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IBM thinkpad 365 xd

Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:03 PM

Got this as part of a lot


Smashed screen

Missing cd drive 

Missing hard drive

No power supply


Actually works fine outside of that, its a sub 100 mhz original pentium

Has at least 8 megs of ram 1 meg of vga ram and a ess audio drive siund balater compatible 


I have drivers for sound card and setup utility I have booted win 95 on it with an external monitor using the drive from my (other)thinkpad 


Takes a 16 volt power supply with a C sized tip


Free +postage USA only please


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8x 1MB 30 pin simms

Wed Feb 20, 2019 8:49 PM


Tested working

3 bucks for postage usa only pleaseAttached File  20190220_203852~2.jpg   780.65KB   0 downloads

PC ISA Soundcard / Modem Combo Card

Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:12 PM


SOLD : 4 Switch Woody with AV and Stereo

Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:21 PM

For sale, av and stereo modded 4 Switch Woody (happens to have a sunnyvale label on it) 
Scrubbed Case 
All switches cleaned with contact cleaner
Replaced 7805 Voltage regulator added heat sink
Removed RF modulator and installed composite video mod featuring a FMS6363 video buffer/driver/filter
Added Stereo mod without bending pins on the TIA chip, channel select switch now switches from stereo and mono (over stereo connection) function 
AV connections via standard RCA connectors
Systems come with:
Aftermarket power supply
Stereo AV cable 
Asking 60$ Shipped, Paypal & USA only Please and Thanks
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Now open ... Osgeld's Mod Shop

Sun Nov 11, 2018 10:44 PM

I have a handful of little projects and whatnot that interests this community ... but its been dreadful to manage full time via private messages + spreadsheets over time and listing stuff on ebay pretty much zaps any hope of making a return 


so I opened Osgeld's Mod Shop, which handles my random brain on crap assorted goods I think people would like to buy, but I dont want to manage manually. 


At the moment there's only a few items for sale, world wide shipping based on weight is available, but there's more to come


Right now there are 


  1. Atari 2600 CX40 tactile switch drop in replacement boards 
  2. Generic snap dome switch 10 packs
  3. 6 pack choose a color switch dust cover replacements 

In the future I am considering...

  • Universal FMS6363 video buffer/filter/amp boards which I have been using in systems for years, on every atari I have sold + other systems
  • SNES super CIC (SNES region free) mod board
  • SNES 240p component kits
  • Switchless Sega Genesis region mod board
  • Sega Genesis overclock kit that allows you to place the switch anydarn where you please (I developed this over the summer, typical mods require very short wires)
  • SIO2SD embedded ... either kit or core pcb add your own buttons, lcd, sd (main pcb is 50x36 mm, so its real easy to fit in whatever including an Atari 400 / 800) 
  • Basic Dual Pokey board (pokey chips not included)
  • 2600 track ball tactile switch replacement pcb's
  • 7800 controller tactile switch replacement pcb's 
  • 5200 controller tactile switch replacement flex circuits 

none of that is concrete as of now, but I have actually done most of it already and that list is based on my "diggin though the boxes" out in the garage


this is just a place for me to list random things I do, with less personal maintenance and time, I will update as more stuff comes online .... as far as complete systems go, I still plan on posting here first, waiting a week or 2 then ebay for max exposure 


anyway thanks for looking!