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Atari 520 ste not working help!

Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:16 PM

I have recently bought an Atari 520ste from e bay.
It was working fine when i bought it but after a few times when switching on the power, the screen would not load up and the floppy drive light (top right) not working. The ste the power light (bottom left) is working fine so i asume that the power supply is o.k!
Anyway i bought a new Falcon 3.5" floppy drive from e bay and installed it. The drive seems to work fine and you can even hear it spinning but nothing loads on the screen.
To connect the Atari to the T.V i use an atari RGB/Scart lead, could the problem be that i need a driver for the new floppy drive or is there another fault that could becausing this problem?
Can anyone please give me any solutions to this problem?