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#4260549 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by AtariNerd on Today, 12:53 PM

They wood grain alot more backers with a pack-in bong

EDIT(ed) that for you. Sorry, I couldn't help it. ;) Wood grain bongs. Sort of like a pipe - well, it is a pipe. Anyways... :P

#4248291 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by AtariNerd on Sat Mar 30, 2019 8:33 PM

If this wound up being a new case, based around a VCS Jnr or a Jaguar II design, I wouldn't mind. I'd have to wait until it hit clearance, though. 


From what I've heard, the Jaguar/Chameleon molds are in safe hands - Albert's, and probably won't be mussed with, anymore.


EDIT: My grammar can be a bit annoying, sorry about that.

#4247684 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by AtariNerd on Fri Mar 29, 2019 6:53 PM

^Yeah, it might technically work alright. Looks like possibly enough clearance for a small fan, might be doable, now. If they were ordinary amateurs, bumbling along and figuring out things as they go, we might be willing to cut them suitable slack, but the project has been built on deception from the start, so it might be a bit difficult for us to shift gears to accepting they might just make it work, even if just perfunctorily. The case looks fairly nice and usable/suitable for a second life, beyond this iteration of the brand, when these get cleared out, if they appear in suitable quantities, at all.


Still expect they're looking to entice/con a sugar-daddy to invest or are just looking for a buy-out, by proposing something that might be workable, passing on the actual actuation to a different party.

#4246245 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by AtariNerd on Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:39 PM

Welp, just got sumptin' in the mail - wrong button color (ordered the Japanese blue/red scheme, but got white/gray, instead), but I think, at least as far as I can tell, in person, I might like this just as well, compared to how I felt looking at it on the 'net. Anyways, it's such a small detail, which overall for the sysyem, is better in person than the pics on-line, attest to, that I'm not bothered in the least, and I can be picky. Won't get to play until later today, but yeah, it's here!



#4244608 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by AtariNerd on Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:32 AM

^Oh, that cart-adapter is actually quite nice-looking for what it is. 

#4244273 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by AtariNerd on Sun Mar 24, 2019 4:50 PM

Now that's a Taco.




"...a turducken for drunks and stoners."

#4239807 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by AtariNerd on Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:18 AM

Well, we're in the last hundred days, or so, of the campaign, aren't we? Maybe we could incorporate a side-focus, on some tacos gone wrong,other unsatisfatacory experiences.or just tacos that are outside the mold, with atypical ingredients, like spaghetti or some such. I stole this from Google cache, as the original image appears to have been deleted or removed from public viewing on the site it was posted at. ;)



#4239594 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by AtariNerd on Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:31 PM




There are a lot of ways to make to poutine (which, it should be pointed out, is Quebecois, not French), but at its most basic poutine consists of the following:


  1. French Fries
  2. Cheese Curds
  3. Gravy

Note #2 above - cheese curds.  Not cheese.  If you're making poutine with cheese, you're failing at it.


Any other additions are fine, but fries, gravy, and curds are the base.  If it doesn't have those, it's not poutine.

 I stand corrected. I knew someone would note the cheese and I was going to make a comment about attempting to co-opt Poutine ,by making it French, but thought better of it. icon_wink.gif

#4239579 1088XLD - Custom A8 Computer in 1050 Drive Case

Posted by AtariNerd on Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:36 PM

I know others might have thought of this, as well and it might go a little contrary to the intended spirit of this,which is reuse and preservation, mainly un-modded, of the original hardware, but if someone were to have a custom front-bezel made,with an extended front on the right-hand side, it might be possible, with a squeeze, to move the mouse/key/joys connectors back down to the main board, allowing basic function in not just the 1050 case, but in basic, custom-made cases, as well. Most of the other add-ons then could be put on one level (CF drive might not fit), either leaving a good deal of space if the full-height bezel and case are used, or a custom, low-profile top-panel might also be printed, along with a lower-profile bezel, making a slim-line style case. I know - "Well, Atarinerd, get to work on it, then." icon_wink.gif

#4239409 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by AtariNerd on Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:13 PM

Hmmm. Maybe time for Atari to reconsider their investments.



#4236824 FPGA Based Videogame System

Posted by AtariNerd on Tue Mar 12, 2019 1:00 PM

Soon approaching putting that other would-be console thread (that I won't mention by name) , in its place, in all metrics, probably within the next few days, but hopefully, at least before the official launch of the Analogue SG, as that would seem somehow fitting. Shouldn't be a problem. icon_wink.gif

Stats from that quite silly thread:

472 pages
11,829 replies


EDIT: Oh, Shnap - done.

#4230599 1088XLD - Custom A8 Computer in 1050 Drive Case

Posted by AtariNerd on Sat Mar 2, 2019 1:08 PM

Yeah, from what I've read, blue LEDs are easier to create and are a bit more efficient than pure white LEDs. Most of the "white" LEDs on the market are created by using a blue LED, but having a phosphor coating on the inside, that through some process of photon-bumping, it transforms into what we perceive as closer to pure white light, though not quite a full, continuous-spectrum version of it. There be gaps. Some principal, that if I understood quantum-mechanics, I might be able to fathom, but since I don't, I have to scratch my chin and go "neato". icon_wink.gif

#4229091 New Atari Console that Ataribox?

Posted by AtariNerd on Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:31 PM

Closest thing to a legit TacoBox you'll get on KS, this year, probably. ;)



#4215465 8 bit ports over too ST/STE

Posted by AtariNerd on Fri Feb 8, 2019 3:40 AM

I had started to bring up the Crown Land conversion, as I had stumbled upon it while poking around in the Super XE thread, but later decided not to, because the specific art decisions, seemed to fit within the specs and limitations of what that proposed system might be capable of and what its games might look like.  Odd speculative thing.

#4207391 Super XE Game Machine

Posted by AtariNerd on Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:06 PM

I think discpveries, such as these, serve as a sort of validation and give a sort of permission to explore ideas, because they give an insight into possible intentions and plans.


Before now, there was no known route that Atari seemed to be taking in terns of their 8-bit line, in terms of A/V, beyond its initial offering and a few accessory add-ons. While other systems of the era, namely the PC and, yes, the Apple II, got upgrades, and other systems with better specs came out, following a natural progression. Atari was stuck in 78-80 land; although it could be argued, that for the time, for the price, it was a mark above what others had to offer. Warner seemed cautious in developing the Atari computer systems further, instead focusing on the 2600 as there cash cow and Jay and much of the other pioneering talent left, seeking better shores, but not before proposing a newer system, based on the 68000, which with further development, elsewhere, became what we all know. 


System adherents, have long speculated what might have been, what Atari might have logically done to answer the call. One answer, from as an official inside source as any, the same one who helped develop the ST, seems to be to shoot for the rafters, again, pushing what was thought possible for the day. So, the question of what a hypothetical Atari 8-bit could be, has had its potential goal-posts shifted, into the realm of the early 16-bits, somewhere in the field of what an ST or the Amiga could do, within limitations. Early Arcade games, CGA games from the PC realm, done in 320 mode and 16 colors - no problem, some games from the ST and Amiga - definitely, maybe,  640 mode, 80-column text mode for office and productivity- work - no problem.  Basically, what potentially have been a viable system for much of the 8-bits life run - pow, done (though a bit too late to have much effect in the day and honestly, pretty much done posthumously icon_wink.gif ) Extrapolating, from that, maybe a 160  pixel, 256 color mode, as a compromise, that might have extended it beyond for a bit, mainly hobbiests - possible? And a goodly number of Sprites . Honestly,  those specs are well-beyond what I might have expected Atari to put out then and were probably doomed from the start, due to the price-wars.  160 pixel, 16  and 320, 4-color direct-color modes, would be what I would have considered pretty adequate and within what a stock 6502 might reasonably push. 


If the card bus expansion system had come out, something like the VBXE, might have naturally developed, after an arbitrary standard was decided on. It hasn't been too heavily developed for, however, partly because of these lingering doubts, often with deliberately-modest, with mild additions, to keep things within the realms of possibility and feasibility and what the stock processor could push, especially within a game environment. The high-color modes are mainly used for still images or are used with interpreted code done for demos, with a mix of lower-color modes and spot effects, color tables, used for games. Great stuff. Disk access times, legacy media and the system bus provide a built-in check on ambition, to some extent. Enter the 65816 and what the may allow. icon_smile.gif Perhaps, the documents proposed specs, could be used as a base guideline for some potential development on the VBXE, catered with them in mind.  You have permission, it's (un)officially within spec, after all. icon_razz.gif  Anything above that is your own prerogative. And, If further or alternative hardware developments do occur, based on these or new proposals, and I'm personally looking forward to the possibilities, it then wouldn't be too difficult to port apps or games, over, to work on the new hardware. Nice thing is that software, like Altira, already give an environment that that experimentation can occur.