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#4234024 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by Tillek on Thu Mar 7, 2019 6:22 PM

alcatraz bbs always can use a call,9000


make sure disconnect mode on your lantronix is C1

and telnet padding is off on you console server like mss or scs



I think pretty much all of them could use a call....

#4229791 Anybody seen or heard from Sloopy?

Posted by Tillek on Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:21 PM

If you or anyone else knows the name he's going by on Facebook, please let us know.


We need to know to be aware... and to beware....

#4226731 Atari Chat Tonight

Posted by Tillek on Sun Feb 24, 2019 3:33 PM


It died out some years back, I eventually  just gave up.



Given the new "retro revival" maybe some of the "new blood" would be interested in starting it up again?

#4224513 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by Tillek on Thu Feb 21, 2019 2:23 PM

Thank you.... I'm looking forward to playing with this.


I had a thought for a multi-line Atari 8-bit BBS (well, and ST as well) but beyond buying a few Mega's and 800xls I'm beginning to wonder if it would be worth the effort.  I have a hard enough time keeping my one line BBS's busy

#4214716 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by Tillek on Wed Feb 6, 2019 10:22 PM

This is my baby. This is my very first Atari 800 from May 1983. I used to run my bulletin board on it so I installed a speaker cut off switch which you can see next to the control button this was so I could turn off the speaker at night because people would send control-Gs which would ring the bell on the internal speaker on the computer at night to get me to go into chat with them through the sysop console.

Its connected with an ATR 8000 with the copower 88 processor upgrade, Inside the 800 its fully tricked out with a full view 80 Bit-3 80 column card in slot 3. A magna systems 256K/16 K ram card and ram drive in slot number 2. An axlon 32k ram card in slot number one and an integrator OS board in slot number 0

Bob Wooley was very kind enough to send me an FTE sweet 16 65816 upgrade module and Im gonna try to install it into the 800

Someone asked if I could provide them copies of BBS Software I have. Will be reading them all in and SIO2PCing over to make ATRs to post up in a day or so.

Thank you!  That BBS software would be greatly appreciated!


One thing I had heard of was a multi-node software running off multiple 800's sharing a single Corvus HD... I was always curious how that worked....   Just a simple file-lock strategy?  Might be a good way to do a multi-line BBS for the A8.


Then again, it's hard enough to get callers for just one node let alone justify working on a multi-node one.

(And yes, I do know about TCP/IP Express with the multiplexer, but unless I'm wrong, I don't think that hardware is available for purchase and I don't think the software is available either).

#4186206 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by Tillek on Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:32 AM

Ive been flirting with the idea of putting my old customized Carnival (heavily modified AMIS) software which I then heavily modified to run multi-user on a network of 800s connected to a Corvus HD.

If you still have the equipment, go for it.  Was talking to another old AMIS sysop on Facebook trying to get his mod going.    I remember AMIS quite fondly... was the first BBS software I worked on modifying.


From what I remember, I actually got it working with more than one message base.

#4183871 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by Tillek on Tue Dec 25, 2018 8:29 AM

It was new 6 months ago, but I'll try it.


Edit: Does it rely on the battery when it is powered on 24/7?

Not sure about relying on it, but I know the last one I put in my BBS RT8 didn't last long at all.... Sometimes with the button batteries it's hard to tell how long they've been sitting on a shelf.


But I don't think I got more than 8 months on my last battery. 

#4126706 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by Tillek on Wed Oct 3, 2018 6:39 PM

Great idea Doc! 


That reminds me of something I was thinking about: A Win32 executable that would scrape some latest news headline sites and download the top articles as text. Have it save to a PCLINK: directory, and then an automated script could run on the Atari to pull the latest news onto the board.



Like my boss says... all things are possible.  It is just a question of the resources to be spent (manpower/infrastructure/etc) justifies the returns.

#4126000 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by Tillek on Tue Oct 2, 2018 6:52 PM


I am able to connect to Bates Motel. I connected a day or two ago.


ST Guild has been down for awhile. I asked the SysOp about it and he says he's gotten very busy with other things recently. He didn't give a time frame when it will return.


I heard from the SysOp of Alcatraz today. His BBS will be sporatically up and down in the near term as he works to recover some data on another hard drive partition. Also when you try to connect to Alcatraz, be sure to use the dynamic dns address. The BBS' static I.P. has changed. Some BBS lists (including http://www.sfhqbbs.o...taribbslist.php) have the outdated static IP address for Alcatraz. The dynamic dns telnet address is alcatrazbbs.ddns.net:9000.


Any word on when YYZ and 8 Bit Guild will return?



Sorry... I don't know any more about LC's systems than you do.


I've been hoping to get together with ST Guild's SysOp, but things have been hectic here and he seems to have more interest in car shows. ;)  We'll arrange something.... someday.

#4125374 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by Tillek on Mon Oct 1, 2018 6:03 PM

What are some good active BBSs? The lists on the web seem very transient. Many thanks! 

Good blog post.  Glad to see more people interested in the BBS scene.


I got around to updating the BBS list (had to burn some PTO time......)   Sorry it's been so long.




... and of course, SFHQ is still around.  TVAG... sometimes.  (Just have to figure out how to turn off the new user lock I put on there awhile back).


Just a note.. I put ST Guild as offline since the domain name fails to resolve.... I kept Bates Motel up since I can never seem to access it though others can.....  If anyone has any more information, it's always appreciated.

#4062956 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by Tillek on Wed Jul 4, 2018 10:10 AM

Happy Independence Day Everyone!


Today also marks 1 year since the reboot of the Basement BBS.


Thank you everyone for your support!

Happy Birthday!

#4030931 Bye, Atari

Posted by Tillek on Sat May 19, 2018 8:11 PM


u poor troll (only u in this forum.. only you.. poor old negative troll)

You're the one.  You can say it all you want, but you're a liar, a cheat, a thief....


You have no honor.  You have no dignity.  You have no value as a human being.



Bleeding liar, so much for BYE....Now bugger off with your stolen items and find a bridge to live under...


The forums equivalent of an STD...

He doesn't care.  He has no honor.  He has no value to humanity.  None of us believed for a second that he wasn't coming back.

#4013757 Bye, Atari

Posted by Tillek on Mon Apr 23, 2018 5:26 PM

yes indeed, some people including myself have said we are taking time away but its never been an attention seek, sometimes life gets to be not nice for you or your family or both and yes the notion of computers pales into nothing compared to that but sometimes things get better and we return to the fold but W1k has been a pain in the backside for as long as I remember and talked to people in a way that's not right for a friendly forum.


But I still wish him well but please keep your promise this time mate..


Its rare I'm negative about a member in this way..

I know what you mean.... but frankly, I'm so glad to see him gone.  In fact, I cracked open a few beers tonight just to celebrate.

I'm slightly bothered by your "please keep your promise this time".... has he pulled this one before?


I was about to go to bed happy tonight. :(

#4013749 NEW MIO production run.

Posted by Tillek on Mon Apr 23, 2018 5:06 PM


Well, after paying good old Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs £31.00 in VAT and Parcelforce Worldwide £8.00 in "handling fees" I finaly got my hands on the package I've been waiting for from MetalGuy icon_mrgreen.gif

attachicon.gifMIO 001.jpg
attachicon.gifMIO 003.jpg
attachicon.gifMIO 004.jpg

Only bummer now is I have to work today icon_sad.gif

Thanks again Ken. I'm sure I'll have some questions for all you MIO users once I get it set up, but I'm planning to read through the relevant threads here again today.

While humming the "It's a small world after all" theme....

I just bought this one off ebay.



#4013679 Bye, Atari

Posted by Tillek on Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:16 PM

you can't end on 1,666 posts :)

For him, that's kinda appropriate.