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In Topic: 1K Atomchess for Atari VCS/2600

Today, 1:26 PM

Just confirmed this game works with the Atari Flashback Portable.

In Topic: Atari Flashback Portable FAQ and Compatibility List

Today, 1:23 PM

Aardvark is a homebrew in development which just I've made compatible with AFP http://atariage.com/...-atari-vcs2600/

Also I've confirmed that Space Raid also works with AFP. http://nanochess.org/space_raid.html

And 1K Atomchess also fully functional http://atariage.com/...-atari-vcs2600/

In Topic: Flashback Portable: Needed Controller Hacks

Today, 1:22 PM

Not sure why, but appears the AFP doesn't support a bank switch in the middle of display kernel.

This happened to me with Aardvark, I just put all display in one bank and worked fine.


In Topic: Aardvark for Atari VCS/2600

Today, 1:21 PM

I've received a gift from Tarzilla, he sent me an Atari Flashback Portable with one condition: make Aardvark to work on it.

It took me two days but today finally I've managed to achieve it :) it results the AFP crashes if the display kernel has a bank switch! I've moved all display code to a single bank.

In a related note, Space Raid works just fine in the AFP.

In Topic: CoolCV emulator for Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and Raspberry

Thu May 25, 2017 9:27 PM

Sorry, I was editing my original post to clarify what led to the flameout. Here are the added details, again:
"ETA: To clarify, dropping .rom files onto the window crashes out the application instantly. Dropping onto the .app icon in the dock loads the .rom without issue. For whatever reason, I figured dropping onto the window would also work ... guess not. Should it? If not, can the window not serve as a drop target to prevent frustration?"

Hmmmm! Libsdl is handling the window, I guess I need to ask in the forums.