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ISO: Computer War and 4A Flyer manuals

Yesterday, 1:15 PM

Anyone have the original manuals for the following software? Not looking for scans.... original docs. Thanks!

4/A Flyer
Computer War

Thanks. :)

Red Baron/SPAD XIII docs

Yesterday, 9:48 AM

As seen in the demonstration yesterday at the meting, here is the complete binder of documents Vic Steerup has graciously scanned in for everyone.  It's a bunch.  Almost 100MB of scans.







https://www.dropbox....N docs.zip?dl=0

Bad consoles--Information thread

Yesterday, 12:37 AM

I've got 4 consoles that have the black screamer at startup.... No idea what's going on there, but I am assuming RAM (VRAM/DRAM/SRAM).....

The curious thing is that all 4 consoles worked fine until 2016 at which point they started going down, one by one. I lost one in May, then 3 in the Summer months... then finally the last one went out somewhere in the Fall of that year. I threw away wall warts, installed a UPS, secondary online surge protector, had the electric company check the neutral line coming in to the house.... I even had my computer room put on a completely separate breaker--- last open slot on the bus. When I lost the 4th one, I pretty much disappeared for a while and quit messing with hardware. A dark period that was.

In any case, I have a bunch of consoles sitting wrapped up in newspaper inside a waterproof tote in a cool dark place. As some of you know about me, my technical acumen relating to electronic troubleshooting leaves something to be desired, but I need a Winter project (once all my new games are shipped) and I was considering customizing a motherboard with sockets for all the RAM chips and adding an XB GROM inside the console.

My question is, can we put a bunch of links together here on console modifications, RAM troubleshooting, etc? I want to do something with these consoles, and a chip listing along with some PDFs or older threads dealing with this sort of thing might help me (as well as the next unfortunate son of a bitch who fries all his consoles in the future). The FAQ thread has a couple resources I think--and I know there are some older posts (maybe one by me, I'm not sure) about this kind of thing. I'll start looking and posting what I can find to the thread. Thanks!

TI Video capture/composite/vertical lines

Wed Dec 5, 2018 3:15 AM

So I'm trying something new... I want to capture TI videos without using a camera... Specifically, I have purchased an Easycap device and I'm plugging my TI straight in. The capture is quite responsive, however I have some rather annoying vertical lines all the way across my capture. See picture.

I can kind of deal with it, but it is a bit off-putting when watching the footage back. Is this simply going to happen no matter what, or is there perhaps a syncing issue that can be addressed with resolution settings?

Has anyone tried this before and seen these results?

The Hidden Reef

Tue Dec 4, 2018 11:26 AM

Back in 2008 or so, I saw a video posted by Ernie Pergrem of him dialing in to the Hidden Reef BBS using the TE2 cartridge and a 300 baud phone coupler modem. Since that day, I've been obsessed with The Reef.... I've spent hundreds of dollars on home phone line installations, a US Robotics modem, and countless service calls to my phone providers over the years trying to get them to adjust my services to different connection settings.... always chasing that elusive 9600 baud (which I refer to as Ludicrous Speed).

Yesterday I spent yet another chunk of change on another phone line installation (being that I've moved to a new house) and--once again--dialed out to The Hidden Reef. Last night at 2AM, I got some video footage and wanted to share it here.

Thanks to Richard Bell (Swim) and Greg McGill (Arcadeshopper) for maintaining dial-up Bulletin Board Systems. :)