Let's Plays in particular, and as a result I stormed through 11 Castlevania titles from start to finish. Which titles were they in particular? Well: Castlevania (NES), Castlevania II: Simon's Quest...

Austin's Blog > Neo-Geo X Gold Limited Edition: Unboxing, First Impressions, and Review

Posted 24 May 2013

Unboxing, first impressions, and an overall review of the Neo-Geo X Gold: Limited Edition package. Six months after its launch at a discounted price, is this retro homage worth checking out? http://youtu.be/XK8t0L-05vU(Link )

Austin's Blog > Let's Play Tempest 2000!

Posted 18 January 2013

A play session of Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar. Watch me have a great run, then slam right into a brick wall at Level 64!(warning: there will   be cursing towards the end of this video) (link )

Austin's Blog > Let's Play the Adventures of Batman & Robin!

Posted 30 September 2012

The Adventures of Batman & Robin was a fairly late release in the Sega Genesisís life cycle, and while it seemed to garner decent reviews at the time, I wasnít aware of anyone that really knew all that much about it. Even still, to this day it remains a relatively unknown (and...