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#3117752 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MagnaFarce on Thu Nov 20, 2014 2:20 PM

What have I gotten myself into? I got a bit drunk the other day and bought twelve untested Odyssey2 consoles on eBay shipped for $150. I'll be happy if I can piece together three or four working consoles out of this and miraculously sell the rest of them for parts.

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#3064454 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MagnaFarce on Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:24 PM

LOL! a little off topic, but has anyone seen the somewhat x-rated Flash Gordon spoof "FLESH GORDON"? Funny as heck!!!!! It's sort of like "The Toxic Avenger" that style of raunchy comedy.

I've heard of it (even downloaded both of 'em), but I still haven't seen it. I assume they're kind of similar to the old Russ Meyer skin flicks and Barbarella?

#3062381 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MagnaFarce on Thu Aug 28, 2014 11:35 AM

It's pretty cool the stuff you can get when doing handyman jobs. I've gotten a new dishwasher, a Sony surround sound system (still in the box), and a dozen bottles of wine, all for free, from people I've worked for doing odd jobs.

#3050659 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MagnaFarce on Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:30 AM

I had a very unexpected deal yesterday.
Recently I bought a box of 100+ PC games on eBay for $95. I've been thinning through them, grabbing the ones I think I'd like, putting other ones on eBay. I had a small stack of games that weren't worth enough to bother trying to sell on eBay, as well as a couple big box PC games I bought in the past but decided I didn't want anymore. All in all maybe $40 worth of games at eBay prices.

I'm buddies with the guys at a game shop downtown who I met at a local convention I was helping run. I hadn't seen them for a while, so I dropped in with my small box of games with the intention to trade them in for a pittance (I really just wanted to get rid of them to clear up space and didn't care what I got for them) and hang out for a bit. After hanging out for 20 minutes or so one of the employees, Carl, asked me if I was interested in a ColecoVision. When I had first met these guys six months ago he had offered it to me for $100, so I expected the same price and declined, telling him that I really like finding things in the wild. Carl then told me that he just needed to get rid of the thing because it was taking up so much space and no one other than me seemed to want it. He offered it to me for $20. No way in hell I was going to say no to that. In the end I ended up trading the box of games for the ColecoVision.



Pretty excited. I've been looking for one of these for three years. Of course, now I have a console which takes up even more space than the games I had gotten rid of to clear out space!

#3019910 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MagnaFarce on Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:38 PM

Picked up a couple nice finds from Craigslist over the past couple days.

Yesterday I was looking around for my usual searches, not finding much of anything. When I searched for 'Intellivision', though, I hit the juicy stuff.
Six Intellivision consoles, two of them in box, and a boxed Intellivoice module. Haven't tested them yet, but I'll be happy if even half of them work without any trouble.
Also came with all these boxed games. I looked through several of them and they had their overlays, so I'm thinking most, if not all, of the games have at least the overlays. I guess the guy who was selling them has been cleaning out his 80 year old father's garage for him and neither of them wanted them anymore. They had an Intellivision when he was growing up, and his dad just bought every Intellivision he ever came across at garage sales for replacement parts and backups. Got all of it for $100.

I just got back today from picking up some Commodore 64 stuff.

The Commodore itself has a couple broken keys, but I've already got a nice working one, so I'm not really worried. I mainly wanted the peripherals. I've been wanting to get my hands on a Commodore floppy drive for a while now since I've got a bunch of 5.25" floppies I bought a while ago, and I just don't want to have to deal with cassette tapes anymore. The Koala pad doesn't have the stylus, but that's a pretty quick fix. I'm interested to see what the Power Pad has to offer. Also nice to have a couple more joysticks.

There was a box of software as well. Most of them are educational games for kids, but I'm still gonna check 'em out. A couple of them have some nifty keyboard overlays. Got everything for $40.


#2967341 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MagnaFarce on Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:49 AM

Heh! I had some really good finds yesterday at the flea market.

I came across a complete in box Mavica printer as well as a few other boxed Mavica items (excited to try out the Mavica video camera). Got everything for $25.

I also picked up a Minidisc deck for $6. I've wanted one of these for a while but didn't want to pay more than ten dollars for one. I can't wait to try it out.


All in all a very good day at the flea market. Other recent finds include a Dreamcast fishing controller for $3, two six-switch 2600's with a bunch of controllers for $30, and twelve CD computer games for a dollar. Oh, and a free typewriter.

#2966063 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MagnaFarce on Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:37 AM

I've tested the Wii and the 7800 so far.  The 7800 works fine, but it did not come with a power supply.  The Wii came with it's sensor bar and other cables; it works, but it won't play disks - anyone know a fix for that?

Wii's are getting to be cheap enough that it might not be worth fixing it up to use the drive. Personally I would softmod it and use it as a dedicated emulator box.

#2958759 HighScore.com Contest: $50 AtariAge gift certs to winners

Posted by MagnaFarce on Sat Mar 29, 2014 2:12 PM

This site is really coming together. These are some great improvements.

#2958083 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MagnaFarce on Fri Mar 28, 2014 12:16 PM

Picked up a Commodore CDTV from the flea market for $15. Didn't come with the remote, so I had to order one from AmigaKit because I'm impatient and don't want to wait around on eBay for several months to find one at a cheaper price. Cost me $27 total just to get the goddamn remote shipped from the UK, but it's very nice. I think they're selling new old stock remotes because mine is pristine.

I didn't have any CD caddies when I bought the system, so I had to go out and look for one. I was almost going to drive thirty miles to check out a store I was told would have them (because there was no way in hell I was going to spend $11 on eBay for one), but as luck would have it I came across a disc drive at Savers which had a caddy in it, so I bought that instead. Cost $6 and I even got a bonus disc drive out of it.

There's no copy protection so I torrented a huge ISO pack of games and programs. The game shown on the screen in the picture is Xenon 2 just because it was the most readily available ISO when I took the picture (downloaded it from theisozone.com while waiting for the massive torrent to complete). The game actually has some really badass music, though (anything that samples John Carpenter music is badass in my book). I'll probably play it one of these weekends.

Total costs to get this console up and running: $48 (with bonus CD drive for my old computer).

One of these babies just sold recently on eBay for $314, so I consider $48 a great deal even though it's more than I've ever spent on a system before.

Proprietary keyboard and mouse, though. I'll probably never get to use this thing like a computer with prices the way they are.


#2927449 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MagnaFarce on Thu Feb 13, 2014 1:52 PM

Man, I found a lot of stuff at the flea market and Savers over the past two days.

$5 Dreamcast, $1 GC power supply, $1 Lode Runner,  $0.50 Crash Nitro Kart.



Got the TV Scoreboard complete with AC adapter and gun for $9.99 at Savers.

Got Robotron: 2084 and the Sears Video Arcade II controller together for $5. The Game Boy Advance SP was $20.


It's the AGS-101 backlit model.

A few 8-bit Atari games, a red Nunchuck controller, and a Ms. Pac-Man plug and play for $12. (Also got an outlet strip, but it's not pictured.)



SNES AV cable, NES controller, and an RCA television remote which can be modified to work with certain wireless CED players. All for $5.


Two general composite cables, a Playstation AV cable, PSone dualshock, and Sega GT 2002, all for $3. (Also got a USB number pad, but I gave it to my dad to use since I have no use for it at the moment.)

Four ties and Duke Nukem 3D Complete Version for $1.


I also picked up a couple other things, but I figure this is enough for one post.

#2914634 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MagnaFarce on Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:37 AM

I had some really, really good finds today at the flea market.

Atari Video Pinball unit with an AC adapter and a bonus RF switch which will probably never be used by anyone ever. $5, talked down from $10. Works pretty good, too. Less jittery than the unit I already had, so I'll probably swap the innards so I can have one which looks good and plays well.

Atari $5.JPG


Got two Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre trays for only $2. I really like these things, so I'm probably going to keep them until the day I die.

Chuck-E-Cheese $2.JPG


Got a Genesis arcade stick, a Xbox360 AV cable, and a black Nunchuck for the Wii for $5. The guy I bought these from is really cool and always gives me great deals. Way more chill than some of the other horrible people at the flea market who I've developed a true disdain for.

Misc $5.JPG


Speaking of people who I have a disdain for, this next batch came from such a person. It's hard to explain, but I hated this woman's attitude and I refused to let her win. I was originally looking to get the Virtual Boy controller with the AC adapter and the game, which she wanted $10 for. I eventually got her down to $8, but was determined to get it for no more than $7 because of her horrible attitude (hard to explain, but it was horrible). Eventually I walked away, gave my friend a tenner, and told him to go in there and try to haggle for it (he's much better at haggling than I am). I told him to try to get down to $7 (so I could beat her), but that if he could get her to $8 to still go for it, so long as she didn't know she was getting those $8 from me (I really didn't want her to feel like she beat me). After a while he came back and said that she wanted $10 for it, or $20 for a pile of stuff, including a SNES. I told him to go for it and switched the ten for a twenty. After a long time he came back, told me that he hated her attitude and that she was being difficult and ignoring him most of the time, and told me that he was able to get all the following for $19: SNES deck, gold N64 controller (stick is pretty tight still), two SNES AC adapters, Virtual Boy controller, Vertical Force game for the Virtual Boy, AC adapter for the Game Boy, and some misc. RF cables. He also got a weird sandwich press thing, just so he could get more out of her.
It really sounds petty, but this woman was horrible and we were both intent to not let her beat us. I've never met a person quite so difficult and stubborn at the flea market.

Nintendo $20.JPG


We were there a lot later than we would normally go, so we had the opportunity to go through some boxes of stuff which one of the vendors had just left behind. I got a couple of old photo albums of other peoples' families, some sewing templates, and a huge pile of stoner magazines from the '70s. I'm not really into the whole stoner scene, but they looked pretty interesting, and it's hard to say no to something which is free.

Free Beer.JPG


I also finally had a Craigslist deal go through today. I got a Gamecube Game Boy Player disc in the case and with the manual for $10. I recently got a GC at the flea market for $10 with a GB Player attached, so now I have the complete set. Pretty cool.

Game Boy Player $10.JPG

I also picked up a DIVX disc for fifty cents (because I think the things are cool, even if I can't every use them) and spent a dollar for some table edge guards for my sister since she has a baby now and will eventually need to make the place safe for the little goob.

#2909588 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MagnaFarce on Sun Jan 19, 2014 2:48 PM

Pickup hot pixel for the psp for 1 euro.
Just looked at the boxart of the us version, and i'm glad that we europeans got a different boxart.

Wow. Yeah. I just looked up the US cover and it looks like garbage.

#2904172 Odyssey 2 high score contest, win a copy of Wildlife

Posted by MagnaFarce on Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:15 PM

Pretty cool. I'll just have to hope my Odyssey2 gets shipped soon.

#2897140 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MagnaFarce on Wed Jan 1, 2014 10:07 PM

Really big find today. I went onto Craigslist and did my usual searches. 'Atari': nothing. 'Sega': nothing. '3DO': nothing. Nothing good at all. I don't usually search for 'Intellivision', but I decided to give it a shot today. Boy am I glad I did, because it brought up a huge lot posted two hours before with a lot of good stuff which, for some reason, didn't come up in my previous searches even though it included things which were both Atari and Sega, and were labelled as such.


Sega Master System

Sega Genesis (2x model one, 1x model three)

Sega Saturn (x2)

Sega CD model two (this wasn't even mentioned in the post, but when I showed up he said he found it and threw it in the bin)




MVC-003F (2).JPG

Intellivision model one (x2)

A bunch of boxed games of various condition




TurboGrafx-16 (x2)

Core Grafx




Boxed Atari Jaguar



MVC-004F (2).JPG


Damage done was $200 for everything. The guy I bought it from got it all out of a storage shed he's cleaning out (I assume for some family member) and told me he'll call me if he ends up finding any of the cables or controllers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he finds a box full of the stuff.

I've been looking for a TurboGrafx-16, Master System, and Jaguar for a long time now. This is really exciting for me.

#2894647 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MagnaFarce on Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:53 PM

My friend texted me today at 11:30am and asked me if I wanted to go to the flea market. Usually I go earlier and won't go to the flea market after 11:00am, but I figured why not? and said I'd join him. We got there around 12:30pm (which is usually when I'd be leaving) and started browsing. I expected a lot of the good stuff have been already sold or packed up for the day, but I found a couple sweet little bits.
I got a boxed Okimate 10 printer and a Tomy Tutor 16-bit computer from one guy for a total of $25 (talked down from $40). The printer had the Commodore Plug 'n' Print package (usually sold separately) in the box which is good, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it.

I also got a Gamecube power supply for $3 and a really grimy Laserdisc for free. All in all a very good day.