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Osgeld's Blog > Project 65XE: eh maybe we should do something

Posted 02 April 2018

Yea its been since September of 2017 since I actually did anything, but I was re-arranging my shelf of stuff the other day and said "hey you do not have any projects that are paying you money for a couple weeks, put down the brand new (to me) coco 3 and work on the Atari!"
In my last update I cut a gigantic hole in the front of my case to accommoda...

Osgeld's Blog > Project 65XE: I cut you up so bad ...

Posted 21 September 2017

in this post I am going to take a fairly nice 65XE case, and put a big arse hole right in the face of it, lets put our big boy pants on!
This of course is for the LCD Screen of the integrated SIO2SD 
First I am going to place the LCD screen roughly where I want it, on the 65XE the most appropriate pla...

Osgeld's Blog > Project 65XE: GOODIES

Posted 18 September 2017

Today I got a fat box of crap from mouser, 512k Sram, stuff for SIO2SD and connectors wooter 

I still haven't laid out PCB's yet cause I had to make some last min alterations to what packages of components I got, and I wanted to lay hands on them before committing (that and being a combination of stupid busy and lazy) I did get a hand...

Osgeld's Blog > Project 65XE: Chip Removal

Posted 09 September 2017

Nothing too much today, I have the schematics all drawn up for the mods I want to do (video, internal SIO2SD, 512k ram, dual pokey), going to review those tonight and work on the pcb anyway far enough along I can go ahead and order a pile o parts ...
side tangent, when I was younger there were a couple, one stop electronics shops around ... like mi...

Osgeld's Blog > Project 65XE: A good scrubdown, retrobrite on the cheap, change power LED lens

Posted 27 August 2017

I got on it this weekend with this machine (and I am tired of scrubbing). I scrubbed the case down with heavy duty decreasing cleaner (says to dilute with water, bah who has time for that) and a bunch of paper towels and rags and a brush. That was fun 
once I did that I tore apart the keyboard, and did the same on each individual key, even mor...