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FS: Smurfs Save the Day Tapes and Cart

Sun May 24, 2015 8:23 AM



everything you see here $100 shipped.....!  only missing the insert for tape #1

How's ax doing part 2?

Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:42 AM

I miss thegoldenax! I would buy stuff from him and he would buy stuff from me. Life was good! Then he stopped posting anything for sale so now I gotta but my boxes of crap from other peoples!

I gotta be honest. This guy had the best crap to buy from any time. Now that I can't buy from him I'm spending hundreds else where. Sometimes I even buy from those one guys just to get screwed over.

Will he be coming back?

P.s. I started this thread because I didn't get in before the lock last time to ask the same question. I'm not real sure why this thread or even the first thread was ever entered into the marketplace?

Btw. By my stuff? <selfish plug>

Interest check PAL games HES games? CCE anyone?

Sat Apr 4, 2015 8:42 PM

PM ME!  First come first serve.....
 None of the games are shipped with the box protectors I need them for a project
This is NTSC:
 $18 Atari Video Cube
These are all pal format...
$14 Mr T

$5 eddy langfinger der museumsdieb
$5 der kleine boy
$5 die hungrigem frosche
$5 dschungel bar
$5 Der vielfrab
$5 der vielfrab
$5 king arthur
$5 labyrinth
$5 Toms Eierjagd
$5 Landung in der normanie
$5 Landungskommondo
$5 robin hood
$5 wustenschlacht
$5 fuchs & schweinchen schlau
$5 spiderman
$5 die unterwasser bestien

These boxed games may have short or tall carts in them...I didnt open each to check  All are pal
$12 Each Taiwan Cooper games

$8 each Cart Only Hes Activision Games

$25 each HES Pak Specials

10426729_750317658423119_230034027928347$20 each small activision case games
32 in 1 SOLD!

My Golf SOLD!

Enduro SOLD!

Double Dragon SOLD!

California Games SOLD!

Seaquest SOLD!

Freeway SOLD!

Private Eye SOLD!

Super Skateboarding SOLD!

Frogger SOLD!

title match pro wrestling SOLD!
Some of these have sold please for availability.

Interest check. Tandyvision INTV collector please pm me

Mon Mar 30, 2015 12:08 PM

I have a loose intellivison in very nice shape with both controllers great shape!

I also have 21 games all boxed all have both controller inserts and in most cases each box has the cellphone paper inserts with each card and the intelligibility promo booklet that came with each game making them appear to be as cib as possible

The intv in a radioshack tandyvision

Only game I have with only one contr card is Las Vegas poker

Note able from a non collector
Donkey kong
Mission x
Bowling intv
Horse racing intv


Sat Nov 22, 2014 9:01 PM