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In Topic: SDrive-MAX ATX support

Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:47 PM

Here's another cheap option for the LCD screen when they are on sale for $9.99 USD




Ships in an actual cardboard box with the screen bubble wrapped inside.  I had been getting the $8 ones from AliExpress




which also work great, but they only ship in a padded mailer and I've had them show up cracked.

I downloaded the software for this LCD and it appears to use the UC8230S chip. Is this compatible with any current Sdrive MAX firmware?

In Topic: Happy or US Doubler?

Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:45 PM


You can buy supposedly 'authentic' US Doubler from B&C or BEST, although I was disappointed to receive an EPROM from B&C earlier this year...


Haven't mentioned Turbo 1050 yet in the thread, but that is another interesting beast, of which replica's are available from TF_HH... Adds Double-Density and faster than ultraspeed with no additional RAM - only a comparatively large 32KB ROM.


Summary of install methods for each:

  • Any variant of Happy 1050, authentic or replica, and Mini-Speedy use the same install method: Remove U10 (ROM), Remove U9 (6507 CPU), plug happy board into U9.
  • US Doubler: Remove U10 (ROM), Insert USDoubler ROM into U10, may have to move jumpers to JP2 and JP4 (for EPROM configuration), remove U8 (6810 RAM), Install ICD black epoxy module into U8, or homebrew dual-stacked 6810.
  • Turbo 1050 - Remove U10 (ROM), and insert Turbo 1050 board into U10. There's a jumper on the PCB to configure the board for either ROM jumper config.


As long as the RAM module is epoxy encased with the ICD logo I would consider it original, since the US Doubler has both ROM and EPROM versions.


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In Topic: Doh! Possible screw up with 400 ram upgrade

Mon Nov 5, 2018 5:22 PM

I just ordered another 16k board on eBay.  Man I am mad at myself. Such a stupid mistake.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the new ram board fixes it.


This is the same computer my dad brought home back in 1981.  It has the keyboard upgrade and at one time had 48K.  Sometime back in the day I must have been goofing with it and put a 16K board back  in it.  Not sure why or how that happened.  Anyway I was trying to put it back to 48K.  I have several Ataris (800,1200 etc) but this is the only original one from my childhood.

Is it the Atari made or an aftermarket version?


While the chips are likely damaged, it is unlikely the board itself is. It will probably work if the ICs(RAM and logic) are replaced, 48/64K boards for the 400 are often hard to find these days.

In Topic: B & C computers?

Mon Nov 5, 2018 1:49 AM

Sorry,  My bad.  The site is up as you say, just no prices or inventory info.



Bruce also sells on eBay under the name "myatari"


In Topic: 4 * 1050 boards fixup - general questions/strategy

Thu Nov 1, 2018 10:54 AM

Something to be aware of is that the only stock 1050 firmware that's supposed to be compatible with the 2797 is Rev.L