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Nap Protos for Sale!

Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:24 PM

Thats right the original owner of the 4th found Pink Panther Proto, has his other nap prototype cartridges up for sale!



I have the following Atari 2600 Nap/Probe 2000 Prototype cartridges for sale!


Mega Mania

Pac Man

ICE Hockey

One that is labeled Dragon Fire on the prom.

Another ICE Hockey


These will be sold to the highest bidder in the following manner:


#1.) Highest Bidder on Each Cartridge wins that game, and it will be removed from the set and no longer available for sale.


#2.) The $$$ must be deposited into my paypal account in a timely manner meaning: THE SAME DAY and By Close of Business which for these purposes will be @ 5pm CST on which day we reach a sale agreement, if it is Past 5pm CST the $$$ Must be Deposited By 12 or Noon CST The Following Day!  ** IF NOT YOU LOSE THE OPTION ON THAT Cartridge and it will be placed back up for sale to the next highest bidder. **


I reserve the right to re-sell any cartridge if #2 stated above is NOT Followed.  I Will Check! - This is to avoid those pesky fights over Sales Done, but I didn't deposit $$$ in time, someone else bought a cartridge, I'm going to sue you situations.


I reserve the right NOT to sell if the Price doesn't reach what I know they are worth - To avoid you trying to undersell me and steal a genuine nap proto from me.


Serious Purchasers ONLY Please.  ** IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THESE ARE PLEASE DO NOT BID OR POST **  It will just slow down the process I need the Sales to go as fast as possible..  So if someone wants to buy the whole lot, make me an offer, who knows the worse that could happen is I turn it down.  I Prefer email bids which are for the entire lot, so no matter where I'm at I will get it on my phone and can see it.


Private msg me on here w/ Name of Cartridge and Amount Your Willing to Pay, or you can contact me @ : storm36969@gmail.com with Subject: "Atarti Proto" and put "Name of Cartridge" & "Amount Your Willing to Pay" in the body.


Pictures of Nap Cartridges Are Up for Verification Purposes, Sales are OPEN.


YES They work, and have been all tested and stored  very carefully after such.  Just Ask Johnathan Laneer Who purchased the pink panther nap proto from me, for $2000.00 and a Playstation 3 version 1 never opened.


Someone asked what are nap prototypes well here is the answer in a picture instead of 1000 words ;')

Attached File  what are atari 2600 nap - probe 2000 prototypes.png   131.89KB   50 downloads



Attached File  Dragon Fire Open.jpg   1.13MB   73 downloadsAttached File  Dragon Fire.jpg   1.07MB   63 downloads

Attached File  dragonfire back.jpg   1.7MB   53 downloads


Attached File  ICE HOCKEY 1 Open.jpg   1.48MB   64 downloadsAttached File  ICE Hockey 1.jpg   1.14MB   68 downloads

Attached File  ice hockey 1 back.jpg   1.57MB   46 downloads


Attached File  ICE Hockey 2 Open.jpg   1.42MB   72 downloadsAttached File  ICE Hockey 2.jpg   1.37MB   67 downloads

Attached File  Ice Hockey 2 Back.jpg   1.69MB   49 downloads


Attached File  Mega Mania Open.jpg   1.13MB   61 downloadsAttached File  Mega Mania.jpg   1.12MB   63 downloads

Attached File  Mega Mania Back.jpg   1.7MB   47 downloads


Attached File  Pac-Man Open.jpg   1.13MB   63 downloadsAttached File  Pac-Man.jpg   1.53MB   63 downloads

Attached File  pac man back.jpg   1.68MB   50 downloads


PS:  ** THANK YOU for Helping Us Out, As The $$$ from these are going to help My Daughter and I get the essentials for our new apartment...  **