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I like to rant. > I played Warcraft III for the first time today and I found something to complain about

Posted 28 February 2013

I was going to play Warcraft II today, but the only thing I could find in the house is Warcraft III, so I played it for the first time today. I'm pretty sure it's my brother's, 'cause I don't remember buying it.Am I the only one who thinks the dialogue is both badly written and poorly performed? I swear, every time I watched an Orc cut...

I like to rant. > Trying my hand at game reviews

Posted 25 January 2013

This isn't a rant, but I've only got the one blog to work with, so I'm posting it here.My friend and I don't really play games very often, but when we do we review them. We're working on making a Youtube series in which we play games we've never played before (and usually don't know the controls for) and review them in a lackad...

I like to rant. > Aren't all directors 'Visionaries'?

Posted 17 January 2013

One thing has been bugging me recently. In trailers for films they will sometimes tout the director of the film as a 'visionary director', and it really gets on my nerves. From  Tim Burton, the visionary director of that one stop-motion film with scary-looking puppets that you don't want to show to your five year old because she will be scarr...

I like to rant. > Sugar Free Cherry Pepto-Bismol

Posted 28 December 2012

I have many intolerances to foods, so I am quite familiar with the taste of Pepto-Bismol and its cheaper knockoffs. I am okay with the flavour of Pepto-Bismol. I have nothing against it (though I hear some people can't stand the stuff) and I will continue to use it because it works. Recently, however, I had the misfortune of having to use a sugar free...