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In Topic: BattleSphere Gold repro or real?

Yesterday, 4:04 PM

Also, someone game me a link to the auction..  Here's the box insert: 


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This is not a Jaguar box insert.  Looks more like an SNES box insert (the game boxes are the same size as the Jaguar's boxes).  The opening for the cartridge is much larger than the cartridge, which would allow the cartridge to rattle around inside the box, kind of defeating the purpose of having a box insert.  



In Topic: BattleSphere Gold repro or real?

Yesterday, 3:51 PM

Battlesphere Gold is a clear cartridge.


Notice it's a die-cut label with only the top two corners rounded, versus the reproduction label that has all four corners poorly cut.  And the colors are much more saturated on the original label. 



In Topic: BattleSphere Gold repro or real?

Yesterday, 2:06 PM

Yeah, that's a fake.  The original boxes did have a gold seal on the outside, the game cartridge used a clear shell, and the box does not open backwards (what a sloppy mistake on the part of the bootleggers).  That's also a poor, hand-cut label.  Even the manual was poorly cut/folded (you can see graphics from the back wrapped around to the left, front edge).  So, I wouldn't exactly call the presentation "fantastic". 



In Topic: WTB: XE Light Gun

Yesterday, 7:41 AM

Did you find one yet, Albert?


Yes, I did, I ended up buying a new one from B & C ComputerVisions.  :)



In Topic: The Hobbit

Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:36 AM

Yeah, look at the date of the review.