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Here's some infos about me & my work on Ataris.
I'm spare-head-three of ST/Falcon group Reservoir Gods, ST/Falcon/Jaguar group Reboot of Jagware and now Jaguar dev team U-235!

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SH3 @ CVGM.NET :: a few chip tunes done in TraSH/Triplex2K

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We founded Reservoir Gods in 1994 as an Atari Falcon game making group. The team consisted of myself, coder Mr Pink & his sister & fellow gfxer Ripley (Nice Guy Eddie). Before this I'd worked for many little groups on the ST, mostly making title pictures, fonts and that kind of thing for disk mags, cracks, menu disks & bits of demos/intros.

Over the years we gained a few members, some of which remained pretty inactive. Others such as our fantastic musician & my great friend, MSG and Neo (coder/gfxer) have been every bit as active as the original core group. We produced many games & utils for the Falcon, later switching our attentions to the ST/STe on occasion & moved from 100% assembler prods to C + GodLib.

As a group, our productions are up in the hundreds taking into account all games, utils, emulators & disk magazines released. Some of our more popular game releases include:

Tautology, Tautology II, Double Bobble 2000, Skyfall, Static, Bugger!, Chu Chu Rocket!, GodPey, SuperFly / SantaFly and Clogged Up. Double Bobble & Chu Chu Rocket! are our most famous releases, with the latter seeing our work talked about, reviewed & discussed in many gaming circles far from our little atari scene. GodPey (our take on gaming genius Gunpei Yokoi's wonderful GunPey from the Wonderswan) remains my personal favourite game of ours, yet the gfx work there could have been so much better. I hope to one day work on a Falcon enhanced version and possibly one for the Jaguar. The original remains my most loved handheld game of all time, just beating Tetris/GB.

When the group went into a period of release-hibernation I occasionally felt the need to work on some things and so produced AtariScne Card Battle EX Plus Alpha and Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse - not quite up to RG standards technically, but decent & loved for their own reasons. I later worked on a multi-genre title (rhythm action/point&click adventure/text adventure/QTE/typing of the dead/inane matchstick puzzle-em-up) that remains unfinished, mainly due to my current work with Reboot.

Other productions I have worked on include Adder with Tat of Avena, GodBoy (Falcon GameBoy Emulation), GodLeNES (Falcon NES Emulation), Maggie (various issues after 17), Grimey (ST Demo), Are You Sitting Comfortably?(Falcon Intro), Meikever / Junebug with Earx & MSG (ST 96ktro), Mind Rewind (STe Demo), Hallucinations (ST Demo), Jazz Club (asciitro), ST 20 years demo screen (with Damo), GodPaint (Falcon drawing package), Clix (unreleased & slightly unfinished Sega Swirl game for ST) and the current Atari Jaguar productions with Reboot: SuperFly DX, Project One, Beebris Trubute, Beebris SE, ULS and ?!?! I've also done my fair share of chip, mod & gtk musics, mainly just for fun.

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Degz is CJ's speedily produced Scramble clone. I say speedily as it was only worked on in little phases here and there. Pac Man Plus created Scramble for the 7800. CJ chatted to him, got some assets & a nice bit of info on how the maps worked. Then we added a few things to it (animated backdrop and sprites, particle explosion, particle sprites... nothing too amazing. Oh, there's also Nyan Cat easter egg :lol:

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HMS RaptoR is a game based on SeaQuest. Again, another Raptor tutorial game that demonstrates a few of the basic functions.

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Kobayashi Maru - a Time Pilot clone for Jaguar featuring rotary controller support with RMW clouds and a fit-inducing warp screen. Uses an early set of RaptoR features.

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SuperFly DX - another free game for the Jaguar from Reboot. Based on the Atari ST game we made over a decade ago, this takes the simple gameplay mechanics and gives the visuals a Jaguar overhaul. Lots of parallax scrolling, but not nearly as impressive as RaptoR can produce as it purposefully didn;t make use of the GPU - this was an exercise on proving what is possible with the 68k & Object Processor alone ;-)

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JAGTOPIA - free boot CD for the Jaguar - boot unencrypted & troublesome discs with this great CD/binary

UNIVERSAL LOADING SYSTEM - Jaguar single-load encrypted CD tool - takes minutes to make CD images from BJL/ABS/COF/BIN/JAG files

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DOWNFALL - Quick Jaguar release inspired by MGD & SGD for AC2011 party in France, April 2011. Neo did most of the gfx here, my input was recycled gfx & level design. Featured in 1up.com's 31 homebrew games worth playing. Helped inspire remakes/versions for many other platforms and reminded people of Alex Herbert's amazing Man Goes Down.

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BEEBRIS TRIBUTE/BEEBRIS SE - Jaguar version of the ST classic by The Law.

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Our first effort on Jaguar - a wildly patched-together shmup that started life as a title screen effect. Not the best game, but we learned a lot about the Jaguar, how not to make games and also about some of the Jaguar's more 'interesting' fans while making it.

JiFFI - Jaguar File Format Interchanger - convert your Jaguar homebrews/demos/etc between formats, very handy for gamers & dev teams, saves that few minutes bolting on headers & building multiple formats for testers.

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Chu Chu Rocket! remade for the Atari ST - gfx by Neo-rg and myself. This got us quite some attention, it featured in high street news stand publications and did the rounds on the web.

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#atariscne card battle ex plus alpha - hardcore scene wars - FIGHT! A little "Top Trumps" style game I made for an Outline party. Went down quite well and convinced me I should have another go at making something game-like and not real time ;-)

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Are You Sitting Comfortably? Chocneck magazine intro by Damo with music by mSg... has a really nice vibe.

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Clogged Up for Atari ST. Binary Arts make some amazinf puzzle games. here, we produced a game with 300 levels over 7 worlds. Graphics by myself, my wife & Exocet!

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Maggie issue ? This is actually a really poor 16 colour rip of my 65000 colour original... oh well

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Double Bobble 2000 - the game Taito only wanted £250,000.00 for the rights to release a Falcon version... needless to say we dumped the idea of doing things properly and changed the name :P There was also a further adventures with 100 more levels and users created many more levels as well. Awesome!

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God Pey. I love this game. When I got my original WonderSwan, it came with GunPey... the concept really grabbed me, I was hooked on it. Here Mr Pink worked his magic.. I still get a sore head wondering how he worked out those path joining algos. Once made such a huge line it almost made me assplode.

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Grimey! Sum Nex Shit from Damo and Pinky! Best prod I've ever been involved with purely because it was just so different at the time :D

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Hallucinations. Features lots of Cartoon Network Super Heroes. Yeah!

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Meikever / Junebug. With Earx and mSg. Very cool design/techy demo crossover.

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Sky Fall. Falcon game that was more fun that a screen shot can possibly tell :)

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Static. 4-player patience?! WTF?!

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SuperFly! The original ST gaem (well, it borrowed a little from the Chopper flash game, but we made it into a full game with the unlocks, characters and story).

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Tautology II. Ishido-like game for Falcon. Played this a lot myself,

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Triplex/T2K/TraCQ/TraSH. Never had as much fun playing with a tracker :D


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