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In Topic: New Dragon Ethernet cartridge interest check

Today, 5:02 AM


And it should be no problem, as the same Ethernet SoC is used, new developed software should support both.


My understanding is that this thread is about a CS8900A based (cartridge) device, while the Dragon Cart II is about a W5100 based (PBI/ECI) device.


According to my understanding is thread is about functionality-wise a Dragon Cart clone with the single addition to allow to move the 16 CS8900A registers inside the $D5 page via DIP switch. However, the network programs/libraries provided by me so far don't support the CS8900A on addresses different from $D500-$D50F.




In Topic: Preannouncement: Dragon Cart II

Today, 4:15 AM

Why have you decided to do it as a NewDevice instead of CartDevice? Do you have any functions which require NewDev infrastructure? Any hardware requirements (ECI/PBI signals, interrupts, etc.)?


No, there aren't any hardware requirements requiring a NewDevice. The reason for the decision was "only" that everybody I've been in contact with so far pushed us (actually pretty hard) in that direction.


And reading through the Google translation of http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?id=14903 it seems that people consider there too the Dragon Cart being a CartDevice as a major issue (beside not allowing to offload the TCP/IP stack).




In Topic: Preannouncement: Dragon Cart II

Today, 4:06 AM

So there are two projects now for a new Ethernet/Dragoncart, your project and the polish project:


Looks like I have to get both devices to find out which is the better one.


Hm, the only benefit of the Dragon Cart (clone) over the Dragon Cart II that I could see is that there might potentially be software supporting the Dragon Cart not being adapted to support the Dragon Cart II as well.


What's your estimated price for a PBI or ECI+Cart device ?!?

There's no official announcement yet but my very personal guess is that it will be more expensive than the Uthernet II (http://a2retrosystems.com/products.htm) as it contains (a lot) more parts (incl. a CPLD which needs to be programmed) but that Glenn will try hard to keep it in the two-digit USD range. But again that's just my personal guess!

Regarding your Dragoncart programs, will you update them or will they all work with the new Dragoncart II ?

The Dragon Cart II uses the W5100 chip instead of the CS8900A chip. Therefore no program supporting the (original) Dragon Cart will support the Dragon Cart II without adjustment.
Let's define the term "my programs" as "programs provided by me" for the sake of simplicity here...
I will certainly update them! They will work in the same way their Apple II and C64 siblings already do. This means in detail...
There will be a program ETHCONFI.COM allowing to select between the 'Dragon Cart' and the 'Dragon Cart II'. It needs to be run once before running IPCONFIG.COM.
- Date65, Telnet65 and Tweet65 will autodetect the 'Dragon Cart' and the 'Dragon Cart II'.
- HFS65 will autodetect the 'Dragon Cart' and the 'Dragon Cart II' as soon as the program becomes available for the Atari (hopefully soon).
- Wget65 will only support the 'Dragon Cart II'.
- All programs will autodetect the 'Dragon Cart' and the 'Dragon Cart II' simply be using the updated library. However, the updated library will be somewhat larger which might potentially cause RAM issues.
- There will be an additional library for the 'Dragon Cart II' beside the existing one for the 'Dragon Cart'.
- There will be an additional library allowing programs to autodetect 'Dragon Cart' and the 'Dragon Cart II' which - again - will be somewhat larger than the device specific libraries.
The only 3rd party program known to me to make use of an IP65 library is 8bit-Slicks (http://8bit-slicks.com/). It uses the IP65 C library. So what I wrote there applies here.

In Topic: Preannouncement: Dragon Cart II

Today, 3:17 AM

Is there any chance of building a combined XL/XE compatible device such as the Sys-Check 2?


This was actually the first idea ;-)


I won't pretend that I'm a regular Atari user but I tried hard to understand things (with the help of tfhh and others) and my current understanding is:


- A cart is supposed to provide a program (or nowadays rather many programs to choose from). As the Atari isn't a multi tasking system there's no issue with having only one cart slot as there's always only one program to run. At least originally carts were supposed to be changed frequently, therefore the easy access to the cart slot on the XL.


- In contrast a PBI device is supposed to provide a system extension. That extension is supposed to be re-usable by several/many/all programs. Therefore a PBI device is supposed to stay connected to the machine. And therefore there's the $D1FF device selection "protocol" allowing for up to 8 PBI devices being present at the same time - although there's no physical/mechanical daisy-chaining approach pre-defined by Atari.


With that understanding the conclusion was that the 'Sys-Check 2' approach just isn't right for a "usual" PBI device supposed to stay connected to the machine: It doesn't allow to add another PBI device. It doesn't allow to add a cart on the XE.


After all the decision against the 'Sys-Check 2' approach wasn't an easy one - producing two variants is at least as hard as (potentially) buying two variants ;-)




In Topic: Preannouncement: Dragon Cart II

Today, 2:56 AM

Is this the same project as this?






I just paged through the Google translation of http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?id=14903 and to me it seems that there was some discussion to replace the CS8900A with the W5100. But at least as far as I understand the actual device you can now show your interest in to buy one is a straight Dragon Cart clone, meaning:


- Cart, no PBI

- CS8900A, no W5100

- No PHI2 "shortening"