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U1MB plugin development

Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:22 AM

Since there is no dedicated thread about the U1MB plugin development, I started a new one.


There is a nice introduction into this topic here:



I understood that the plugin binary compatibility between the versions 1.25 and 2.00 of the U1MB firmware will be broken.

Unfortunately Jon was continuously updating the documentation on his web page, so the current version does not match the (still official) 1.25 release anymore. The 2.00RC firmware distributed to volontiers was only a binary.

I understand that version 2.00 will be released soon (together with updated docs and example plugin source code).


Until then the only way to play around with plugin development is to use version 1.25.

And so I did:


I have modified the HardwareSetup section:

    .local HardwareSetup
    lda #$00
    sta $D500

compiled it and tested in Altirra only (since I already have the 2.00RC in my real U1MB).


It works as supposed. On every reset the memory bank containing a menu on the multicarts: Atarimax 1mb / 8mb, SIC, etc. is selected.

Since those carts do not have a reset button, you would need to power off the Atari to start a new game.

Now you just press RESET and voila the cart menu is displayed :)


In the next setp I wanted to make it configurable: to enable/disable this feature over U1MB menu.

I looked at the source code and I'm confused:

    .local StereoToggle
@    dta Item[0] (1,CovoxToggle,Title,ItemType.OnOff,StereoPokey,Help,Cfg.Aux,$01)
    .byte 'Stereo Pokey',0
    .byte 'Enable/disable stereo audio',0
    .local CovoxToggle
@    dta Item[0] (1,Device3Toggle,Title,ItemType.OnOff,CovoxFlag,Help,Cfg.Aux,$02)
    .byte 'Covox',0
    .byte 'Enable/disable Covox',0

Menu item for Stereo uses CovoxToggle and menu item for Covox uses Device3Toggle ?


Looking for an exchange partner NTSC <-> PAL 65XE/800XL

Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:59 AM

I know it may be not the right forum for this, but still hope to reach people interested in such exchange.


If you have an unmodified NTSC motherboard from a 65XE or 800XL machine and would like to exchange it for a PAL motherboard, I'm interested.

Another possibility would be to exchange the complete computers.

We could first share photos to avoid misunderstandings regarding the items condition.


I live in Europe (Germany) and the shipping costs accross the ocean may be siginificant (sending a motherboard only may be cheaper than sending a whole computer). I haven't checked it yet.

Can any Atari emulator talk to real SIO devices?

Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:58 AM

I have installed a Raspberry Pi in the 65XE case and it is a pretty nice setup running the "Emulation Station" software .

However it would be really nice to load games from a real floppy drive connected to Raspberry Pi via 1050-2-PC cable :)