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TI99Dir locked out of files

Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:45 PM

Several times now I have run into a bug in TI99Dir that is really frustrating using Windows 10


I select a group of files to delete in Classic99 like DSK4 or DSK8 or whatever and delete a few files.


TI99Dir then shows a empty folder and I can not click .. (two periods) that normally is there to backup a folder level even when 4 deep? (What happened to cause this?)


So I shut down TI99Dir and when start it up again it BEEPS and says CAN NOT READ THAT FOLDER????


Worse yet TI99Dir will not let me select that folder ever again EVER!!!!


I have to go to download TI99Dir from scratch and reload from scratch and select folders for it to work again?


What is going on with TI99Dir to do this?