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In Topic: Why no custom resolutions on the ST? (Engineering reasons?)

Yesterday, 10:59 PM

There was a desktop ACC that allowed you to pick 'any resolution' and it would scroll the screen with the mouse.  It didnt really change the resolution if you somehow managed to connect a higher rez monitor, but it was a simple software solution to allow you to have a bigger desktop area to move around.  Forgot the name of it.


I've heard of it, it was called MonSTer.  Read about it in a Current notes article once, that's good if you want a larger virtual desktop if you're stuck with the smaller ST video modes.



It was one of solutions for running monochrome SW on color monitor/TV. Called mono-emulator. There were 2 types - 1 with res 640x200, where 2 adjacent vertical lines were averaged, and mentioned scrollable, with virtual res. of 640x400 . But all it has nothing with HW video modes. It simply worked in ST medium res.


Isn't that just emulating the high res mode on a color monitor?  That's what Sebra does...

In Topic: "Who Killed the Atari ST?" 1989 article on Atari computers

Yesterday, 10:33 PM


I loved Co Co Max 10 as a Word Processor on the Tandy Co Co III. But it had its limits when you had to share with someone using WordPerfect or Microsoft Word


Yeah, that's it right there!  Any old computer can run a word processor or spreadsheet program, but you had to have a Windows PC to read Word docs and Excel spreadsheets that companies used.  Even if you went the open source route with LibreOffice, you still need to use it to read those types of files.


When I started college in the early 90's, they still used DOS based PC's so I was able to convert the draft copies I made on WordPerfect to ASCII and used them on a ST based word processor since it read DOS formated disks.  Once Windows & Office took over, forget it!  (I ended up converting my 1st Word files to RTF and I suck to that format on my 1st PC, good thing since that protected me from the Melissa virus going around...)


Now with everything web based (or on the "cloud") Chromebooks & smartphones are where it's all at now with Windows PC's still around for "legacy" programs.  Karma isn't nice to Microsoft at all now...

In Topic: Amiga or ST?

Yesterday, 10:15 PM

Atari ST:


A.) Had an Atari 130XE which was made by the Tramiels so at least it looked like the ST's little brother.


B.) Saw the STe at a store that sold them, but had never seen any Amigas sold in the area.


C.) Famuliar with Atari User Groups and magazines so I knew where to find support for the platform.


D.) Got it not just for the games but also for the Mac-like desktop and programs that were useful for me during my college years.  (I've used Macs in high school classes but could never afford one)


I got nothing against Amigas, they're great for games & video production but I couldn't get to gripes with the original Workbench...

In Topic: Sonic Mania Plus Coming to the PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Yesterday, 10:47 AM


Does anyone still have a optical disc drive in their PC? Heh..


I know, I just keep one in there so not to have an empty drive bay. :)


I guess most people wanted a physical copy of Sonic Mania to have something to put on the gaming shelf, but I'm just not one of them.  To each their own I guess...

In Topic: Looking for Some YouTube Channel Recommendations

Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:42 PM

Immortal John Hancock is great if you're into seeing large  game collections and  there's also The Gaming Historian if you're into the backstory of the classics.


I also recommend Battle Of The Ports on Retro Core's channel which compairs different versions of arcade ports.