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#2402606 The real cause of the 1983 video game crash

Posted by Zedex on Sun Nov 6, 2011 4:25 PM

The crash only really affected North American video game consoles. Computers were affected by a totally different crash, caused by Commodore's race to the bottom business tactics. It started with TI, and soon Coleco Adam, PCjr, and the Mattel Aquarius withdrew from the market. By 1984, control of the computer market was in the hands of Commodore, Apple and Atari, with Tandy trying to stay afloat in the lower end, and IBM dominating the high end business class. But the years from 1983 to 1986 were the golden age of home computer games. When the NES came out, many people who didn't have the money for computers flocked to it. These kind of people probably didn't have any system other than an Atari or a Coleco, so the crash seemed more widespread, and the NES would have "saved all of gaming". But the NES only saved console games, and consoles are only one part of the picture.