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In Topic: Updated jzIntv: GRAMSHOT, RELOAD, and more

Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:50 AM

Looks good! :)

In Topic: Mockup of what MR. TURTLE might look like on intellivision

Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:50 AM

BTW when the turtle dies you could make it a red flashing color (color 2, 12 and 15 I think) because it gets "hidden" by the blue background.

It could move its legs while falling.

In Topic: Open fantasizing - What games you'd like to see made for the CV?

Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:12 PM

I've got a game I wish someone would tackle. I wrote it as an Atari ST BBS game back in the 80s. I didn't actually write the whole thing as there was a shell GFA Basic program for the BBS part and I filled in the story. It was more of a multiple choice text adventure, but it could easily (well, not for me) have graphics added to it and turned into some kind of game. There was a lot of random jumping here and there between the various parts and it mixed in some elements from old TV shows. It was called COWS and was an excellent display of my warped sense of humor back then. Basically you were a secret agent and assigned to infiltrate the Moovian base and destroy the militaristic COWS and their secret weapon. If you got past the first part of the game, you started teleporting into all kinds of crazy situations.



You need to put it into a complete document specifying your game, it's the better start to a game.

In Topic: Open fantasizing - What games you'd like to see made for the CV?

Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:51 AM

Those are nice, although you'd rarely see the bullets traversing the screen because of the 4-sprites-per-scanline limit. :)

I had a nice idea for Dracula (the vaporware title) the other day: The description of the game on the flyer states that you're a detective in London trying to stop Dracula. The problem here is that the mockup screenshot is so open-ended that one can only imagine how the actual game works. However, I think the game could actually follow the description on the flyer quite literally.

You've been informed that Dracula is currently "visiting" London, and that he plans to take a bride with him back to Transylvania. As a brilliant detective, you've managed to narrow the list of possible target victims down to four women (or possibly a fifth unnamed woman who you may have to identify during the course of the game). You don't know for sure which woman Dracula will select, but you do know that he will come to his victim's bedroom at midnight, and turn her into a vampire unless you get there first!

The game would be similar to Police Quest or Leisure Suit Larry (but without the humor, obviously). You'd work with a map of London (similar to the map in the boardgame Scotland Yard) and you would be limited to certain points of interest on this map. As you visit these locations and talk to people, pick up documents and other assorted objects that provide clues, more points of interest would pop up on the map. If you gather enough clues before midnight and figure out which women will be Dracula's victim, you will go to her house and protect the girl. To do this, you'd have to collect certain items along the way, like a cross, garlic and a stake. And those would not be easy to find at such a late hour, obviously. Even mundane information like the address of the women would need to be uncovered. And you'd have to gather all clues, objects and intel quickly, as the clock ticks down to midnight. :)

Following my ideas, the screenshot on the flyer actually shows the end of the game, where you face Dracula with all the "weapon items" collected. The "00000" under the clock would be the "mystery meter": When you start the game, the meter starts at something like 50000 points, but as you gather significant clues, the meter goes down, and when it reaches zero, you know that you found all the clues you're going to find in the game, and now you just have to deduce which woman is Dracula's target based on the information you've collected.

The game would be heavy on randomization: The clues, character encounters, map locations, etc. would vary from one game to the next, so you never really play the same game twice, and you're never sure which woman Dracula will select. You'd face various types of dangers along the way, and if you lose too much energy (indicated by the digit display under "1-UP" on the screenshot) you faint and wake up in the hospital the next morning, and learn in the newspaper which woman "disappeared without a trace" the previous night.

Not sure what I would do with the lives counter (the four heads at the top-left corner of the screen) but I'd figure something out. In fact, I may have an idea already... :) The real challenge would be to make this game fit in 32K... :P

I would be glad to write a game based on anything you could came up :) because you really write very good specifications.

Edit: in case someone doesn't remember it, I wrote Remember the Flag based on Luc specs ;)

In Topic: Colecovision Auction Watch

Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:50 AM

Alright, who here is selling off one AMAZING sealed Colecovision collection???  Not sure if they are a member here or not but DAMN!  Nice selection of sealed stuff.  Some I've never seen come up sealed before.  Upon further inspection it's not just Coleco items either.  What a nice collection getting sold off by this owner.  Shame I have no shot at any of it. 








Got the Donkey Kong for $300, it wasn't factory sealed, it was opened and played many years before and only hold top of case with tape, I've stated it in the feedback, but still a reasonable and rare item. No mold fortunately.


I certainly doubt everything else is new shrink wrapped, but I would buy it if the price is right.


Also got a Word Feud CIB in $226 from another vendor, feel bad for the guy who bought the "sealed" one in 678 because if you buy a sealed one, you need to open it to check if it was indeed sealed... so it will stand sealed till the end of the times.