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In Topic: IntyBASIC compiler v1.2.9: The good things are now better!

Yesterday, 9:24 PM

Is there no way to use colored squares mode in IntyBASIC? I don't think I've ever tried it.


Oh wait, is it just color stack mode, and you set bit 12 on a card? Does that mean you can mix and match the modes?


Yes, just set color stack mode, set bit 12 and clear bit 11 in card. This means also you don't have access to GROM cards with "high" colors.

In Topic: CoolCV emulator for Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and Raspberry

Yesterday, 7:25 PM

I'ml liking CoolCV but I have a question. I've tried to play SG-1000 games but with very little luck with the roms I've tried. For instance, N-Sub will only fire one way, The Castle won't boot up at all, Hang On II won't move, etc.  The only thing I have done is change the fire button mappings, etc. All the ColecoVision games work great. Do SG-1000 games use different buttons? I use the current version of CoolCV but I went back to 6.0 to see if that make a difference but I get the same thing. I'm using Windows 10. Thanks.



I'll give a look, it should have worked just fine but I could have made a mistake.

In Topic: 2018 Contest Chat

Yesterday, 5:25 PM

Is that another way of saying that the contestants will have a blast and the competition will be the bomb?


You're the man :)

In Topic: 2018 Contest Chat

Yesterday, 2:07 PM

This current game could use better graphics and sound. ;)


Ok, more realistic :P


In Topic: 2018 Contest Chat

Yesterday, 1:44 PM

Sunday is your fun day?


It could be... :ponder: