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FS: Something for everyone? 15% all prices til the 1st!

Sat Nov 22, 2014 9:01 PM

ADDED SOME CIB NES AND OTHER PS1 goodies  DS cases empty
$4 DK Country 2 GBA for display only unfolded box
$2 Halo 2 launch sticker
$2 DS Empty Case from Nintendo

$15 TMNT Tournament Fighters CB

$23 PS1 Collector's Edition Kids Pack 3 CIB games included

$12 Brain Dead  disc only
$7 Blasto disc only
$14 Crash Bandicoot GH  disc only
$4 Broken Helix disc only
$9 Blast Lacrosse disc only
$12 Bomberman Fantasy Race disc only

$10 Sachen Famicom Mahjong CB
$2 Mega Drive Japanese game cart only
$2 world cup 94 soccer cart only
$6  The Tick cart only

$10 PS1 Board Game Shop CIB
$10 PS1 Bloody Roar II CIB
$14 PS1 Legacy of Kain CIB
$3 PS1Bob the Builder CIB
$5 PS1 Bogey Dead Six CIB
$12 PS1 Crash Bandicoot 2 GH CIB
$12 PS1 Crash Bandicoot Warped GH CIB
$12 PS1 Crash Bandicoot Warped CE CIB
$12 PS1 Crash Bandicoot Warped Holgram label CIB
$10 PS1 Crash Team Racing GH CIB
$12 PS1 Crash Bash CE CIB
$12 PS1 Crash Bash GH CIB

$4 PS1 Bowling CIB SOLD
$4 PS1 Boxing CIB SOLD
$4 PS1 Bombing Islands CIB SOLD
$22 PS1 Broken Sword CIB SOLD
$10 PS1 Bomberman World CIB
$6 PS1 Blockout CIB
$10 PS1 Blazing Dragons CIB
$6 PS1 Blaster Master CIB SOLD
$18  PS1 Broken Sword II CIB SOLD
$4 PS1 Bravo Air Race CIB

HERE IS POST #1 (NES KOEI and others)
$8 Gadius Manual
$3 Desert Commander Manual SOLD
$4 Rampage Manual SOLD
$10 The Krion Conquest Manual
$40 Gemfire Manual
$40 Gemfire Map
$10 Bandit Kings of Ancient China Manual
$10 Mach Rider Manual
$7 Captain America Manual

$10 Adventures of Lolo Cart
$20 Mega Man 2 PAL Cart
$35 Baby Boomer Cart SOLD
$25 Lan Master Cart
$5 Athena Cart
$8 Barbie Cart
$8 Talespin PAL Cart

HERE IS POST #5 PS1 (parasite eve 1 & 2 gekioh GTA Spyro res evil ogre battle and more)
$10 RPG Maker CIB SOLD
$14 Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI CIB (case has some weird fading but hte insert looks fine) SOLD
$16 Resident Evil 2 GH CIB now with dual shock support
$30 Raystorm CIB SOLD
$20 Resident Evil Survivor CIB SOLD
$15 Resident Evil 2 CIB SOLD
$10 Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV small case variant CIB SOLD
$15 Power Rangers Zeo Full Tilt Battle Pinball (RARE) CIB
$20 Resident Evil Directors Cut CIB
$18 Resident Evil 3 CIB SOLD
$22 Resident Evil 3 w/ dino crisis demo CIB SOLD
$16 Resident Evil Directors Cut GH CIB

$7 South Park CIB SOLD
$5 South Park Chefs Luv Shack CIB SOLD
$6 Steel Reign CIB
$2 Superbike 2000 CIB SOLD
$2 Super Bubble Pop CIB SOLD
$15 Spyro the Dragon CIB SOLD
$2 Toca Championship Racing CIB
$18 Tom and Jerry CIB
$16 Soul Blade GH CIB
$5 Steel Harbinger CIB SOLD
$2 EA Sports Superbike CIB
$2 Soviet Strike GH CIB

$2 Soviet Strike CIB SOLD
$4 Space Jam CIB SOLD
$5 Street Sk8er CIB
$4 Street Racquetball CIB SOLD
$4 Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace CIB
$15 Spyro 2 CIB SOLD
$14 Spyro 2 GH CIB SOLD
$4 Star Wars Episode 1 Jedi Power Battles GH CIB
$15 Spyro the Dragon CE CIB SOLD
$18 Spryo Year of the Dragon CIB Halogram label SOLD
$16 Syro 2 CE CIB SOLD
$6 Star Wars Rebel Assault II CIB

$5 Street Racer CIB SOLD
$4 Streak Hoverboard Racing CIB
$2 Spec Ops Airborne Commando CIB
$10 The Flintstones Bedrock Bowling CIB
$3 Battletank Global Assault CIB
$2 Spec Ops Covert Assault CIB
$5 The Next Tetris CIB
$4 Stuart Little  CIB SOLD
$2 Spec Ops Stealth Patrol CIB SOLD
$4 Spice World CIB SOLD
$2 Battlestations CIB SOLD
$3 Spec Ops Ranger Elite Factory Sealed Cracked case SOLD


$Madden 97 SOLD
$12 Spankys Quest SOLD
$Championship Soccer 94
$40 Kirbys Dream Land 3 (dirty label) SOLD
$10 Top Gear 2 SOLD
$30 Ultima the Black Gate SOLD
$50 King of Dragons SOLD
$10 Simant SOLD
$WWF Royal Rumble
$Super Troll Islands SOLD

PS1 games for sale

Sat Nov 22, 2014 9:00 PM

HERE IS POST #4 (monster rancher 2 CIB Fox Hunt CIB)
$3 MLB 2001 CIB
$3 MLB 2000 CIB
$8 Aladdin Nasiras Revenge CIB
$10 MLB Pennant Race CIB
$2 MLB 2002 CIB
$10 Mobile Light Force CIB
$20 Monkey Magic CIB
$4 Air Hockey CIB SOLD
$3 Action Bass CIB
$4 Monopoly CIB
$6 Action Man Operation Extreme CIB
$3 Activision Classic Games GH CIB
$5 Air Combat GH CIB
$6 Agile Warrior F-IIIX CIB
$2 Adidas Power Soccer 98 CIB

$2 ECW Anarchy Rules IB NO DISC
$5 ECW Hardcore Revolution CIB
$4 All Star Slammin B Ball CIB
$2 All Star Racing CIB
$8 Alien Resurrection CIB
$5 Miss Spiders Tea Party CIB
$5 Miracle Space Race CIB
$3 Andretti Racing CIB
$5 Amazing Virtual Sea Monkeys CIB
$2 American Pool CIB
$5 007 Racing CE CIB
$2 007 Racing IB NO DISC
$6 Missile Command CIB
$50 Adventures of the Lomax CIB
$65 Fox Hunt CIB

$2 Armorines Project Swarm IB NO DISC
$12 Armored Core Master of Arena CIB
$4 Army Men Air Attack 2 CIB
$2 Army Men Air Attack CIB
$8 Duke Nukem Time to Kill CIB
$7 Dirver 1 and 2 GH CIB
$6 Dukes of Hazzard GH CIB
$7 Dukes of Hazzard II CIB
$4 Eagle One Harrier Attack CIB

$18 Electronics Arts CE CIB (sled storm, need for speed III, nascar rumble)
$12 Ace Combat 2 CIB
$12 Ace Combat 3 CIB
$3 MLB 98 CIB
$2 Monster Rancher Battle Card Episode II IB NO DISC
$7 Army Men Green Rogue CIB
$8 Army Men Sarges Heroes CIB
$2 007 Tomorrow Never Dies GH IB NO DISC
$2 Army Men World War CIB
$5 Army Men Sarges Heroes 2 CIB
$2 007 World is not enough GH IB NO DISC
$4 1xtreme (tear on cover) CIB
$6 3xtreme CIB
$4 2xtreme GH CIB
$4 2xtreme CIB

$4 MLB 2004 factory sealed (tear in plastic)
$4 Eliminator CIB
$3 Andreti Racing GH CIB
$4 Animaniacs Ten Pin Alley CIB
$5 MLB 2005 factory sealed
$15 Ape Escape CIB
$10 Epidemic CIB
$4 Elmos Number Journey CIB
$5 Motor Toon Grand Prix CIB
$4 Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub Zero IB NO DISC
$14 Mortal Kombat Trilogy GH CIB
$3 Mortal Kombat Trilogy IB NO DISC
$4 Emperors New Groove IB NO DISC
$4 Monsters Inc GH CIB (disc might be notgh?)
$4 Mortal Kombat Special Forces IB NO DISC

$3 Motocross Mania CIB
$3 Motocross Mania 2 CIB
$10 Motorhead CIB
$3 Moto Racer 2 CIB
$10 Moto Racer CIB
$3 Ape Escape GH IB NO DISC
$3 Arcade Party Pack CIB
$8 Equestrian Showcase CIB
$12 Midway Arcade Greatest Hits Atari Collection 2 CIB
$10 MIdway Arcade Greatest Hits Atari Collection 1 CIB
$5 E.T. Interplanetary Mission CIB
$24 Monster Rancher 2 CIB
$17 Mr Driller CIB
$2 Men In Black CIB
$2 Eternal Eyes CIB

HERE IS POST #3 (tron bonne, team buddies, persona 2, tomba's????)
$15 Chrono Cross CIB
$100 Persona CIB very very nice!
$75 Persona 2 CIB very very nice!
$60 Strider 2 CIB
$55 Tomba CIB
$75 Tomba 2 CIB
$65 Klonoa CIB SOLD
$40 Rhapsody a Musical Adventure CIB
$90 Tail Concerto CIB

$45 Bust A Move 2 (small box) CIB
$11 Bust a Move4 CIB
$8 Bust a Move 99 CIB
$45 Dragon Warrior VII CIB
$40 Dragon Seeds CIB
$6 Dragon Tales CIB
$25 Dragon Valor CIB
$50 Brave Fencer Musashi CIB

$30 Saga Frontier CIB
$21 Saga Frontier 2 CIB
$40 Silouette Mirage CIB
$45 Skull Monkeys CIB
$6 Phix CIB SOLD
$60 Kings Field II CIB
$30 Threads of Fate CIB
$65 Thousand Arms CIB

$5 Namco 1 GH CIB
$20 Namco 2 CIB
$5 Namco 3 CIB
$5 Namco 3 GH CIB 
$45 Namco 4 CIB
$50 Namco 5 CIB
$50 Bust a Groove CIB
$8 Rising Zan CIB

$35 Elemental Gearbolt disc only
$30 Azure Dreams disc only
$175 tron bonne disc only
$50 tactics ogre disc only
$30 Thunder Force V disc only
$35 Clock Tower disc and manual
$85 Team Buddies disc and insert
$10 Chrono Cross disc and inserts no manual

$19 Mega Man X4
$5 Mega Man X4 homemade
$15 Mega Man 8
$18 Mega Man X5
$30 Mega Man Legends no manual
$225 Mega Man legends 2 factory sealed nice!

$5 Mega Man x4 homemade?  needs to have  a modded ps1  looks sweet

top spine of mega man legends 2 sealed!


$125 Tales of Destiny very nice no outside inserts!

$25 Legend of Dragoon CIB SOLD
$50 Rival School CIB
$12 Gaunlet Legends CIB
$20 Strikers 1945 CIB SOLD
$20 Strikers 1945 CIB
$18 Tobal No 1 CIB w/ final fantasy vii demo
$8 Fighter Maker CIB
$8 Tecmo Stacker CIB
$5 Strike Point CIB
$22 Tecmos Deception CIB
$12 Metal Gear Solid VR Missions CIB
$30 Legend of Mana CIB

$8 Vanishing Point CIB
$40 Hogs of War CIB
$40 Hogs of War CIB
$45 Castlevania Symphony of the Night GH CIB
$55 Castlevania Chronicles CIB
$17 Batman & Robin CIB
$7 Boombots CIB
$15 Bloody Roar CIB
$15 Vanark CIB
$50 Vandal Hearts II CIB SOLD
$8 Gallop Racer CIB
$45 Hercs Adventure CIB (plays great rough case and surface scratches)

$45 Vanguard Bandits CIB (no lunar demo)
$18 Metal Gear Solid CIB
$15 Metal Gear Solid GH CIB
$125 Valkyrie Profile CIB
$28 Vandal Hearts CIB SOLD
$25 Alundra 2 CIB
$30 Kartia CIB
$125 Brigadine CIB
$35 Legend of Legaia CIB
$85 Tales of Destiny CIB
$40 Star Ocean CIB SOLD
$20 Legend of Dragoon GH CIB

$6 Batman Beyond CIB
$18 Metal Slug X CIB SOLD
$35 Ehrgeiz CIB
$45 Intelligent Cube CIB

$20 Final Fantasy Origins GH SEALED
$40 Final Fantasy VIII GH SEALED
$12 Final Fantasy Anthology GH SEALED
$28 Final Fantasy VII CIB
$15 Final Fantasy IX GH CIB
$15 Final Fantasy Tactics GH CIB
$15 Final Fantasy Chronicles GH CIB

$60 Jojos Bizarre Adventure CIB
$7 Destrega CIB
$17 King of Fighter 95 CIB
$24 Darkstalkers 3 CIB
$14 Dragonball Z Final Bout (Atari) CIB
$20 Dynasty Warriors CIB
$45 Marvel vs Capcom CIB
$12 Street Fighter Alpha 3 CIB
$22 Jurassic Park Warpath CIB
$10 Inuyasha CIB
$12 Bushido Blade CIB
$5 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Iron Blood CIB

$50 Lunar 2 boxed NO MAP, No lunar demo for brigadine but very nice

$7 Tekken 2 CIB
$10 Evil Zone CIB
$35 Ehrgeiz CIB
$10 Soul Blade CIB
$15 Xmen Mutant Academy 2 CIB SOLD
$15 Eggs of Steel Manual cover only no instructions ex rental only game from atlus! includes the back insert and disc as well
$6 Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 CIB SOLD
$12 Gundam Battle Assault CIB SOLD
$75 vEinhander CIB
$10Metal Gear Solid VR Missions CIB
$15 Gundam Assault 2 CIB
$16 Digimon Rumble Arena CIB

No Manuals
$20 Street Fighter Collection
$20 Vagrant Story
$30 Alundra
$45 Kudelka

Interest Check: Nook with case and charger

Fri Nov 14, 2014 4:39 PM

does anyone have  a nook on their christmas shopping list this year?  i have a nice one with a nice case that opens for easy use and a charger..


if interested i can post pics or just pm me and we can work something out..im thinking $75 shipped or pm me an offer?




Almost complete snes cart only set for sale. Some with boxes

Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:50 AM

HERE IS LOT #2 (Lot #3 tomorrow night)
$50 Musya CIB HOLD
$12 Tecmo Super Baseball CB
$35 Bonkers CIB
$12 WWF Super Wrestlemania CIB (w/ macho man poster  lol)
$Madden 98
$Super Soccer Champ

$185 Wild Guns HOLD
$10 Nobungas Ambition
$40 Star Ocean reproduction SOLD
$3 Radical Psycho Machine
$190 3D Super Noahs Ark

10676130_648481011940118_10539114031514010710770_648481018606784_83951437736072610710857_648481015273451_868804234475470 10385496_648481021940117_827724693863253





$185 Breath of Fire II Retranslated limited edition No 18 (w maps and manual in baggies)
$10 The Jungle Book CB
$NFL Quarterback Club CB misc pieces
$75 Phalanax CIB maps etc clean
$18 Waynes World CIB etc
$65 Ogre Battle C 
$40 Dragon Warrior 5 reproduction cart SOLD
$40 Dragonquest I & II reproduction cart  SOLD
$Cyber Spin cart
$125 Merry Christmas & Happy New Years 2011 with all the lights  red gold cart super cool!
$25 Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems C
$15 Sonic Blast Man C

prices do not include a fair shipping (i usually eat some of the expense myself)

I am selling these individually, but
I would accept $550 for all 12.

I will answer pms int he order they come in. No skipping.  If someone before you wants all twelve then that closes this lot and we move on to lot #2

if the price seems whack send me an offer.......!  

Pics below!

10501696_648435135278039_811791916152696983816_648435098611376_24560403867316523 532915_648446361943583_1236270310104338810491135_648446365276916_8683263657217631924797_648446368610249_591397461633218810624623_648446375276915_1515151685595531513672_648446371943582_1377671458974293

Thanks for viewing and stay tuned for the next set of twelve! (when?  soon!

Chris Leach FS Threads filled with limited edition ps2 stuff galore!

Sat Oct 11, 2014 6:14 PM

All Prices may be negotiable:  (always trade for empty nes, snes, atari 2600 or 7800 boxes and Legos new or used)
$7 Headhunter CIB
$8 Gladius CIB
$7 Go Diego Go Safari Rescue CIB
$18 Champions of Norrath GH CIB
$4 Celebrity Deathmatch CIB
$8 Chaos Legion CIB
$10 Clock Tower 3 CIB
$4 Chicken Little IB  inclcudes movie ticket special edition box (no disc)
$10 Chessmaster CIB
$15 Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone CIB
$6 Gravity Games Bike Street Vert Dirt CIB
$6 Goosebumps Horrorland CIB
$7 Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban GH CIB
$7 Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban movie ticket edition CIB
$5 Harry Potter Quidditch Cup CIB
$5 Happy Feet movie ticket edition CIB
$5 Harry Potter Goblet of Fire CIB
$7 Gunclub CIB
$10 MLB 09 the Show (limited edition Sony promotional full copy) factory sealed
$6 Choro Q CIb
$5 Narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe CIB
$5 Haven CIB
$5 Hardhitter Tennis CIB
$8 Guitar Hero Double Pack (I and II) CIB
$7 Grand Prix Challenge
$5 Godfather CIB
$6 Herdy Gerdy CIB
$4 Headhunter Redemption CIB
$25 Godzilla
$6 Goldeneye
$10 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory factory sealed
$10 Guitar Hero factory sealed
$38 Chulip factory sealed
$15 God of War GH factory sealed
$12 Narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe movie ticket edition factory sealed
$28 Capcom Fighting Evolution factory sealed
$18 God of War factory sealed
$8 Guitar Hero encore Rocks the 80's factory sealed
$18 Guilty Gear Isuka factory sealed
$25 Veggie Tales Larry Boy Walmart Exclusive LE factory sealed
$55 Bujingai The Forsaken City factory sealed
$10 Cocoto Fishing Master factory sealed
$10 Harley Davidson Race to Rally factory sealed
$24 Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy factory sealed
$10 Guitar Hero Smash Hits factory sealed
$12 Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law factory sealed
$10 Heatseeker factory sealed
$20 Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 2 factory sealed
$4 Gran Turismo 4 GH CIB
$3 Ultimate Codes Gran Turismo 3
$6 Grant Turismo 4 CIB
$4 Gran Turismo 3 CIB
$5 Gran Turismo 3 NFR CIB
$5 Greztky NHL 06 CIb
$5 Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets CIB
$5 Gretzky NHL 2005 CIB
$4 Hard Rock Casino CIB
$4 City Crisis (city crisis on spine) CIB
$5 Cabelas Big Game Hunter CIB
$5 Cabelas Alaskan Adventures CIB
$10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Chaos Bleeds CIB
$5 Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2005 Adventures CIB
$6 Bully CIB
$4 The Great Escape CIB
$6 Bully GH CIB
$5 Burnout CIB
$6 Castlevania Lament of Innocence CIB
$18 Capcom vs SNK 2 CIB
$4 Casper Spirit Dimensions CIB
$5 Cart Fury Championship Racing  CIB
$6 Carol Vordermans Sudoku CIB
$4 Goblin Commander CIB
$4 Call of Duty 3 CIB
$4 GTC Africa CIB
$4 Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Max'd CIB
$30 Star Ocean Till the End of Time (w/ bonus dvd) factory sealed
$65 Magna Carta Tears of Blood deluxe box edition factory sealed
$10 Madden 2005 collectors edition opened but CIB
$30 The Godfather the Game limited edition factory sealed
$10 Syphon Filter The Omega Strain factory sealed
$65 Ar Tonelico II Melody of Metafalica factory sealed
$15 Grand Theft Auto rockstar double pack (GTA III, GTA vice city) factory sealed
$15 Grand Theft Auto rockstar double pack (GTA liberty city stories, GTA vice city stories) opened but CIB
$10 Socom (w/ headset) opened but CIB
$35 Karaoke Revolution (w/ headset) factory sealed << oops
$25 Digital Hitz Factory (w/ mic and sampler included) factory sealed
$18 Disney Think Fast (w/ 4 buzzers) opened but CIB
$20 Karaoke Revolution volume 3 (w/ microphone) opened but CIB
$10 High School Musical (w/ microphone) factory sealed
$10 Eye Toy Groove (w/ eyetoy) factory sealed
$55 Dragonball Z Budokai 3 limited edition (w/ crystal ball) factory sealed
$18 Mega Man X Collection factory sealed
$40 Mega Man X Command Mission factory sealed
$15 Mega Man anniversary collection opened but CIB
$25 Silent Hill Shattered Memories opened but CIB
$15 Monster Rancher EVO (w/ sealed players cards) opened but CIB
$18 Metal Gear Solid 2 the Document of opened but CIB
$35 Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance gamestop sealed
$12 Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater opened but CIB
$8 Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty GH opened but CIB
$8 Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty opened but CIB
$40 Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence factory sealed
$75 Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga Deluxe Box Set factory sealed
$15 Call of Duty Legacy (COD finest hour, COD 2 big red one) factory sealed
$12 Karaoke Revolution presents American Idol Encore (w/ microphone) factory sealed
$18 Tony Hawks American Wasteland Collector's Edition opened like new
$45 Sopranos Road to Respect Limited Edition factory sealed
$40 Growlanser Heritage of War Limited Edition opened with all the trimmings
$18 King of Fighters Maximum Impact (KOF maximum impact, KOF maximum impact bonus) factory sealed
$25 Batman Rise of Sin Tzu action figure commemorative edition factory sealed
$10 Socom (w/ headset) CIB
$18 Karaoke Revolution presents American Idol (w/ microphone) factory sealed
$85 Growlanser Generations Deluxe factory sealed
Mortal Kombat Armageddon Premium Edition (metal case only)
Final Fantasy XII Collector's Edition (metal case only)
$45 Devil May Cry 5th Anniversary Collection (DMC 1, 2, and 1) factory sealed
$30 Devil May Cry 5th Anniversary Collection (DMC 1, 2, and 3) factory sealed
$20 God Hand opened but CIB
$8 Gungriffon Blaze opened but CIB
$18 Fatal Frame opened but CIB
$18 Fatal Frame opened but CIB
$20 Fatal Frame II opened but CIB
$30 Fatal Frame III the Tormented factory sealed
$8 Guilty Gear X2
$8 Gun opened but CIB
$60 Gradius V (mistake no litho art) factory sealed
$18 HD Loader for PS2 (plays backups) opened but CIB
$30 Test Drive Unlimited (w/ official atari public beta papers) opened but like new
$15 Backyard Footbal 09 (w/ exclusive backyard book) factory sealed
$55 Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 factory sealed
$55 Mortal Kombat Deception premium pack 
$10 Eye Toy Play (w/ eye toy) factory sealed
$25 Mortal Kombat Armageddon premium edition metal case opened but CIB
$150 Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence limited edition factory sealed
$30 Metal Gear Solid the Essentials Collection (metal gear solid, solid 2, solid 3) factory sealed
$35 Medal of Honor collection (MOH frontline, rising sun, european assault) factory sealed
$10 Karaoke Revolution Party (w/ microphone) opened but CIB
$35 Driver Parallel Lines limited edition factory sealed
$12 Get on the Mic (w/ microphone) factory sealed
$12 the Naked Brothers Band the Video Game (w/ microphone) factory sealed
$50 Growlanser Heritage of War limited edition factory sealed
$40 ESA Foundation 3 in 1 Pak (splashdown, atv 2 need for speed hot pursuit 2) factory sealed
$15 Socom (w/ headset) factory sealed
$40 Need for Speed collector Series (underground 1, 2 and most wanted) factory sealed
$10 Boogie (w/ microphone) factory sealed
$40 Harry Potter collection (chamber of secrets, prisoner of azkaban, goblet of fire) factory sealed
$50 Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga Deluxe box set opened but CIB with all the trimmings
$10 Eye toy Antigrav (w/ eye toy) factory sealed
$40 Ar Tonelico Melody of Elemia factory sealed
$10 Eye Toy (camera only) factory sealed accessory
$35 Crash Bandicoot Action Pack (crash tag team, twinsanity, nitro kart) factory sealed
$28 Mark Eckos Getting Up limited edition opened but CIb with all the trimmings
$18 Yanya Caballista (w/ finger board) factory sealed
$18 Yanya Caballista (w/ finger board) factory sealed
$20 Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy (GTA III, GTA vice city, GTA san andreas) factory sealed
$25 Hitman Trilogy (hitman 2 silent assasin, hitman contracts, hitman blood money) factory sealed
$10 Eye Toy 2 Play (w/ eye toy) factory sealed
$8 Sing It (w/ microphone) factory sealed
$15 Eye Toy Kinetic (w/ eye toy) factory sealed
$15 Spider Man 3 Special Edition factory sealed
$35 Ar Tonelica Melody of Elemia factory sealed
$10 Madden 2005 collectors edition opened but CIB
$60 Scarface the World is Yours collectors edition factory sealed
$50 Growlanser Heritage of War factory sealed
$38 Resident Evil the Essentials (RE 4, code veronice, outbreak) factory sealed
$50 The Sopranos Road to Respect limited edition factory sealed
$12 Guitar Hero 3 disc set (GH 1, 2 and rock the 80's) opened but CIB
$8 World Series of Poker factory sealed
$38 Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 opened but CIB with all the trimmings
$65 Ultimate Spider Man limited edition factory sealed
$40 Sakura Wars So Long My Love (includes 3 bonus items) factory sealed
$25 Magan Carta Tears of Blood opened but CIB with all the trimmings
$35 Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Cursed King factory sealed
$25 Grand Theft Auto Sand Andreas Special Edition factory sealed