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#3535152 Atari ST Newbie - need advice

Posted by Zogging Hell on Sun Jun 19, 2016 5:02 AM

TOS 2.06 needs an adaptor, 1.04 is the last straight swap for the STFM. Honestly I would say upgrading TOS is only worth doing if you want to use 'serious' apps, hard disk adapted games, or hard disks generally on the ST. For the latter 1.04 will probably be fine and the easier option to install. TOS 2.06 is much nicer for serious work, but has issues with quite a few games (unless they happen to have been patched).


If you primarly want to play disk games (originals), I wouldn't bother upgrading, as the earlier TOS versions are generally just fine for that (possibly slightly better depending on the game as some of the earlier stuff won't work on 1.04 or 2.06 - patched versions aside) - you would be better off getting a 1mb or more upgrade.


TOS 1.0 is the only one I would swap out really, as it has quite a few bugs (the worst relating to hard disks). TOS 1.02 can be software patched to run almost as as well as 1.04 (if you don't mind loosing a few kb of memory to the patch programs). If you have 1.02 - Fatspeed or BigDOS sorts out the hard disk access speed problems, Maccel (primarily a mouse accelerator mainly) allows you to do the keyboard reset like 1.04, and Pinhead speeds up program loading.

#3525987 Blitter enhanced games only, not requiring an STE

Posted by Zogging Hell on Mon Jun 6, 2016 10:16 AM

Manchester United Europe detects the blitter with the 'enhancement' of a screen saying it has detected the blitter. Does it however improve the game.. does it hell!

#3524335 What was the last professional printed Atari ST/TT/Falcon Magazine?

Posted by Zogging Hell on Sat Jun 4, 2016 4:27 AM

I think in order of closing down for English Magazines it was ST World (Merged into ST User, although it limped on as a seperate quarterly mag for a small while as well) > The One ST(Merged into ST Action) > ST Action (Merged into ST Review or User, can't remember) > Atari ST User (Merged into ST Review) > Atari ST Review (Merged into ST Format) > Atari World (Closed down) > ST Format (Closed - This was the last magazine available on general distribution) > ST/ Atari Applications (Closed) > Atari Computing (closed). The only English publication after Atari Computing was MyAtari, but that was online only.

#3509739 Should I get an ST or an Amiga?

Posted by Zogging Hell on Fri May 13, 2016 3:57 AM

We all know how this is going to pan out. Ask an Atari board which machine to get and most are going to say Atari. Go to an Amiga board and ask the same question, guess what?     :grin:



In answer to the questions (or baiting?) that followed :)


"ST monitors aren't exactly common, so being able to display your computer would be my very first concern. And when you do finally land one, more than likely a 12" screen where an inch of that is already taken up by the invisible border (or quite visible when in GEM) the ST displays. Is there an adapter or flicker fixer/scan doubler type of device if you want to use larger monitors?"


Well if the monitor accepts VGA the ST hi res mode will work with it just like any normal monitor. In Europe I'd imagine most modern LCD TVs will work with the STs Low/ Med res as long as you get the right cable, might be more tricky in the US but there was a thread on here recently about monitors that will work out the box. The original ST and the STF are the ones that are most troublesome it seems, as they don't have the modulator. I don't think the monitor thing is quite as tricky on the ST as the Amiga, mainly due to funky interlacing the Amiga does on its 'hi res' screens


The border thing - at least on most of the original monitors I've encountered this isn't really an issue, most of them can stretch or squish the image, and the border magically disappears.




"What about modern mass storage devices and adapters (CF, SD, etc.)? There exist devices like this readily available for purchase today? If so, people should be providing links. Same with RAM expansion options."


Lotharek is doing ultrasatan for the mass storage, Exxos is doing RAM and lots other exciting bits.




"When it comes to utilizing the mass storage, is there a program comparable to WHDLoad for the ST? Nice having your old floppy games available for easy picken's."


There isn't anything quite as nice as WHDLoad for the Atari, mainly it seems that games are adapted individually so you can just stick them on a hard disk and run them from there, PPeras stuff hard disk adaptions I guess is the place to start (other authors are available).




"Can't always count on the disk drive to be of much use... so can pop in an HxC floppy emulator at least."


See Lotharek again..




"How about if you can't find a mouse or yours is broken, there exist PS/2 or USB adapters?"


Exxos used to do the PEST interface, but I don't think he'll build them any more unless you order 25 or so. Those adaptors are all over the place on Ebay though (at least the UK version). As the Amiga and ST share similar joystick ports it really is not a problem to an adapt an Amiga one..

#3509728 Should I get an ST or an Amiga?

Posted by Zogging Hell on Fri May 13, 2016 3:23 AM

To the original poster.. Basically if the game you want above all features primarily horizontal scrolling and there isn't an STe specific version I would say go with the Amiga. This is the only area where you will notice a real difference over the ST, other than the sound - which depends on whether you like low res muffled samples (and usually annoyingly short looping music) on the Amiga, or crystal clear squaking from the sound chip on the ST. The Fire and Ice version is by all accounts better on the Amiga. Horizontal scrolling was difficult on the ST and the programmers either got round it by reducing the screen size (Turrican 2, First Samurai etc) or making it horribly jerky (Final Fight, Turtles the Arcade game) or just not doing it at all and using screen flipping.

#3430097 SM124 small screen

Posted by Zogging Hell on Mon Feb 1, 2016 6:01 AM

You could just turn the pots with the monitor off (after it has been left off for a while - better to turn off by the plug rather than the button as well). Then turn the monitor on to see the result - make notes on where the pots were originally. You will also probably want to diischarge the anode ( http://www.wikihow.c...e-a-CRT-Monitor) It is a lot more time consuming guess work involved but some experimenting should allow you to work out which way to turn and by how much. Even though it is off the monitor still holds a charge though (particularly if it has just been turned on), although the bits people usually think are dangerous aren't necessarily the most dangerous parts, there are other bits in there that can also give you a shock (PSU etc). Do wear rubber soles, and only use one hand (preferably rubber gloves as well). And if that scares you, don't try it ;)


Just remember, however, that the screen size on the SM124 is always looks strangely shrunk - the same border visible on the ST on a TV is also present on the SM124 (for some reason known only to Atari, although I think it relates to aspect ratio /dpi), so it does look a bit odd now. Also, although you can, I wouldn't extend it to the full size screen as this puts extra stress on some parts of the internals, which will lead to an early death.

#3424356 Anyone using EmuTOS in ROM? Impressions?

Posted by Zogging Hell on Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:54 PM

I don't use it myself but would be surprised if the icon set cannot be replaced like in TOS 2.06 with a suitable *.RSC file.

#3419091 Quieting the Falcon

Posted by Zogging Hell on Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:44 AM

I'm not convinced that the Falcon's tiny fan in that terrible position actually does anything useful. To be sure try measuring the temperature of the Falcon's PSU or ICs with and without the fan- I very much doubt there would be any measurable difference.


You're probably right, I was just having a quick look at the motherboard layout, and it seems the chips I would expect to produce the most heat - the 68030, videl etc, are the furthest away from this fan. The only chips close to the fan are the memory (so possibly this is the reason for its position - but how hot does the memory get in an Falcon?), and the ROM.

#3371855 Atari 4160 STE casing - shattered

Posted by Zogging Hell on Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:00 PM

Thanks for the advice. Shame I can't find a replacement top case anywhere! If I find one, I'll hit you up with the damaged one. It's currently stored away again, seems too heartbreaking to look at it right now!


Cool thanks, if you are in the UK might be worth emailing STFreakz http://www.st-freakz.co.uk/as he seems to have a lot of bits.

#3359326 Mega STe - No stereo sound, no DMA

Posted by Zogging Hell on Tue Nov 3, 2015 3:12 PM

Perhaps the sound cpx is Falcon only, I seem to remember I got a copy of it with my Falcon. The Window colours cpx in the screen shot on ataricrypt's post is Falcon only is it not? Or at least if it works on the STe it can't have much functionality seeing its for TOS 4.04's AES.

#3288634 Best Atari ST Paint Program(s)?

Posted by Zogging Hell on Wed Jul 29, 2015 5:25 PM

I would say the ideal painter is entirely down to whether you like the user interface or not. I despised Pablo Paint and never got on with Degas because the user interface never suited me (not because they were bad), but I liked Neochrome and Deluxe Paint. Canvas was an odd one, I believe the kid who did it programmed it in some tiny timeframe, he was some sort of prodigy! Loads of interesting features like a proprietry colour switching mode to get more colours on screen,and some not entirely useful 3D stuff. OCR Art Studio was another I used, quite handy for designing sprites in non-existant games! ;)

#3234900 Atari ST Gamer Magazine

Posted by Zogging Hell on Sun May 10, 2015 3:47 AM

I quite liked Trantor (particularly the cut sequence at the beginning), but it crashed almost everytime you played it, which made it virtually unfinishable.

#3190221 Atari ST 520 on ebay

Posted by Zogging Hell on Tue Mar 3, 2015 12:53 PM

The disk drives won't appear on the ST if there is no drive connected so that is normal.

#3187876 Questions about some games.

Posted by Zogging Hell on Sat Feb 28, 2015 7:36 AM

Cohort I and II might be a good one for you; a bit slow though (vaguely RTS), and Rorkes drift was along the same lines. It looks suspiciously like Conquest of Japan, and I think they are by the same company so probably based around the same engine. Populous and other god games like Caesar might also be worth a punt (this can be used in tandem with Cohort II, which was quite cool).


At least some of those games were shareware/ pd/ license ware, so you probably want  to track down one of those PD library CD images which will have at least restricted versions of them on. There was a demo of Biohazard on an ST Format coverdisk, it is a bit like Captive or Xenomorph from what I remember. Good game.


That Dark Sat game looks quite interesting, not seen that one before..

#3131748 yamaha 2612 sound cartridge for the STE idea

Posted by Zogging Hell on Fri Dec 12, 2014 8:40 AM

As far as I know the ST sound chip was originally included to be just a basic buzzer like thing like in the PC to give basic sound which was above Mac quality (Remember the ST was designed almost entirely to be a cheap, but better, Mac and the original Mac's sound was... er well not that good). There is some interview somewhere on the internet where Shivaz talks about better sound being likely to be in future ST models, with a new sound chip (perhaps Amy or something else). It never happened though, as the Yamaha does just enough to get away with it. The cartridge port is perfectly capable of using cartridges sporting a better sound chip, as the catridge with the game BAT showed (although sound output came from the cartridge not the ST). But as Bill said support is the issue, it had support of about two games.. BAT 1 and 2.