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In Topic: Working on Forum Upgrade (finally!)

Thu Mar 21, 2019 3:52 PM

Ran into another snag today -- got past the above converter problem and made it further through the process, but ran into another error I cannot get past.  Updated my support ticket at Invision and now I'm just waiting for them to respond.  This is pretty annoying -- if they don't give me a solution sometime tomorrow, I'll probably have to wait until Monday before I get another response.  This would have been a disaster if I tried doing this on the live forum without having a test copy of the forum installed on another server. 



In Topic: DK Arcade 2600. New 4-Level Demo!

Wed Mar 20, 2019 7:35 PM

Thank you for this. And Al we need a cart release of this :)


I know.  :)

In Topic: Working on Forum Upgrade (finally!)

Wed Mar 20, 2019 6:04 PM

Al, thanks for all the Hard Work on the AA site!


Thank you!

In Topic: Working on Forum Upgrade (finally!)

Wed Mar 20, 2019 6:03 PM

Having not heard from Invision yet on this, I made a public post on their forum earlier today hoping to elicit help from other forum admins with technical skills.  I'm also digging into it myself -- it's definitely a utf8 charset issue (more technically, utf8mb4), probably an invalid Unicode character that their upgrader is trying to insert into the table..  I'm having to some light reading on that subject to get up to speed..


Also going through their code, I may have to install Xdebug on this new server so I can step through what this particular upgrade routine is doing. 


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Fun fun. 



In Topic: Working on Forum Upgrade (finally!)

Wed Mar 20, 2019 1:18 PM

Here's an update..  


I have the main site running on the new server, although I am not finished with all the work I have to do on that front.  However, I should be able to finish that up with a few full-time days of work.  


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The forum upgrade isn't going as smoothly, though.  I still have not been able to complete an upgrade of the forum database, and I'm waiting on Invision to take a look at it.  May also try to solve it myself as I'm not sure how long it's going to take them to investigate, as this is outside their normal support since this is on a test server.  However, there's no way in hell I'm going to try and perform the upgrade on the live server without being secure that it'll work!!


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So, this is a bit annoying and is stopping me from doing a ton of work that is required on the forum.  I can't do squat with it, though, until I can successfully convert the forum database.  I did copy some 250GB of attachments from this server to the new one, though!  I also need to get the store up and running on this new server.  


I also moved several other classic gaming websites that were being hosted on this server to another, as I intend to only have AtariAge.com running on the new server..  


That's all for now.  :)