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In Topic: D.K. VCS

Yesterday, 6:07 PM

I just played this again on stella. I really want this on a cart.


It will get a proper release.  :)

In Topic: Oystron Manual full of mistakes?

Yesterday, 6:03 PM

I haven't looked at that manual in a very long time, although the game does continue to sell at a leisurely pace.  I'm usually pretty picky these days about proofreading manuals (ask anyone who's worked with me on a project), but that was one of the very first manuals we did.  And it's possible I didn't look at it as closely as I should have.  I can certainly fix any problems you discover with the manual.  Your timing is amusing, as I've been working on some other older manuals to fix some issues with them. 


I think this goes to show how many people actually (don't) read the manuals, though!!  That game hit the store some fifteen years ago..  



In Topic: Prom Blaster

Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:09 PM

Very interesting that the Prom Blaster supports 8K bankswitched carts.  Would love to see one of the programmable "blank" carts, but I assume you don't have any of those.  I'm quite curious to see how much this auction sells for.  



In Topic: Driver Error

Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:48 PM

You should not normally see this, but if you do, please let me know what specific page it happened on in the forum so I can investigate.  Do you remember? 



In Topic: CoCo Wordpak 2, 80 columns on CoCo 1/2

Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:20 PM