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#3433432 Jon Radoff talks "Space Empire Elite" and "Final Frontier"

Posted by Tillek on Fri Feb 5, 2016 1:43 PM

Two questions since this is an active thread:


*Do any ST terminal programs support ATASCII enough to convince any A8 BBS software into believing it's an A8 computer?


*Do any TT/Falcon terminal programs support full ANSI?


I'm trying to remember if I was still using Flash or STalker when I moved up to the Falcon or if I was using something else on it. I vividly recall accessing the net on my Falcon via Lynx/Gopher but later switched to PC when the web exploded in popularity. That and for Microsoft Word over AtariWorks.

I don't remember an ATASCII terminal for the ST (doesn't mean there wasn't one, I just don't remember ever using one).... however, if you have a PC and want a good ATASCII experience, SyncTerm (Windows) handles ATASCII very well and it is still being updated. http://syncterm.bbsdev.net/


To the second question, ANSITerm is my favorite full ANSI terminal program.  It runs on the ST and Falcon (never tried it on a TT).

#3432976 Best Atari 8-Bit Computer model to start collecting with?

Posted by Tillek on Thu Feb 4, 2016 9:05 PM

First computer -- get a  800XL.  Better build quality and reliability than the XEs. 


If you have the opportunity for a second, get an 800.  Built like a tank.  The 1200XL with a video fix, and SIO power fix would also be an acceptable second.



If you exhaust the possibilities of the 8-bits and want the next generation look for an Amiga.

Amiga?  Found one.... in the dumpster.

#3428123 How Do I tell what version of TOS I have on ROM?

Posted by Tillek on Sat Jan 30, 2016 12:19 AM

Or the previously mentioned SYSINFO program, which was one of the answers to the original question asked and answered here.

(or would that not work here?)



#3413286 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by Tillek on Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:11 PM

So, is running an Atari BBS in an emulator considered taboo? I wouldn't mind running an Atari BBS in emulator for telnet access since I have a PC up 24/7 running Synchronet already.

No... It's really a personal choice.  There are Atari BBS's running on emulators...   I personally only run on real hardware just because that's how I prefer to retro (if I'm going to use my PC to run a BBS, then I'll run a modern PC BBS... plus, my old Atari equipment still works).  But if you want to run an emulated one, more power to you!


But if you're expecting to get tons of callers, don't waste your time, you'll just be disappointed.  But if you don't mind putting the work in knowing that maybe people will call, maybe they won't but you're having fun with it anyway.... then welcome to the club.

#3410331 Super SpartaDOS Cartridges Pre-order

Posted by Tillek on Thu Jan 7, 2016 4:46 PM

So is there any chance at this point of the PCB at a higher cost?  I would really prefer that one since I have 2 bad R-Time8s and 1 bad SDX cart already. (I'd even pay more for it than the cased version really).  If not, then I'll go ahead and order one of the cased ones.


Let me know.  Thanks.

#3366609 Atari BASIC, was it intended as an interim BASIC?

Posted by Tillek on Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:58 PM

Atari was known sometimes for choosing the poorest solution for production and backshelving the best solution.


Which is why we aren't all using TOS machines as the frontline of business productivitiy (or Amiga, if you want to go there).

#3307494 A divorce on the cards! Wife threw out my Mega ST keyboard!

Posted by Tillek on Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:32 AM

Make her pay for an eBay replacement out of her shoe money!!!

#3287143 Guess What's Coming to Dinner?

Posted by Tillek on Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:31 PM

I wrote it along with John Hemmon  in Bedford Texas

Yes, but can you help the man re-live it after bumping his 12 year old post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#3271973 New TV show - Halt and Catch Fire

Posted by Tillek on Mon Jul 6, 2015 10:24 AM

Unrealistic?  Here's unrealistic for you.  You're a computer nerd in 1985.  You're about to have sex... with a girl.... who's not ugly!!!.  Your friends totally mess it up for you... on purpose... You don't punch any of them right in the nose.....

#3261487 Do these pictures really have to be this big?

Posted by Tillek on Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:21 PM

Actually, depending on the pictures, I disagree strongly...  Like the E3 Atari pics... I wanted to see the detail.

#3260923 Atari 8bit pics from E3

Posted by Tillek on Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:37 PM

It would have been cool if Atari had made an over-the-computer expansion box like Apple's dual disk but slimmer to give an XLD look.

Well, I can slap two 1050's or Indus GTs on top of a 1200xl (and put something in the back to hold the weight).... But a 1450XLD..........  The hours I spent just reading the specs and looking at the picture.  Guys.... we have to make repros.... We have to!

#3260802 Atari 8bit pics from E3

Posted by Tillek on Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:48 PM

1450XLDs on a clearance table for $100.  I'm physically ill right now.

#3258469 New TV show - Halt and Catch Fire

Posted by Tillek on Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:25 AM

I just wonder who is going to play Al Gore when they get to the episode where they invent the internet.

#3253137 My Atari 8-bit Role Call

Posted by Tillek on Sun Jun 7, 2015 8:36 PM

Yeah.... That's the way to go.....  Kinda like my foolproof car anti-theft system...... Park next to a car that has a much higher theft percentage than mine!

#3193378 Atari 8-bit related BBS(s)

Posted by Tillek on Sun Mar 8, 2015 5:22 AM

Just an update... Got SFHQ back up this morning.  Decided not to keep it down until everything was re-done (got some stuff on order, want to experiment with some things).  Fixed the main problem with the partitions (luckily, no bad sectors/clusters... not bad for a hard drive that is older than many of my fellow students at school!)