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In Topic: Nap Protos for Sale!

Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:21 PM

All of the carts have been purchased.  Thank You for all of the good times here in the well Moderated AtariAge Forums.





In Topic: Nap Protos for Sale!

Fri Sep 16, 2016 3:25 PM


I would not even buy them at $100 a piece.  So you can not even accuse me of low balling you.  Just my opinion.


And BTW: Fair Price = Not determined by you.


Yea, whatever you say cupcake, because you have brought sooo many rare protos to light..  Have anyone on this forum right here found a genuine pink panther?  Alright enough said.  Thanks for the defamatory statements and pics btw riverpatroller I will be saving and talking to a lawyer about your online terrorism.  I have been nothing but honest, and up front, I have done everything you have requested to this point, take pics of the boards ok, take pics of the back of the boards, ok, oh well umm can you record yourself playing all of them 1 at a time, yea cuz I have hours of my time to waste for $0 an hour.  Whatever if you don't want them thats fine, I don't care jlanier on here these very forums knows that I'm trustworthy and can be trusted he has purchased a game most of you can only dream of owning from me, and guess what it worked, and yes it was what I stated it was not some pirated this or that made in my basement.  So all the trolls can go back to dancing at the end of the shreck movies.  I will be pulling them down once I get back from my Football game, where my kid starts at noseguard, and my daughter plays in the band, so yes, I have a LIFE maybe some of you should try it.


Ciao' 4 Now,



In Topic: Nap Protos for Sale!

Thu Sep 15, 2016 7:49 PM

Hehehe, very funny, but the stress I was being put under to take pics of this can you show me that, I'm amazed I didn't Misspell every word.  Here's the deal, the games play fine, some are different with diff sprite sizes, some just have diff colors.  I'm not about to play test all of them for a petty $100 each..  Someone pony's up some money, then, and only then will I take requests.  If they are just company copies then Pink Panther must have been a measly company copy.. oh well it brought me $2000.  That's OK, either you want them or you don't.  Like I said earlier circumstances forced me to have to sell these, you should have taken advantage, because now, I DON'T HAVE TO Sell these.  I'm covered so make all the fun you want.  This is your last chance to buy them at a fair price and stop trying to low ball me.  If noone buys at a fair price tomorrow by 5:00pm I will take them off the market. 


Good Night Y'all <-----  There is more for you to laugh at.. Hahaha..



In Topic: Nap Protos for Sale!

Thu Sep 15, 2016 1:34 PM

I did not mis-represent these in any way, I described them using the exact words he said, and it is NOT one user, but two that appraised them within $25 of each other.  I had another user who told me a different story behind these cases / cartridges.  So, no matter who is right, they are valuable, I have them, I want to sell them, I'm sorry for any confusion, I was told they were prototypes, because as you can see in the final post by another user who states he has that space invaders game and it was NOT final version as the gun didn't even fit underneath the shield yet.  Can we please get back to some money talk please, now that, that is settled.  Since he showed me this other post, I will accept as the opening bid $75 on each cart instead of $100.  I might make a better deal on the bundle, just contact me, today is thursday and in order for the $ to even show in my account by saturday it has to be posted by pay-pal to my bank account today.. ;'(  Like I said before I'm disabled with crohns disease I can send you a pic of me with my bag on my side showing and my drivers license no I'm not giving u a sob story this is the way it is folks..  I'm in debt because of a scammer, luckily he didn't get the monitor, so if anyone wants a P-Active 1910a Drawing tablet monitor cheap, hit me up, because they have sold recently on ebay for $409, I'll sell it for $300, maybe $250 but this time I must see the money in my pay-pal NO CHECKS EVER MORE!  On The carts either make me an offer on each or an offer on the lot..  Thanks for listening, I don't want this to turn into a slugfest as I'm trying to sell these, thanks.

In Topic: Nap Protos for Sale!

Thu Sep 15, 2016 1:13 PM

Look here what he says at the end of the conversation..  Here is your appraisal back what did you say 4 years ago, well closer to 5 now that its September, so I was close when I said 5..


Attached File  Nap Protos Appraisal suggestion.png   101.53KB   39 downloads


He stated in the conversation above that if they are copies that nap employees made from that employee that left and went to nap, that they are still rare because noone has seen these boards / hardware combinations inside nap/probe 2000 cart cases before.