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In Topic: USB to TI99/4A Keyboard converter by F.G. Kaal

Today, 9:13 AM

Additional compatible objects are always good, as that allows someone to build the device they are most comfortable with. The real issue comes on the interfacing side: if they all connect transparently to the console and use compatible software hooks for the components that programs can use, then all options are good choices and it boils down to personal preference. That is a really good place to be. . .

In Topic: Reference POLL for developers (Hardware & Potential Users)

Yesterday, 6:53 PM

Gary does drop in here once every month or two, Marc. He also shows up on the Yahoo! groups once in a while (I think I saw a couple of new posts from him there within the last week or two).

In Topic: Unable to mount and access disks (via NanoPEB).

Yesterday, 6:40 PM

Try and look at the images with TI Image Tool. It will also format images for the Nano, IIRC. That will give you an independent program to check against--and it may just be that your copy of TI99DIR is bad. . .and you may need to download a newer (or at least another) version of it.

In Topic: Flashrom99 and correct images

Yesterday, 4:07 PM

Pretty much. . .it will save you a lot of frustration as you figure out what works and what doesn't without one.

In Topic: Flashrom99 and correct images

Yesterday, 2:29 PM

Note that even with the FinalGROM, there will be software that requires the 32K. This will be programs that were originally designed to run in that space as opposed to cartridge space, but which were made into simulated cartridge images for use in multicarts. If it was originally written to be a cartridge--the FinalGROM will run it fine (and even some of those carts will require (or use it as an option, as in XB) the 32K--like XB (and all subsequent flavors of it like RXB, GKXB, XB 2.7, SEB, and XB3), EA, TI Writer, Multiplan, or Logo).


If it was originally released on disk or cassette, it was intended to run in 32K space from the start, and both the FlashROM and FinalGROM cartridges are only convenient loader devices for the program. Either of them will try to move the program to the correct execution space and start it in these cases--and then everything will fail because the required memory isn't there. Some of the modern homebrew cartridges are also hybrids that run out of cartridge AND 32K space, so they actually need BOTH spaces to operate. Some of the homebrews are too large to load into the FlashROM at all, although they can be loaded into the FinalGROM.