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In Topic: Multi-cartridge for Dragon/CoCo 2 available

Fri Apr 5, 2019 6:25 PM

project update:


I just uploaded and ordered five different types of new/modified pcbs from China. 

Hopefully the new pcbs are going to work.  :ponder:

Soldering and heavy testing required, as soon as I have those.


In Topic: Multi-cartridge for Dragon/CoCo 2 available

Fri Apr 5, 2019 6:19 PM

Thank you for the information! :thumbsup: 

If you like, you can use the Marketplace feedback section: -> http://atariage.com/...ic/258478-rolo/

Have fun!


In Topic: Multi-cartridge for Dragon/CoCo 2 available

Fri Mar 29, 2019 4:23 AM

project update:


I'm working on a few modifications and add-ons at the moment, as far as rare spare time allows. Progress is slow.

But the project is not dead at all. A bit patience is required...


In Topic: Multi-cartridge for Dragon/CoCo 2 available

Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:23 PM

Thanks for sharing your experience!  :)


Genius G540 doesn't seem to work with Windows 10 


Can't you just operate it out of an XP or Win 7 virtual machine?

If not, why not format a 2nd partition and install some old Windows OS for that purpose and make your PC a dual boot machine?

In Topic: Multi-cartridge for AVPS 1292 consoles

Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:47 PM

Sorry, I did not see your posting.  ;-)

Multi-cart currently out of stock and currently is being re-furbished a little bit before next batch.

All extension-types are in stock.

You need both: Multi-cart (=memory) and special adapter for MPU 2000.

I'll do a new price calculation soon, but as always, I try to stay cheap. After all, it is a hobby project not a commercial thing, but of course, I have to pay for components and delivery, too.

Multi-cart (incl. eprom) something around maybe US$ 35 ... 40.

Extension something like US$ 15.

Shipping to your country? Just look at DHL's website and use their price calculator. Used to be cheap until 2019. Thus spoke the raven: never more...


Ordering: simply PM me on AA

Paying: Paypal or bank transfer


Best regards,