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#4264053 TIPI - Geneve 9640 to Raspberry PI interface development

Posted by RXB on Wed Apr 24, 2019 12:17 PM

I could make a RXB SAMS memory test most of the program would run from Scratch Pad as a 18 byte Assembly and GPL is how RXB SAMS Memory Access works.

Just add a 2 byte counter and single byte for page number and GPL would do the rest. So only 3 more bytes in Scratch pad would do the trick.


It would just start from Page 0 (4K) up to page  255 and move it to >2000, then >3000, then >A000, on up to >F000 and each time zero out that 4K memory and test each byte.


RXB 2000 to RXB 2012 had this feature built in to all pages except the PASS mode pages 0,1,2,3,A,B,C,D,E,F but only use >2000 for testing if AMS (SAMS) existed.


The update would work with all pages and all memory address.

#4257865 VINTAGE Games in BASIC

Posted by RXB on Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:07 PM

I find it had to believe no one but me owned that book and converted programs out of it?

Though I do remember most were exact duplicates from 99er and other mags.


Anyway they have to be in this ZIP:



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#4256510 TI-99/4A YouTube Channel and Links

Posted by RXB on Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:12 AM

Should add my channels.


1) GPL Tutorials along with source code.

2) RXB demos and updates.



#4255143 40 column routine or early version of XB24 for XB

Posted by RXB on Wed Apr 10, 2019 6:10 AM

XB was never ever designed to deal with Text Mode, on the other hand video upgrade chips 9938 and 9958 are very much compatable.


The extra VDP RAM made switching to 256 colors per pixel very easy to do from XB with CALL LINKs, but could have been done from XB GPL.


I have constantly complained we need a 1 Meg VDP Hardware like the TIM card.


A TIM card like version would allow normal XB and change all commands increased by a factor of 4.


I would increase 24x32 to  96X128, characters, and  colors would increase from 16 to 256, additionally we could add a real mouse interface.


This would make Text mode look crappy in comparison as you can do graphics and text more than 80 character lines.

(128 characters s longer then 80 character lines and you have borders on both sides also 96 rows is better then 40) 


A bonus is the character buffer for edited lines would be increased from tokenized 152 bytes to 256 bytes, text would be 512 byte lines.

(Tokenized lines are what are saved to disk, text is untokenized so we can read it.)

#4254760 VINTAGE Games in BASIC

Posted by RXB on Tue Apr 9, 2019 2:15 PM

Most of these run in RXB with no modifications to the Basic programs and a bonus is they run faster then TI Basic.

#4252603 Classic99 Updates

Posted by RXB on Fri Apr 5, 2019 11:56 PM


Wow, the memories!  STAR - the first program I ever sold!

Sold? I've spent over 30 years on RXB (Rich GK XB originally) and I think I made in total $98.00 in total.


Multiple versions of carts made and sold not to mention GK or GRAMLUATOR versions and that is my total net.

#4245632 Fest West 2019 poll

Posted by RXB on Tue Mar 26, 2019 4:20 PM

When and where I will show up!


If you want help what can I do?

#4242002 RXB - Rich Extended Basic

Posted by RXB on Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:32 PM

Some modifications I have made to RXB include PRAM (Program RAM) that allows change of

upper 24K memory selection address.

Or VDPSTACK where you can change location of the VDP STACK address.


So testing is taking longer then I thought as some address that have to be checked is in VDP

like >039E was MRGPAB for merging files so I moved it to >03B8 used for ACCEPT AT reset

with a bad value or error.

Made sense as if you are merging files you could not at same time be using ACCEPT AT routine.

So putting Program RAM END address at that location allowed changing Program space in 

the upper 24K of RAM for XB Programs.

[0250]               * RXB PATCH CODE * MOVED TO >03B8 SIZXPT (Size ACCEPT AT)
[0251]               * MRGPAB EQU  >039E           MERGEd temporary for pab ptr
[0252] 039E          PMEM   EQU  >039E             UPPER 24K MEMORY

This is exiting for the TI99/4A as for the first time you can put assembly or data files in upper 24K without 

without affecting XB program speed  using my new routine CALL PLOAD that will load 4K Assembly or data

into any area of RAM in the TI99/4A. 

If you have SAMS you can swap out RAM  from a XB program having up to 960K of Assembly or data.

This does not even affect whatever support in lower 8K used also.

#4241729 32k expansion for the side port - released

Posted by RXB on Wed Mar 20, 2019 1:47 PM

hmm... I don't see a benefit to using an ext. PS. My sidecar 32K becomes corrupt to a much greater extent than the PBOX 32k did when the console is power cycled. The sidecar 32K doesn't even get warm to the touch during operation so it shouldn't present much loading to the console's PS. Needlessly adding an unneeded PS seems like... more that could go wrong.

Newer wallworts contain many switching components that can fail esp. due to the A.C. grid's voltage transients. None of them has overvoltaged me yet, yet I still don't trust them implicitly.

The biggest advantage of the P-Box has always been you lose nothing in SAMS when you turn on/off the console.

I can reload RXB and continue using what is in SAMS.

(Of course normal PASS MODE of 32K is corrupted but the rest of SAMS is unaffected.)

I demoted this in a RXB demo of having 44K of lower 8K assembly support loaded into SAMS.


I know some people love just a 32K but compared to what you can do with 1 Meg of SAMS memory make it look ancient.

#4239933 TMS9900 CPU core creation attempt

Posted by RXB on Sun Mar 17, 2019 2:59 PM


I should have known better, thanks Stuart! Once again you've already done what I was looking for, this seems perfect!  :)

I am running out of time today on this project, need to continue tomorrow, first with your cartridge.

Just for CLARIFICATION I did not post DISASSEMBLY of GROM and XB ROMs of XB.


This is the ORIGINAL GROM and ROM code from Texas Instruments, now the changes made for RXB are listed.


I did not remove any original code it is commented out and I post * RXB PATCH CODE * for places it was replaced

#4239339 TMS9900 CPU core creation attempt

Posted by RXB on Sat Mar 16, 2019 2:12 PM

Well GPL does not have anything much on MINUS Symbol other then hand it off to XB ROMs.

PLUS   BL   @PSHPRS           Push left arg and PARSE right
       BYTE MINUSZ,0          Stop on a minus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
       LI   R2,SADD           Address of add routine
LEDEX  CLR  @FAC10            Clear error code
       BL   @ARGTST           Make sure both numerics
       JEQ  ARGT05            If strings, error
       BL   @SAVREG           Save registers
       BL   *R2               Do the operation
       BL   @SETREG           Restore registers
       MOVB @FAC10,R2         Test for overflow
       JNE  LEDERR            If overflow ->error
LEDEND B    @CONT             Continue the PARSE
LEDERR B    @WARNZZ           Overflow - issue warning
MINUS  BL   @PSHPRS           Push left arg and PARSE right
       BYTE MINUSZ,0          Parse to a minus
       LI   R2,SSUB           Address of subtract routine
       JMP  LEDEX             Common code for the operation
TIMES  BL   @PSHPRS           Push left arg and PARSE right
       BYTE DIVIZ,0           Parse to a divide!!!!!!!!!!!!!
       LI   R2,SMULT          Address of multiply routine
       JMP  LEDEX             Common code for the operation
DIVIDE BL   @PSHPRS           Push left arg and PARSE right
       BYTE DIVIZ,0           Parse to a divide
       LI   R2,SDIV           Address of divide routine
       JMP  LEDEX             Common code for the operation
* NUD for unary minus                                       *
NMINUS BL   @PARSE            Parse the expression
       BYTE MINUSZ,0          Up to another minus
       NEG  @FAC              Make it negative
NMIN10 CB   @FAC2,@CBH63      Must have a numeric
       JH   ERRSN1            If not, error
       JMP  BCON1             Continue
* NUD for unary plus                                        *
NPLUS  BL   @PARSE            Parse the expression
       BYTE PLUSZ,0
       JMP  NMIN10            Use common code

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#4238838 RXB SAMS Game (In the Dark)

Posted by RXB on Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:30 PM

Sorry, but how is this supposed to work?

1190 FOR Z=1 TO 12 :: READ K :: CALL SPRITE(#Z,K,15,29,Z*21) :: NEXT Z :: CALL MAGNIFY(2)

We surely did not forget about the 4 sprite-per-line limitation?

I corrected this in later release, rushed project.

#4237996 RXB SAMS Game (In the Dark)

Posted by RXB on Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:13 PM

After release of next RXB version I am making a IN THE DARK 2 or something similar.


Want to used SAMS 960K of memory in next one and  with new SAMS routines can switch out any memory 4K boundy.

#4235961 Game controls: keyboard ESDX, WASD, joysticks

Posted by RXB on Mon Mar 11, 2019 1:10 AM


RXB wrote:

"Again my PINKY will not reach the A key at same time as other fingers are on S & D keys.

And there is a half inch gap between my index finger and F key, 

In order to type I have to constantly crank my hand left and right. I can type 60 words a minute, but it looks odd for a reason.

The lay out of keys was not for typing it was for using a MANUAL TYPE WRITER as it took infinite more power back then, but that pattern stuck.

Because the TI99/4A keyboard is shrunk I can type faster on it then normal computer keyboards."


This must be caused by how you learned to type. My pinkie is 1 1/4 inch shorter than the next finger, so it shouldn't even reach the Z key. But when I put my left fingers on the home row, my pinkie and index finger are almost straight, while the middle two fingers have much more of an arch  which puts  all 4 fingers on the ASDF keys. I know lots of people with small hands who have no trouble touch typing.

In any case, I'm sure you're not about to change the way you've been typing for 30+ years. 

For what it's worth, the TI99/4A keyboard is not shrunk. It is smaller because there are fewer keys, but if you measure you will see that the key spacing is identical to the PC keyboard.

I have an IOGEAR wireless keyboard, model # GKM681R. This actually is shrunk a bit. From A to semicolon is 6.625" and a standard keyboard is 7.5". Perhaps that smaller size would work better for you.



Because my hands are wide but short fingers due to my size the heel of my hand is perfect for pushing the FCTN key on the TI99/4A while typing and not losing a stroke.

Never seen anyone else that can do this without losing keys typing.

This is why I can type faster on TI99/4A vs PC keyboard, as hitting shift key for special characters is much more work on a PC.


I typed in the entire source of XB GROM/ROM and TI GPL Manuals for everyone to have using just the TI.

#4230525 Mid-80s Gram Kracker carts

Posted by RXB on Sat Mar 2, 2019 10:33 AM

Attached File  DISKIMAGES.zip   1.5MB   20 downloads



I am a GK collector and have everything they ever made to download.