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On the changing nature of communications in the video game community

Sun Mar 27, 2016 8:09 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed following the Retro VGS/ Coleco Chameleon threads on Atari Age, and it got me thinking about the ways that we talk about video games in the gamer community. Atari Age appears to be one of the only gaming forums from the "golden age" of forums (the early 2000s) that is still active. I kind of lament about this, because I think that message forums are an ideal way to share experiences and information about video games, in a troll free environment. Anyways, I have written an essay on the changing nature of video game communications, I hope that people find it interesting. Writing it was inspired in part by the Coleco Chameleon debacle, so I thought people here might be interested.





As I mention in the article, I don't really have any focus on pre-crash era communications, as this happened before I was old enough to know about video games. I apologize in advance if people think this is a major oversight, the article was already quite long!

Lobo for the SNES

Sun Mar 6, 2016 12:07 AM

Lobo was supposed to be released in 1996 by Ocean, but ended up being canned. Probably because in 1996, the market for 16 bit games was diminishing, and that the game was pretty crap. Anyways, the SNES version of the game found its way out in the form of a bootleg last year. I got my hands on one and made an article about it:




Two notable things: this version of the game is clearly not complete and the bootleg is also pretty poorly done. It is kind of sad that this is how unreleased games make it out there, because the people making these bootlegs are basically exploiting the community with their poorly made, high priced products. If you must play this game, go with the more complete Genesis version. Or better yet, don't bother and instead play something like Street Fighter II.