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#4159149 Can you remember your 1st favorite arcade game?

Posted by MrMaddog on Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:23 PM

On my 7th birthday, my parents took me to an arcade because I kept bugging my mom for a quarter everytime I pass an arcade machine (even at other locations).


Games I knew I played was Superman Pinball, Frogger and Crazy Kong (labeled Congorillia), any others I couldn't remember...


I'll say Frogger was my 1st favorite since I liked frogs as a kid, and that Crazy Kong was hard AF.


(Funny story, when I played Qix I thought the Sparx following my trail would make the game "explode" so I ran away from it... :lol: )

#4154302 Your personal modem history, what was it like?

Posted by MrMaddog on Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:12 PM

Atari ST w/ Wang 2400 Baud modem


I didn't have a modem when I was a teenager because my mom didn't want me to rack up phone bills.  Once I was in college though, I did buy a Wang (don't laugh) modem at Walmart so I can dial into the VAX computer used in the college lab.  But since that ability wasn't set up until my last semester, I ended up using it to call BBS's within the local call distance.  The Atari BBS's that were outside the local call area I only went on during weekend nights to reduce the charge mostly to download programs.  Right around that time was the area's first dial-up ISP that offered BBS style menus to access the Internet...and yes it was a big friggin' deal back then!  I got by with a 2400 modem since web pages and everything else was text only.  Later on when I transfered to a university, I used the same Atari ST and modem to dial into the school's UNIX shell account and also using the Macs in the computer lab for graphical web browsing over Mosaic.


IBM PS/2 Model 25 w/ AT&T 14.4K modem


I got lost of free stuff from people at the Atari user group when they moved on from ST's to PC's.  The President gave me his IBM PS/2 with a built in 2400 modem which had NetTerminal for having a "direct" Internet connection through SLIP.  But since it was a pain to setup and used I just put on a terminal emulator plus Zmodem program and kept using a dial-up shell account. (The IBM also had a TSR based text editor which was convient)  He also gave me a 14.4K modem which I used for the IBM until the power supply went out.  Reason I used the PS/2 was my ST monitor died and I couldn't used Medium rez on a TV.  So it was the IBM for online with a bit of word processing and the ST strictly for games.


Pentium II PC w/ internal 56K modem


When I returned to college I needed a Windows PC to run Borland C++ compiler on.  The PC had an ISA based modem that was Plug 'N Play but wasn't a Winmodem.  Windows 98 had no problems detecting it.  But since PPP based connections were too expensive at the time, I ended up going to the computer lab using their T1 connection which was way better than dial-up anyway.  I only used the PC at home for calling up the last BBS in the area till that was shut down.  I eventually found an affordable ISP but still used the college's T1 line to download large game demos & mods and burned them on a CD-R to take home.


When I started using Linux however, I had problems using my modem since it was conflicting with my ISA based sound card and I could only use one or the other.  Some one in a chat room suggested I use an external modem since my Linux distro detected my PC serial ports so here's my next purchase...


US Robotics 56K external modem


This was the best dial-up modem I've ever used... I used it on AT&T Worldnet for both Linux & Windows 98 (along side the Dreamcast's own modem).  At the place I was living at the time I got 51K connection instead of the usual 48K with my internal modem.  But when I moved somewhere else, the phone lines weren't so good and I was getting dropped connections so I had to switch to a cheaper ISP.


It was the last offical dial-up modem I used before I was able to get a DSL connection and later on cable broadband...

#4152734 Atari 1040 STe or Atari Falcon?

Posted by MrMaddog on Wed Nov 7, 2018 11:07 PM

The Falcon sounds better suited for art/music & productivity apps. Plus you can get adapted ST games that run on a Falcon...

#4152047 Why do people actively hate "pre-NES" consoles?

Posted by MrMaddog on Tue Nov 6, 2018 11:11 PM

When Jeremy Parish is good, he's very good. When he's not, however, he's terrible. The latest Retronauts is about the 30year anniversary of the Sega Genesis and since the hosts were "Nintendo kids," they know very little about the system. They go on with 90 minutes of ad-sponsored yammering nonetheless. Ergh.


I do like his NES Works for that piece of history, but for everything else I end up watching UK retrogaming videos (not Top Hat Twit) even for Sega stuff because it seems anyone under 40 in the States is incapable of playing or acknowledging anything not made by the Almighty Nintendo...

#4149572 How far would you travel before considering MAME?

Posted by MrMaddog on Sat Nov 3, 2018 6:21 PM

Well back in 2000/2001, I would drive about 30 miles to an arcade in State College or Philly PA when I had extra money & time.  It was also easier to buy 8/16-bit carts even though I was using emulators at the time.


Nowadays, everything seems to be more rare to find.  I know being in a real arcade or even playing on a classic console is an "expereince" but it's not always feasable. Hence why I'm trying to at least replicate the feel by using actual controlers like arcade sticks since I don't have room for a MAMEcade in my house.

#4148992 The 80's freight train is leaving my head.

Posted by MrMaddog on Fri Nov 2, 2018 10:39 PM

That's why I use a randomizer feature in my MAME frontend, so I can play a mix of 80's & 90's games in different genres.  Or even discover some obscured stuff from the 2000's...

#4148972 Tommy Tallarico’s: Mean message boards (Amico)

Posted by MrMaddog on Fri Nov 2, 2018 10:09 PM

Just the usual lame gamer kids pissing and moaning cause they can't play Fortnite on it...

#4145998 Z-team - Unofficial Port Atari Games to Sega Megadrive

Posted by MrMaddog on Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:02 AM

Return To Genesis...on a Genesis :)

#4145061 PlayStation Classic (mini) is coming...............

Posted by MrMaddog on Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:41 AM

I'm waiting for the disappointment from Lamers that they included the original GTA instead of the more popular GTA 3... :grin:

#4140880 First Reviews: Flashback 9, Legends Flashback, and Bandai Namco Blast!

Posted by MrMaddog on Tue Oct 23, 2018 5:51 PM

I'm reposting my response to John's video because this is the lowest for AtGames.


You know, it's bad enough ATgames sends a half finished product for reviews but doing a bait & switch tactic like that is pure bull! They can't compete against the NES Minis (especially since Sega pulled their licesnse now) so now they resort to making cheap plug & plays running on NOACs.  And it makes reviewers like John look bad who recommended a product that will never be sold.  

Shame on AtGames and I hope Namco pulls the license away and forces the product off the shelves.   They deserve to be "down there" along with the Coleco Chamelion...?

#4140522 I mean to make a fighting game

Posted by MrMaddog on Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:33 AM

Yeah we can use a real good fighting game on the Jag... :)


I like the Art Of Fighting style zoom, it looks promising.

#4139180 Games your parents liked

Posted by MrMaddog on Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:34 PM

My mom would never play on a console but she loves puzzles, word games and card games on the tablet and Windows PC. But I think that's almost everybody's mom.


My mom also likes those games but she plays them on a Mac... :)


She tried to play Pitfall with me on the Atari but she could never get pass the alligators w/o a vine to swing on, and that put her off playing video games for good.  Ironically it was my dad who taught me how to get pass them.  He also got the Golf cart but other than that he was like, "Oh you and those video games..." but it never stopped him from taking me to arcades and buying me carts.

#4136670 Panther

Posted by MrMaddog on Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:37 PM

I must admit that a book title Sex, drugs and Atari prototypes would sound quite interesting to read.


Not much different from the original Atari days under Bushnell... :evil:

#4135735 Why do people actively hate "pre-NES" consoles?

Posted by MrMaddog on Wed Oct 17, 2018 12:54 PM

I would have been about seventeen.  In my high school nobody was talking about video games.  The kiddie stuff was obviously from the toy robot which was in most of the nintendo tv commercials, I barely heard anything from Sega at that time.  The side scrolling platformers didn't interest me much and still don't.  Zelda is great but again, fantasy rpgs weren't of interest either.  Even when I got Treasure of Tarmin for Intellivision, a quality cartridge, that kind of game wasn't for me.  The light gun didn't help either.


I had no problem playing NES games throughout my high school years ('89 to '92), but once I became a senior I just felt like I got as much as I can out of playing NES or any console games.  Meanwhile I was getting exposed to computer games on the Macs we had in class and they were starting to appeal to me more.  So I wanted a personal computer for a graduation gift which I got not only for the more advance type of games but also used it for college stuff like term papers.  I guess I matured right along with the technology at the time.


And yet I now play NES games on my high end gaming PC, so go figure... :D

#4135675 Huawei Is Launching A New Gaming Phone To Rival The Switch

Posted by MrMaddog on Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:47 AM

Usually "gaming" phones aren't that much more powerful than other smartphones but they get "bling" up like gaming PC accesories (especially the RGB lighting).


In other words lt's like putting racing stripes and a spoiler on a Honda and expecting it to run faster and get chicks... :roll: