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Is there a secret to keeping Sodas

Fri Jul 1, 2011 12:17 AM

i did read online somewhere not to keep the sodas without drinking them because they explode. I figured it wouldn't happen to me..... Why? I don't know. I'm stupid I guess....

My PacMan exploded today... If I keep them refridgerated will they not explode? Or do I have no choice but to drain them?

Oh and as far as collecting them what's better as far as being drained? should I drink them like I would a coke, maybe try to open them in an un-noticeable way, or drill a hole?


Edit: added draining questions

Microsoft Review disks Confidential Rise of Legends $6/set?

Wed May 25, 2011 10:50 PM

Decided to add a price just to maybe get more interest.... How's $25 (cash, or very much fee free payment like cash) shipped for all 5 sets I'm selling sound?? Maybe $8 shipped for 1 set???

TRADES!!!! I'd love to do a trade, Maybe you have something I'm looking for.... I can't think of anything I'm looking for but maybe you can give me some ideas....

Also you can check out my ebay listings to see if you'd like to combine shipping or something, though I'm not sure how well that will work out...

I picked up a lot of PC games from CL... Bunch of duplicates, bunch of sets missing disks, bunch of disks missing keys....

One of the things that I think were very interesting, is the 6 sets of Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Review Discs.

Attached File  IMG_20110525_172458.jpg   527KB   71 downloads

They are just in white sleeves, the back of each disc 1 sleeve has a cd key, they look to be CD-R's, and they have this somewhat official looking text on them:

Contents are the property of Microsoft Corporation
Copyright 2006 Microsoft Corporation
All rights reserved. Not for resale.

The Microsoft text looks like the right thing (looks like the normal font and slanted italic like normal)...

Attached File  IMG_20110525_172518 sm.JPG   50.45KB   75 downloads

I'm keeping 1 set for myself, but don't know what to do with the other 5.

Any interest in these? Are they what they claim to be or just interesting pirates? I'm installing my set now and it seems to be working...

Anything I should know about them before I let them go?

I just tried to do a multi-player game / in game update.... and it failed on both accounts... Googling pulls this up:


Which basically states that the servers have been pulled :(...

Though I'm not sure the guy did mention something about using gamespy instead of the game to do a multi player game.... and Hamachi (which should work)... Meh, I don't want to play online that bad, in fact the only reason I wanted to was to report on it's ability to do so, and I guess I've done that already....