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After 32 years: Silent Butler 80 is found by Curt & call for help

Sun May 19, 2019 7:47 PM

Hi together!


It seems 2019 is the(!) Atari year at all, not only the 40th anniversary. :-)

Thanks to Curt Vendel so many good software, which was believed to be lost or even never existed, came to surface.

Therefore, Curt, we can’t thank you enough for all you have done for Atari and in special for us all. :-)))

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Again in 2019 the impossible has happened, Curt brought us the 80 column version of Silent Butler!

This program was for years on the FBI er Atari list for the most wanted ones!

Now Curt got it! :-) And guess what, he is sharing with us again! WOW! Thank you so much Curt.


We further would like to thank Kevin and Maciej Grzeszczuk for digitizing all the ATRs and taking the pictures of the disk labels. Thank you both so much! :-)


But now, we would like to come to you!

Sadly, I was not able to get just one of the ATRs running. But the data is out there, on the disks, of course. ;-)

Atari Big Data, we all have made in the recent years, now we have to come to Atari 'Big Brain', using all of the Big Data available to get things running.

And that means, we want you:


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to help the community to get Silent Butler 80 running. :-)

Or to say it with Kennedy’s words: Don’t ask, what the community can do for you, ask, what you can do for Keep Atari Great Again (KAGA)!

Please find the whole archive of Silent Butler 80 attached. Further, please take into account, that Silent Butler needs the XEP80:


The original handler from Atari is rather slow, but working, for warp speed, please use the drivers from our Floppydoc and living legend Avery Lee, which he offered on his additions diskette, too.

It is not an easy one, of course, but we are sure, with the help of all, we gonna make it!

The Atari community is strong! Don't mess with Big Brain, you won't make it!

Don’t worry, we won’t send the MP after you, it is fully sufficient, if you can contribute, ideas, tools, suggestions and so on.

Therefore, we would be glad to read from you. :-))))

Curt, Kevin, Maciej, Roland and the force, who is always with us.

How to repair a CX-75 LightPen?

Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:23 PM

Hi together!


Someone gifted me a CX-75 LightPen, please see the picture attached.

We have tested the pen at the NOMAM meeting, but it seems to be out of order. :-(

Does anyone has ever repaired an Atari LightPen?


Thank you so much in advance.


All the best.

Native Atari UK/GB software list

Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:51 PM

Hi together,


My dream is an Atari world, where all the software around the globe is digitized and preserved for generations to come.


To achive this goal, it would be cool to have each country specific Atari software saved.


One of the next logical steps in this regard is Atari UK/GB.


So, does anyone here has a list of software made native in the UK/GB?


I don't mean the US version of an Atari program sold in the UK/GB.


Thanks to Fred_M and Marsupilami we already have:




Any update for this is highly welcome. :-)


Would be cool, to have UK/GB at 100 %.



BTW, does Atari Spain ever existed?


There is so much good software coming from our Spanish speaking users, we really shouldn't miss!



Thank you all so much in advance.

All my wanted stuff, in one thread.

Tue Mar 12, 2019 1:51 PM

Searching for:


McStuff Co. OSS BUG/65 revision 1.1


A digital copy is fully sufficient.


Thank you.

6502 & 6510 Mug big & small :-)

Mon Mar 4, 2019 8:51 PM

Hi together,


There were some misunderstandings, therefore, I hope I can clear this with this post.

Bruce and Laura sell a 6502 (red color)- and a 6510 (blue color)-command mug in big (15 oz) and small (11 oz, also called the nibble edition). The order is always(!) in the US via their website:
but shipping is different!
If you order for example from the EU, then shipping is from within the EU! => much cheaper.
Exchange rate from $ to € as of 3/4/19: 1 : 0,88
Further, 1 US-oz = 29,5735295625 EU-ml.
This results into the following matrix (no matter if 6502 or 6510):

11 oz = 325,3 ml for $17,95 else 15,83 € for the little mug
15 oz = 443,6 ml for $21,95 else 19,36 € for the big mug
Plus shipping:
- Economy (5-10 business days after order) for $4,63 = 4,08 €
- Flat Rate (5-10 business days after order) for $6,45 = 5,69 €
- Standard (3-5 business days after order) for $24,31 = 21,44 €
So, I hope, the fans from the EU have a clearer picture.
Still missing, the coast to coast version mug with 6502, 6510, 65816 and so on in Atari rainbow colors depending on the heat of the coffee or tea... ;-)